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A Conscious Choice

Written by d_k_c :: [Friday, 31 March 2023 23:53] Last updated by :: [Monday, 17 April 2023 07:53]

A series of lucky breaks, chance encounters, and perfect timing led Shirley and Jerry to this moment. Jerry was a small-time drug dealer, and Shirley was an overused, heavily addicted drug user. They looked like they sounded.

Jerry wheeled Shirley into the local library by wheelchair, although she was perfectly capable of walking.

He looked at the librarian, a cute girl, dressed conservatively, wearing large dark framed glasses and an oversized dress suit.

“We’re going to be closing soon.” The librarian said sweetly.

“It’s my wife, she’s diabetic, she’s having an attack, do you have any sugar? Any sort of snack I can give her?”

Kimmy looked at the woman with concern, her sensitive hearing listened to her heart which was beating fast, indicating she may have been in medical distress. “I’ll go to the back room see what I can find.” Kimmy left her desk and went to the back-room. Once out of sight she used her super speed to fetch a chocolate bar from upstairs. She immediately returned. “Would this help?” She handed the man a chocolate bar, he in turn touched her with a pendent and its shiny jewel. She felt faint, she was losing consciousness. ‘Please, not again’ Kimmy thought before she fell unconscious.

Jerry was breathing heavily, trying to contain his excitement. “It worked! It fucking worked!”

“This is Radiance?” Shirley smirked as she looked down at the unconscious woman. “She doesn’t like no Superwoman.”

“Yeah, it’s done…Hurry!” Jerry insisted then got off his phone and addressed his girlfriend’s comment, “This my dear, is our lottery ticket.”

Shirley rolled her eyes. Like so many of Jerry’s schemes this one was going to end in spectacular failure. So certain was she of that fact, that she hadn’t even bothered knowing the details.

The door to the library burst open. The man who walked through it hurried over to Jerry. He looked at the dark-haired girl passed out on the floor, “Well done! We have to move quickly. Sit down in the wheelchair.” He said to Shirley.

Shirley did what she was told.

The man looked at Tom as he put a device on Shirley’s head, and then put a device on the librarians head. “Before I do this. You have to tell me now. Have you left out anything, or deliberately misled me on any of Shirley’s medical details.”

“Doc, I don’t even know what to lie about when it comes to this medical shit.”

The man looked at Shirley, “Do you know what our employer needs done? The consequences for any deviation from the plan?”

Shirley had no clue what he was talking about, “Yeah, yeah, sure, sure”.

The man looked at Jerry with concern.

“She knows.”

The man got out his phone and proceeded with his work. His phone began to flash, Syncing… “You’re going to feel a bit light headed, but don’t worry. The process only takes a few minutes.”

The librarian gasped for air, “What the fuck!”

The doctor gave a sigh of relief, he removed the device from both Shirley and the Librarian. “Listen! This isn’t permanent, do what needs to be done. You have 3 hours…tops. Afterwards, get far away.” He dropped a duffle bag. “Everything you need is in there. I’m out of here!” The man began to hurry to the door. “Oh!” He turned back and pointed at Jerry. “Don’t harm Shirley’s old body. You’ll just negate the whole process!”

Shirley was staring at her hands, hands that did not belong to her. It was the comment of hurting Shirley’s body that caught her attention and she looked at herself lying unconscious in the wheelchair.

“How do you feel?” Jerry asked.

Shirley attempted to sit up, but she involuntarily floated upright and found herself standing on mid air. “I can’t describe it. There are no fucking words to describe this!”

“Shirley, I know it’s crazy. But we have to focus.”

Shirley was overwhelmed, besieged by senses she wasn’t aware she even had, “I feel so…so…” Shirley’s hand went to heart, she practically gasped, expecting to feel her chest bone, instead grabbed a handful of soft flesh. Her eyes widened dramatically. She simply tore open her unflattering librarian outfit. “Jerry! Check out these tits!”

Time was not on their side, but even Jerry had to concede a bit of time to the spectacle before him. The most beautiful woman he had ever seen, with a body to impossible to imagine was fondling her breasts hovering 10 feet in the air, right above him.

Shirley floated down to Jerry expertly, “Oh Jerry, you’ve got to feel these!”

Jerry didn’t hesitate, he felt her body, her firm, smooth, large breasts. Her skin felt like glass, and her symmetry seemed impossible.

“Huh?!?!” Shirley asked excitedly as she watched Jerry thoroughly enjoy himself, her nipples responding to his touch.

Jerry snapped out of it. His entire life was governed by temptation, he couldn’t allow it now. Not when he was so close. “We don’t have time for this, we have to stick to the plan.”


“Shirley? The plan!”

Shirley scrunched her shoulders as if she had no idea what Jerry was talking about.

“Shirley! The drugs! The money! Fuck me!….Did you not pay attention to a goddamn word I’ve been saying for the past week?””

Shirley rolled her eyes, “All your plans end the same way, a fucking train wreck! How was I supposed to know this plan would work! Fine! What am I supposed to do?”

“You need to get to Dover docks, that’s where the drop is happening.” Jerry became infuriated as Shirley was once again paying more attention to her body than the plan, flexing one boob at a time and enjoying their seismic movements. “SHIRLEY! The drop is happening in 20 minutes!”

Shirley stopped what she was doing, “Dover Docks in 20 minutes? You crazy! It’s a 40 minute drive! At least!”

Jerry closed his eyes tightly, “You’re going to fly there!”

“I can fly?”

“You were just FUCKING flying!!!”

“I was?”

“Oh my god..” Jerry sat down on the floor.

“Relax, just walk me through the plan.”

Jerry closed his eyes trying to keep calm, desperately looking for a way to explain the plan to a complete idiot. “Okay….Imagine that you’re a God, you can do anything. Fly, shoot lasers out your eyes, move at super speed….”

“Ooo! Do you think I can I read minds?”

“Lets just stick with the super strong stuff.”


“You are going to use all that super stuff you got going right now, to go to the docks, at about 10:30 there’s going to be a drop. 5 million in cash for God knows how much dope. They’ll be in big black duffle bags. You’re to going fuck everyone up. And you’re going to take the 5 million in cash, and leave the dope.”

“Won’t they have guns?”

Jerry sighed, got up and walked over to the librarian’s desk and grabbed a letter opener. He walked back to Shirley. “Watch.” He pressed the blade into the top part of Shirley’s large breasts, it dimpled her skin but only a few centimetres, caused no discomfort, despite his efforts.

“You’re saying….my tits are bullet proof?”

“GODDAMMIT SHIRLEY!” Jerry screamed as he threw the letter opener as hard he could, causing the metal object to ping harmlessly off her head. “Everything is bullet proof! You have a bullet proof face! Bullet proof ass! You have a bullet proof cunt!”

“Ok…fucking chill.” She said as Jerry opened a bag and pull out a black cat suit.

“You’re going to want to change.” Jerry said calmy, he turned to her, and she was already naked. God, she was beautiful.

“You sure you don’t want to try out this bullet proof cunt before I go?”

Jerry swallowed nervously, “Listen to me. In 3 hours, more or less, the changes are going to revert back.”

“Ohhhh, I’m going to miss these tits. This stupid bitch doesn’t deserve a body like this, look at what she was wearing!”

“Get the money, deal with the crew, Afterwards, I’ll buy you a perfect pair of tits.”

“Trust me, no amount of money can buy tits this perfect.” She said as she changed into black cat suit.

“You ready for this?” Jerry asked, trying to keep his mind on the goal rather than the perfection that stood before him. The rubbery suit, squeezed at every inch of her body, the lighting refracting of her sleek curves, she looked as smooth as glass.

“I don’t know…I guess so.”

“You can do this…Look….blow hard at those book shelves.”

Shirley did as Jerry suggested and was mesmerized by the results. She didn’t just blow down the book shelf, but every book shelf in the library. When she was done it looked as if the library was hit by a bomb. Shirley was stunned.

Jerry opened closed his mouth, as the pressure in his ears dramatically increased due to the air pressure caused by Shirley’s blow. He walked her to the library door, opened it for her. “Quickly Shirley! You got this!”

Shirley looked up at the night sky, “So, I like…what? Just fly away now?”

“Pretty much.”

Shirley sighed, bent down into a slight squatting position before blasting off into the sky.

Jerry cringed as she smashed though a side of a building, and then knocked over a crane before she found her bearings and flew off in the proper direction. He checked his phone constantly while he paced. An hour had passed, still no sign of Shirley. He couldn’t take the waiting, it was torture.

The glass roof window exploded, and a large duffle bag dropped down, hitting the ground with a thud. Jerry hurried over to it. “Oh you fucking did it, oh honey, you fucking did it!”

Shirley hovered down, her black catsuit was ripped and smudged in multiple places. “Oh Jerry, you should have seen me. At first I was like, really scared, but I did what you told me to do, I pretended like was a God. At first, they were like whistling and jeering at me. I went up to one of the guys, and I just pushed him. And I mean he flew, boy did he flew! I don’t know when it happened but one of them started shooting at me. I was totally giggling as the bullets just bounced off my body. Bouncing off these big boobies! Then they reloaded, and then I was like BAM POOF WHAM BANG.” Shirley began punching the air. “Then I moved so fast! I ran up to them and was like, Take this! And that! It was soooo Cool!”

Jerry zipped up the duffle bag not paying attention to Shirley’s story, “We need to go, you’ll need to stay here. I’ll take your old body with me. When the transfer reverts, we need to be as far as possible…from, you know who.”

“When does the transfer reverse?”

“An hour, maybe less.”



“She doesn’t deserve these powers, this body. I won’t give it back!”

“You don’t have a choice!”

“Don’t I?” Shirley went to her old body.

“What are you doing?”

Shirley put her hands gently on her old bodies head and looked herself in the eyes. Her eyes began to glow.

“GODDAMNIT! Shirley! 5 fucking million! We’re set for life. Don’t fuck this up! If you hurt her, the transfer will end!”

“Not going to hurt her.” Shirley said as she made her mind up. “I’m going to end her, how can her mind switch, if it doesn’t exist.”

“Shirley DON’T!”

Twin beams of energy fired from Shirley’s eyes into her old body’s eyes. She screamed in agony as she could feel as if her own mind was boiling, but she didn’t relent, despite screaming in pain she poured on the heat, until the lasers shot out the back of her head.

Jerry watched in astonishment as he looked at his girlfriends body, now surely dead, as steam poured out of her mouth and vacant eyes. “Shirley? Is that you?” he asked.

After a moment the woman turned to him, “What do you think?”

“It worked! Oh my God it worked?” Jerry’s excitement was short lived, as the librarian simply grabbed him by the neck and hoisted him into the air.

“Shirley!… Stop!… You’re choking me!”

“Not fucking Shirley!” The librarian said angrily. “That steaming pile of shit sitting on the wheelchair is your Shirley!”

The librarian tossed Jerry across the room, he slid across the floor and ultimately slid right to her feet.

“Please…” Jerry pleaded.

“You’re going to tell me everything! Who put you up to this? Who you work for? What you planned?”

“I didn’t mean to hurt anybody; I just wanted the money….”

“You mean that money?” Kimmy looked at the duffle bag filled with cash. A slight squint of her eyes and 5 million in cash was vaporized.

“NO!” Jerry screamed as he watched his future burn briefly before being reduced to smoke and ash. He looked angrily at the Librarian. “I’m not telling you SHIT! FUCK YOU!”

The librarian grabbed Jerry and flew him up through the broken glass roof window. And kept going up. And up. “You should feel lucky. You’re the first person I’ve ever taken to space.” She said sweetly.

Jerry’s breathing became laboured. He held on for his life, but he was becoming weaker. He didn’t know if he would die from asphyxiation or the fall. “please…ill tell you everything…” he said weakly.

And so he did.

Despite his cooperation, Jerry’s body floated away from the Earth. Kimmy’s quiet life had been interrupted. But she knew what needed to be done. If she failed to act, more people would die. There were people who knew how to steal her body from her, if only a short a little while. She needed to deal with those people, and destroy the information they possessed, or anyone who had knowledge of it, so that technology would never again be used.

For so many years she had hid in the shadows, ignoring the degradation of society, ignoring her primal urge to do something. Although she convinced herself that what she planned was the right thing to do, she couldn’t ignore the fact that she was beyond furious.

Her decisions were logical, she chalked up her anger due to the state her library was in. Shelves were toppled, books were everywhere. Clearly, she was upset by the state her library was in.

Moving at an incalculable speed, book shelves were put back to an upright position, and books were placed in their alphabetical order. Less than an hour later, it was done.

She looked at her repaired library contently, and dismissed the anger that still consumed her. Rising into the air and through the broken ceiling window. She scanned the city. Millions of voices flooded through her mind, and already she had picked up her first clues to the whereabouts of the perpetrators.

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Great start for longer story!
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