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Amongst the Pigeons

Written by Dru1076 :: [Thursday, 26 January 2023 10:34] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 28 January 2023 13:40]

With thanks to HikerAngel for editing and ideas.

The Betan’s on her family household staff did their best to avoid the ever present threat of death while in her vicinity, because nobody was going to admonish a Prime for killing a Betan, especially if someone like Tyra did it. Being an Arion Prime, and of the highest born among the elite, meant that Tyra had been pampered and adored by everyone around her. Other sycophantic Primes had always sucked up to her because of her warrior parents, and they knew about her super-expensive private combat training and rightly feared her. The family wealth had bought her all the best genetics money could buy, and she was stronger than all but two of her peers.

Then her parents died in battle. This changed everything. Her father’s rivals quickly moved to have her sent to live her uncle out on a backwater planet far from the capital. The immense wealth of her father was put away in trust and held for her until she came of age, this meant waiting five years until she was 25, or earning her Combat Cape. A Combat Cape could only be earned in battle...and there wasn't going to be a battle on a backwater planet like Gossamer 92.

The day she arrived, she was reminded why her uncle was not considered part of the family. He was a strict man of the old ways, and a hard man to live with. He immediately took control of her life, commanding her to enroll at the local imperial academy and demanding she take a small room in what she considered the servants quarters.

It wasn't until she actually walked into her first class and met her new peers that she realised how much fun she was going to have on Gossamer.

The room was filled with Betans. There weren't any other Primes attending the academy, because there weren't any other prime families on this part of the backwater rock she'd landed on. The other cadets didn't know...she could tell by their lack of any real reaction to her presence. But the instructor, who paused in their lecture to eye her nervously, clearly knew about her.

“Am I late?” Tyra gave him a naughty smile.

“Please take a seat.”

A shiver of excitement tingling down her spine, she decided to take over this room full of inferior beings, and this whim was all she needed to justify unleashing her formidable sexual power upon them. “I don't think so. I just got off my ship from Aria, and I could really use some time to unwind. I think you all can help me out.”

The other students protested her foolishness while the Betan responsible for their education broke instantly into a sweat. He knew the danger they were all in, and he couldn't even muster the courage to warn everybody.

One of the bigger guys stood up and got in her face. “Just take a seat, will you? My nerd friends actually enjoy this class and you're fucking it up.”

Tyra felt a thrill as she observed his misguided bravery. This was going to be a lot of fun. It was customary for cadets to wear baggy jumpsuits, so he couldn't see her nipples harden, and he couldn't see the impossibly flawless physique that might have warned him he faced a full blooded Prime. She caught a crack in his aggressive demeanour as he caught a whiff of her pheromones, but he foolishly held his ground.

“It’s been such a long flight out here,” Tyra complained with a pout. She unfastened her jumpsuit around the neck and a billow of pheromones disbursed into the air. Her eyes narrowed slyly as she focused on unloading more, indulging in her arousal to swamp the big beta with chemical lust that he had no protection against. She saw his face flush and smiled. “My uncle only sent me straight here because he doesn't know what else to do with me. I'm not really expected to learn any of this...Astrophysics...stuff. Maybe if you help me out today I'll let your nerd friends learn something tomorrow? Today I think all of you can better serve your own interests by helping me feel welcome.”

Someone at the back of the room rose, yet to sniff the airborne attractants that were already filling all those nearest to Tyra with primal lust. “Who the hell do you think you are?”

Tyra laughed, and opened her jumpsuit right up to let it fall away from her body and reveal her astonishing physical perfection in all its glory. She wore her training gear, which was the official imperial army issue. The hard wearing bikini was devoid of any military insignia, it's only adornment being a simple family crest on her left breast. It was as black as her hair, and she smelt their fear and intense arousal as they all realised what they were looking at. Every cadet had a perfect body in peak condition. But they had never seen muscles with the mind-bending flawlessness of Tyra’s meticulously designed and enhanced body. She had been born blessed with the best genes the Arion race had to offer, and then she had been enhanced and refined as she grew. Trained and honed as well as fine tuned at a molecular level, she stood with the grace and poise of a master martial artist and the sultry fire of an experienced sexual predator.

“This is no place for such displays, Tyra...this is a place for learning.” The lecturer stepped away from her even as he spoke.

“And today you will all learn something very crucial,” Tyra confidently informed him. “You will learn how to please me.”

The big Betan standing in front of her was a confused mess, until finally he mustered himself and drove a fist at her face. She grinned maliciously and cruelly head butted his fist. The hard bones of his fist met the far far harder bones of her delicate looking face where they were cracked and popped and destroyed. He might as well have punched a block of steel. “That was silly. Now you won't get a turn! I mean, how are you going to worship me properly with only one hand?”

She reached out and lazily tossed him away with her own delicate hand, sending him sailing into a wall where he left an imprint in the brickwork. It was clear he wasn't going to be able to make his own way to medical assistance, but nobody moved to help him... Walking forward, she shamelessly massaged her magnificent body with both hands, sliding them sensually over her incredibly buff and astonishingly sexy form while cooing softly as the room became densely flooded with her powerful pheromones. The weakest willed were soon masturbating furiously, but she knew full well that they would not be able to satisfy themselves. Her carefully crafted pheromones were high end weapons grade, just like her muscles, and no Betan civilians stood even the slimmest chance against them. Tyra glowed with pride as she looked around at the mess she'd so very effortlessly made of these doomed Betans.

“This place for…”

The instructor was lost in his lust now, his eyes dancing over her sinful curves as she strode toward him. He could in no way fight what she was doing to him.

“I am going to fuck you until you break, little man. It's going to feel really special, like nothing you've ever known. Even when I'm destroying you you'll feel really really good. It's afterward...once you realise you’re addicted to me...that I'm all you can think about...that's when the pain will set in.'s probably best if you just enjoy it as much as you can right now. Because a puny little betan like you will NEVER get over what I'm about to do to you.”

His suit tore away quite easily and she had no trouble laying his back across his desk. He gasped at the amazing adamance of her obscene genetically enhanced super strength, but on the other hand she was not surprised at all how stupidly easy it was as she overpowered his much bigger muscles with her exponentially harder ones. He was rock hard for her hypnotic curves already, so she removed her bikini and unceremoniously mounted him. She moaned with shameless delight as she felt him enter her, and he let out a squeak as she squeezed just a little too hard. She started to ride him with groans of pleasure, pressing her hands greedily into her steel hard flesh and taking her selfish pleasures from him while she fucked his brains out right in front of everyone in the room. He liked it… but only at first. She grew more rough and enthusiastic as she went – this was for her pleasure not his – until she was pounding him hard enough to make his desk move around on the floor. She had her eyes closed, and seemed unaware of his increasingly desperate moves to free himself. He couldn't remotely hope to escape her, he was far too outmuscled and she was utterly irresistible, so she went on pumping him for her selfish greedy delights without a care for the bruises and bone fractures she was inflicting..

Others began to draw near and worship her. She grabbed one and kissed him, before rubbing his face into her breast. Tyra’s awesome weaponised pheromones conquered them all ruthlessly. And she closed her eyes to indulge in their artificially eager attentions.

The man under her moaned and came, his bucking held entirely in check as she paused to use her training to massage him deep within herself, ensuring his unflagging erection by wafting her hot breath over his face.

Tyra moaned deeply, massaging her luxurious hair while hands and lips found every available expanse of her flesh her enslaved lovers could find. She moved slowly and erotically, her body awash with pleasures these feeble inferior Betans would never know. She came, her first a gentle explosion that surprised those around her with the intense release that infused the air so quickly. An invisible plume of her carefully crafted release flooded the room and she watched them react in various humorous ways. Some went cross-eyed, some seemed to resist only to fail utterly, but they all came in the end. She smiled smugly when their lust was unabated, and chose a younger stud to replace her drained instructor.

“Come to me, hot stuff,” she commanded, rising off her current fuck toy and sliding him out from under her to let him sprawl exhausted on the floor. Hot Stuff eagerly moved closer and she used her massive strength to tear away his jumpsuit. Before he knew it, she had moved him into position and he was enjoying the glorious sensations of entering a horny Homo Supremis. Tyra expertly gripped him as she started to move up and down, her tireless body was a machine made for sexual domination and she knew how to use it.

Suddenly the door opened, and in walked two huge men. They wore the uniforms of security guards, and they looked angry.

“Okay, assholes! Who let off the Orgone grenade?”

Tyra bit her lip and turned around. She gave the two big brutes hot steamy eyes and pushed a Betan girl aside to pinch one of engorged nipples. These guys were built big...but they were still Betans. Legally she outranked them. She wondered if they even had a Prime anywhere on staff. Already their erections were tenting their pants, and every breath they took put them further under her chemical spell.

“Your Orgone grenade is right here between my legs, boys. Come on over here and get it!”

The young stud beneath her came as she made the walls of her pussy flutter and mercilessly tortured him with inconceivable pleasure. She slipped off her toy and dropped from the table to her feet. Her eager love slaves moved with her, unable to hinder her much more powerful body.

The two security guards were about to close the door when another person appeared wearing a gas mask. Examining the equipment Tyra felt a flutter of excitement. The mask was too old, and outdated. The technology of her highly advanced pheromones superseded the old mask by over three decades.

“We can't have this behaviour. I told your uncle this would happen, that putting you among a population of betans would lead to this sort of...what's...something’s wrong with my smell so good. So...oh no!”

He turned to flee, but she grabbed him and pulled him in. Her strength ruthlessly steamrolled his resistance.

“Don't go! I was hoping to have the chance to meet with you. You're in charge here? The big guy? Right?”

The masked man nodded. His mind was fogging over as lust took control. He was falling madly and deeply in love with this young beautiful stranger. An effect the team behind her pheromones was most proud of.

“That's so cool. Being in charge! Awesome.” She shut the door, and walked the dazed man deeper into the room. She idly removed his clothes as she explained a few things. “I didn't want to come here today. I wanted to get settled in and fuck some house slaves. But uncle made me come here. If I have to come here, don't you want to come too? That only fair isn't it? If I come, I think it's okay if you come.”

“This isn't right. I need to...keep decorum. This academy is…”

She put a finger over his lips and pulled him close, his naked flesh against her much harder elegantly sensual muscles. He came, but stayed rock hard.

“That's right. Just go with it. I smell so good. I feel so nice. Fuck me...and don't worry about decorum, whatever you might believe, the most important thing you can do today is fuck me. If you try a little, you might even help some of these weak toys of mine avoid some serious injuries.”

Laying him on the floor Tyra slid herself onto him and cooed. The burly security guys came to the aid of her breasts, her more youthful toys beginning already to wane as their energy reserves dwindled. A tear rolled down his face as she removed the mask and started fucking him.

“While you're here, let me explain a few things. If I have to attend this academy, I will come every day. And you will help me come. When we’re done today there will be no report filed. If there is I will hold you personally responsible for any grief I get over it.”

Her body was a sex machine built for domination, and she embraced its power over these Betans. She wore them out one after the other, until she was reduced to having the betan girls eat her out while the guys were all sleeping off multiple orgasms. She came over the face of the last girl, holding her easily in place hard enough to break a cheekbone while she splashed her juices all over her toy.

Sex with her came at a high price for non-primes. And as she dressed herself and gazed around her pile of exhausted and broken fuck toys she was thinking about how they would be much more compliant from now. Her insidious discharges were even now worming into their systems, and when they woke they would find themselves in a deep chemically induced state of euphoria that would last an hour before it rapidly decayed into a burning desire to taste Tyra’s pussay juices again. Primes were largely immune from the effect, but weaker primes would also become fast addicted to the highly developed cutting edge tech. Just one of many advantages her parents’ wealth had purchased for their only daughter.

As she climbed into her jumpsuit Tyra began to think about her predicament. She was trapped by law under her uncle's guardianship, and could not leave Gossamer without his blessing. She could join the military, but only if he agreed. And he wouldn't...because she would then be able to earn her cape and become her own woman. If that happened, her Uncle would lose the new income her trust fund was providing him. He didn't have full access to the money while she lived, but he still got a massive boost each week to his finances. She had quickly learned all this in holographic conversations with him when she'd tried to avoid going to Gossamer in the first place. He didn't even bother to lie about it...there was no need. Greed was not a shameful sin at all among Primes.

“At least I have this place,” the mused. She was already certain she could control this academy. She'd already claimed the highest ranking betan. She was lamenting the absence of at least one fellow Prime, though. She knew few Primes her age if any that could compete with her. Certainly no girls she had ever met were as strong as her. It would have been nice to have some stronger playmates to dominate. Clearly she would need to look further afield. It was time to have a more thorough look at the planet she had ended up on, and see just what kind of world she was doomed to waste the next several years on.

She left the betans she had sexually abused in awkward naked heaps on the floor and shut the door behind her. It was quite noisy, she realised, in rooms up and down the hall. The air on the whole level had become infused with her scent before they had sealed it off and there must have been over a hundred betan cadets going at it like mad. She looked forward to seeing how many of them would go into withdrawal.

Reaching the lift, she checked the computer index next to the door to find the level for the library. It was seventy two floors down, in one of the basement levels. The lifts were shut down for this floor, but rather than frustration Tyra was happy for the chance to use her enhanced strength. Smirking at the airtight door, she pressed the splayed fingers of both hands into the gap and pushed it open. The seal broke immediately before she even applied any power, and none of her real strength was required to force the complaining the doors open. While they continued to push against her in fruitless protest, the metal deforming around her unconcerned fingers, she stepped into the dark opening and dropped down into the void. The doors slammed shut, and she was falling. Her eyes counted floors, having determined there was no lift between herself and the target. As she approached the floor she wanted she reached out and punched her hand into the concrete that rushed by.

Thanks to a super high speed mind and the split second timing it gave her, she was dangling before the door she needed. She dropped to the small ledge and easily forced her way through the door, ignoring its hisses and complaints and bending it badly.

She saw nobody until she entered the library. The old betan lady running things eyed her coldly, and Tyra instantly spotted the jealousy in her scowl. Her beauty, so raw and so effortless, had this effect on every betan female she met.

“We have not entered your details in the system yet. You cannot access the archive.”

Tyra smiled and stood silently in front of the old woman while she let her sweat drench the air with her body odour. The old woman grew confused with burning arousal.

“You don't need to enter my details. Just set me up with a console and log me in full clearance.”

She resisted, but the old betan was persuaded quickly once Tyra revealed her lusciously full breasts to her. “If you help me...I’ll let you touch them.”

With the librarian corrupted as easily as that, Tyra was soon exploring extensive trove of information she found about Gossamer, and the more she learned the greater her thrill became. There were only seven other prime families on the entire planet. And none of them were stationed in the same city with her uncle. There were Warrior Primes stationed all over the planet, and all of them were basically here for punishment of some kind. Gossamer 92 was not a world anybody with Prime blood volunteered to go. Because, as she also found out, the sun of this system was weakened by its age, and didn't offer the best fuel for their Supremis bodies. This meant that any prime living for extended periods on this world would weaken. Without supplement doses of radiation, available here only through pills, this weakening effect was an inevitable cost of living on Gossamer. Hence the low population of primes.

It only took her a few moments to fill out the paperwork, working as fast as she could and using her knowledge of high-end Arion technology, Tyra submitted a request to her trust for a machine that would cement her position as most powerful prime on this world. If her request was approved, she would soon be lording it up over the rest of the weak populace like a queen. With this idea playing about in the back of her mind she continued researching Gossamer, and before long there were hopelessly lost moans of pleasure coming from every corner of the library, and she was vaguely aware of the vents being sealed.


“I was most pleased by the report the instructors gave of your behaviour. Exemplary cadet, I hear.”

Tyra searched for signs of sarcasm, but there were none. Her domination of her betan sex slaves thrilled her. “Thank you Uncle. It is right that I should please you.”

He grunted. “I know you think it's unfair being sent to the academy, but you need more than private tutoring to become a great Arion. I have arranged for this so that you will learn responsibility. No more free ride for you. You will earn privileges through work and study! We shall speak again when you have been deemed worthy of graduation. Until will obey the directions of your instructors. That is my command.”

Tyra frowned. “ mean for me obey betans? You would put betans above me?”

“You will obey me. And they speak for me while they teach you. You will be content with this. I will hear no complaint.”

And with this simple conversation before bed, her Uncle was off to perform his many duties. So he said. She was not to see him again for many months. For this she was grateful. But obeying betans? This would be impossible.

The next day she walked in and was instantly the focus of puppy eyes. She had many devotees already, and this pleased her. There were as many looks of spite, and this pleased her more. These would be the ones to give the most fun, and she was well aware of that.

Graduating was important now because he had made it so. This meant she actually wanted to learn, and she broke the arm of the first guy that tried to get her interested in sex. All he did was smile a little sexily, and she grabbed him and twisted his arm behind his back. Explaining that he should only smile like that if she had her tits out, she lazily broke his arm in fourteen places and forced the instructor to work. Through five lessons worth of material. She was the only cadet that learned it all, but she wasn't concerned that the rest of class had just fallen a week behind. With enough learning done to ease her mind, she removed her jumpsuit and grabbed the nearest betan, a girl, to shove them down face first into her crotch. While she made them eat her out, and forced another to suckle at her breast, she drilled the instructor with questions.

Her sexual bliss actually helped her focus, a byproduct of her combat training. It didn't help the rest of the class. They could only think of her. Of her smell. Of her taste. Of her sultry, seductive voice.

She exhausted them completely in just under two hours before standing once more among their ruins. Her body was fresh and eager for more while her sex slaves, still starving for more of their dominant sexual goddess, could barely move from where they awkwardly lay. She smiled down on them, and went to find more of them to play with.

She was fucking her way through her third class when the local Arion military police showed up to restore order. They had better protection against her pheromones, and she wasn't ready to take them on just yet. They had authority and training...she wanted to make sure she had the edge she needed before going too far with the local law.

It was a week later that her trust provided her with the equipment she had formally requested. It arrived and she had it set up immediately. Her uncle, in a distant city performing his duties, wasn't there to stop her from installing the special bed in her room. And once she had it and stood alone with her new new acquisition, Tyra knew it was too late for him to stop her. This special bed would provide her with the purest radiation bath available to anyone on the entire planet, infusing her body while she slept with abundant energy and allowing her genetic enhancements to reach their full potential. She had been growing weaker every day since her arrival, but now that process would reverse.

Her classmates noticed the change that first day, and she had fucked them to uselessness in short order before going on to lay out half the academy. She got carried away, and the two massive warrior prime enforcers showed up just as she was finishing off the last hulking betan security guard.

“Again, girl? You need to control yourself.”

Tyra smiled at him. “Why don't you take off that mask and see how good you are at self control? Show me how it's done.”

The prime shook his head. “We know about your enhancements. I don't think you'd like the result of you getting me going, little one.”

Tyra grinned, certain she would in fact like it quite a bit, and pushed her current toy away. He protested, so she broke his arm and dropped a calculated punch into his gut. While he dropped to the floor bleeding from the mouth he pawed at her curvy calf.

“I'm done taking shit from you assholes. If you think you're such a big man, prove it.”

His partner moved forward and grabbed her, pulling out a gold immobiliser. And they thought they knew about my enhancements, she mused. Obviously they don't know about or understand all of them. She happily let them clamp the gold device on her upper arm, and felt the effects take hold. Like a drug, the device clouded her mind. The weakening effect they hoped for was not nearly as effective as it should have been, and like drunk hooker she lurched forward and tried to kiss her assailants mask. Her tongue pierced the steel cage, and her hot breath rushed him.

The big prime tore away his ruined mask, lust rapidly consuming him, and grabbed her to throw her down. But...she only smiled at him, standing firm against his effort.

“How long have you been here, big boy? Ten years? Twenty? This weak ass sunlight has robbed you of your potency. You're a fucking kitten compared to me.”

He didn't seem to process her words and pressed his need for sex. She giggled and smiled suggestively at his friend. He snarled at her, and moved in to pry them apart, but that was a mistake. With speed he could barely comprehend, she whipped up a hand and tore his mask away. Then she ignored him, knowing he was doomed, using her advantage in physical power over her new fuck toy to lay him down and start humping him. Greedily, she raped him for her selfish pleasures, letting herself cut loose. This was a prime male, and she was confident there was no need to be careful like she did with the betans. There were dozens of them she had crippled through carelessness, injuries that once would have been permanent. She quickly discovered that these primes were less than half as strong as her, and the staccato pop of his cracking pelvis soon proved she needed to be careful after all.

The man she broke howled, squirming under her, but was unable to pull free. She cruelly continued, slithering on top of him in athletic undulations. The man she ignored was no help to his friend. He dropped to his knees and began jerking off hard and fast. He was trying to regain control by making himself cum, but when he came his erection remained frighteningly hard as her enthralling scent worked its spellbinding magic. She came, smashing the broken pelvis hard, and both primes came too as a flash of deadly Orgone burst through the room. She kept enough self control to prevent the release from being fatal to the primes, but she was absently aware of several heartbeats breaking down among the betans.

“You like my tits?” She asked the wanking warrior in front of her, casually taking him in her hands and roughly shoving him down. She mounted him and gave him a good hard squeeze. He reflexively punished her, lashing out as he felt dangerous pressure and pain. His fist broke, and only managed a mild welt on her breast.

“I like that. More. Hit me harder.”

His eyes were wild with fear, because he couldn't hit her any harder, and she was euphoric with power as she took total command of him and moved like a true goddess of sex and power above him. Harder. Faster, she cooed and moaned. He screamed...agonised with pleasure but aware of his failing physical condition. Her scent dominated his mind, as it was designed to do. Her muscles outclassed his, and by a very wide margin. Had she not had the advantage of a pure radiation bath throughout the night, she still would kick his ass. Now it was almost as though he was a betan. The betans were noticeably easier to break too. Tomorrow she would be even stronger, with greater stamina. She was close to the goal that had been forming in her mind. Her lessons were going well, her strength would improve tremendously, and her training was already extensive. She would soon set a plan in motion that would give her the money that should already be hers, and free her from Gossamer forever at the same time.


A week later Tyra was really feeling the benefits of her radiation bed. She had put on weight, thanks to added muscle and bone density. She felt more alive, and had a stamina now that required many more sacrifices on the altar of her sexual passions. Her improved brain function had her carving through her studies so fast that she would graduate in no time. But the ease with which she toyed with the Primes here had given much grander ambitions. And so it was she had taken the day off in order to sow the seeds of her larger plan.

Rumours led her to a group of betans unhappy with their lot in life, and the existence of this disgruntled mob would provide the perfect soil for her plan. These men didn’t have the means to be dangerous to the empire, for such men rarely had means. But Tyra would change that today.

Their meeting place was a dry mine not far from the city, and Tyra was easily able to get there without the risk of obtaining transport. She simply informed the academy head she was having the day off, forced him to eat her out for an hour when he tried to talk her out of it, and leapt out his office window in her workout gear. Enjoying the rush of air as she plummeted to the ground, her super strong legs easily absorbed the force of the impact, and she ran off toward her target. Blurring with impossible speed to arrive in mere seconds at her destination, she was soon climbing the ancient walls of the city. Her powerful hands noisily scrunched up the steel as she rapidly climbed the smooth sheer surface, and she was soon leaping off the far side into the wilds.

With her super powered legs pumping at a leisurely pace, she shot through the jungle at over a hundred miles an hour. She had reflexes to duck and dodge, weaving her spectacular body in sinuous maneuvres around every obstacle with casual ease, but made a point of smashing through a branch or boulder every now and then. Dominating nature was in her blood, and she loved the way her invulnerable body so easily destroyed her fragile environment. Just another reminder of how far above everything she was.

The abandoned mine was huge, but her hearing made locating her potential recruits very easy. They weren't really up to much, just getting together to drink themselves into a stupor and complain. She arrived undetected and quietly closed in to listen for a while. When she'd heard enough, she leapt down to land in their midst. On this landing she stiffened her legs a little, forcing the ground to soak up more of the impact, the resulting shudder of the earth sufficent to knock all of the men down. In anger they rose and came at her, seeing her clearly only after the dust cleared when it was too late.

She smirked as she accepted their blows before engaging them in combat. When she did move, she made short work of immobilising them. Her knowledge of pressure points combined with such abundant, inhuman strength made taking them down pitifully easy. Then she raped them, using her body as a weapon of a different kind. She dumped a dangerous amount of her powerful pheromones on them, lovingly torturing them all with pleasures they could not have even imagined with any other woman. Once they were in the right frame of mind, drained and eager to please her, Tyra began whispering to them. After a whole day of fucking with their minds and bodies, she knew her plan would work.


Reports of stolen weapons drew the attention of her Uncle back home, and she had to put up with him for a few days while he returned to investigate. Primes were not good investigators, especially when deprived of decent doses of the right radiation.

Tyra impressed him with her progress at the academy. She was driving her betan instructors hard, and the intensity of the control she had over them thrilled her. Her uncle received nothing but glowing reports from her deeply devoted sex slaves, and he had no way of knowing she had in fact taken over the academy was fucking the brains out of all the staff and all the cadets. She made sure he found out about a few of her broken toys, just to keep him from being suspicious. With a reason to lecture her, he spent his time with her talking at her rather than asking questions. This suited her just fine.

“They are not nearly as strong as you,” he explained. “And they are all sons and daughters of the empire. You can play with them, but only if it does not interfere with their service to the Empire.”

Smiling inside, thinking about the dozens of betans she had permanently crippled that he remained unaware of, Tyra played her part. “I only killed three of them. I don't know what the problem is! We can replace them easily with the numbers we have in the city.”

Suppressing an amused smile, she let him tell her off some more, reminding her as he always did that he was in charge. Then he said something that actually drew her full attention.

“I have news about your father’s hoard. Melkor comes from Aria with the required documents for us to sign. I will finally have direct access to the trust money! Isn't that good news! With that kind of money, I can finally depose that fool and become planetary Governor.”

He smiled at Tyra's surprise and left her to stew. She decided it was time to make her move. Melkor was her Uncle’s lawyer, and he was good. If she didn't stop them, they would take the enormous fortune out from under her. She would not let this happen.


That day Tyra spent preparing the weapons her betan worker bees had stolen. She toyed with the settings until they were just right, reprogramming the powerful guns for a very special purpose. And that evening her team of “terrorists” went to work. She had made one their leader and sent him, along with two others, to attack a betan factory. The 24-hour production was not well protected, and they were able to kill most of the workers before being captured. Because they were using the stolen weapons, they drew the attention of her Uncle.

Her trap was set.

While her uncle was interrogating her sex slave, Tyra led the rest of her betan terrorist team into the building. Armed with good weapons, her little soldiers made short work of the warriors, and soon they had wiped out all the security forces that stood between the and their “leader” and Tyra's uncle. The old Prime warrior showed no fear, but Tyra could smell it on him.

“What is the meaning of this? You betan dogs will pay for your treachery.”

Tyra smashed her way into the building from behind her uncle, he spun around to look at her. She was dressed in her training gear and, for the first time, he got to see how buff her secret radiation bed had made her over the last month.

“Don't worry uncle...I’ll save you!”

Grinning at the shocked look of betrayal on the faces of her sex slaves, she stepped past her uncle and smashed her powerful super strong first into one of them, bursting the frail betan into large chunks. The others shot her, but she had set the guns too weak to hurt her. She only smiled at them before unleashing her laser vision on those that remained in the room, reducing them to crimson dust and astonishing her uncle, who looked away in repulsion. She focused her beams on the guns, igniting each in succession into spectacularly concussive conflagurations, knocking her uncle to the cold metal floor. She lifted the last one and held it in her hands professionally.

“Looks like some sort of terrorist attack!” She deceptively observed, reaching out to help him to his feet.

“Your interference was unnecessary. It would seem their weapons were not on the correct setting.”

Tyra smiled smugly and playfully shot herself. The blast burnt out harmlessly on her superior flesh. “It just feels nice. But then, I have been using a military grade radiation bed for weeks...hardening myself and maximising my potential. But you wouldn't need that kind of extreme power boost, would you uncle? A big man like you. I'm sure the weak, ancient and worn out sunlight of this shit-ball system would make you just as tough as me, wouldn't it?”

He was furious as she aimed the gun right at him. As he lunged forward, she considered letting his weaker body break against her much harder, much stronger, flesh. But she needed it to look as if he were killed by the terrorists. With a sneer she blasted him with the gun, and he was shot back into the wall, dead.

With a practiced ease that should have been impossible on Gossamer, she squashed the gun and wadded it up in her super strong hands until the energy cell detonated pleasantly under her slender fingers. She hadn't planned on killing her Uncle, but he had forced her to make sure her fortune would be safe. In order for her main objective to be achieved, however, she still had work to do.

Her nipples hardened, and her feminine muscles glistened. She felt the anticipation of battle trigger her genetically enhanced adrenaline, and her special muscles were infused with a rush of power that made them swell and harden into sensual, liquid steel. She strode through the wall and wrapped her arms around a pathetic terrorist, crushing him into her hard body and destroying him with languid, dominant strength.

The others all saw this, and attacked her with everything they had. Their efforts were tragically inadequate to the task. She walked forward and smashed her fist through a skull, grabbing a shoulder to throw another spinning into a wall. It felt great to play with her toys without restraint, and the weapons fire – fatal to energy one else in the world except her – made her lower abdomen ripple and clench in a domination-fueled climax.

Her enemy fought on in confusion as her pheromones infused the air with their mania-inducing erotic charge. She shamelessly grabbed one of them by the back of the head and shoved him into her crotch, working herself selfishly over his face until she came again. Her scent thickened the air, and they were lost. Desperately eager to fuck her, they were remained just as violent. She rudely smashed her tit into a face, her elbow into a chest, her knee into a groin, and her forehead into face. All her targets died quickly. They were the last to do so.

The next man she grabbed was forced down and fucked on the floor while his friends worshipped her. She thrust herself up and down with her superhuman strength just four times before she came. She giggled as his hips smashed and his screams grew pitifully weak. She smashed her fist down into his face and rose with a neck in each hand. She drew them close in front of her and pressed them slowly into each other until both were mumbling incoherently in pain, then she pulled them apart and smashed them together hard enough to make them explode in a crimson splash.

Her fun just beginning, she moved out into the city to begin slaughtering her terrorists in more public ways. She wanted witnesses for the rest, and she was not all surprised to find her slaves outperforming their goals. She was proud of how hard they fought for her, even when she was using her enormous edge in strength, training, and speed, to playfully wreck them in gruesome ways. The power she had over their minds was just as the designers hoped.


Melkor arrived just two days later to find an inquiry into the terrorist attack in full swing. He came to the house not knowing what he would find there, and was welcomed by Tyra’s recently burnt-out sex slave. The drained betan led him into another room where he left him for an hour. Melkor grew nervous, and when Tyra entered he jumped to his feet.

“I came by to offer condolences.”

Tyra eyed him coldly. He was a prime of lesser stock. But he was from off-world, and wasn't tainted by the weak sunlight. She liked how vigorous he smelt, and as she spoke, she seemed to warm to him.

“I know why you've come. I know what my uncle was doing. I considered having you sent away; I thought about killing you. But I've also thought about using you. I think you could help me.”

Melkor smiled sleazily. “But of course. You have a legal problem? I don't suppose you're going to hire me as defence attorney? Murder cases are rare these days.”

Tyra sat down on a lounge and gestured for him to join her. “Not for lack of murders.” Despite his lack of a warrior’s physique, she had already decided she was going to fuck him. “I need to mount a campaign to get my first cloak. Then I will need a man to manage my accounts. You already know how much money I will have. Your family could be comfortable beyond your dreams. And for generations.”

Melkor shook his head. “I can't represent you. Your uncle only lived because of his betrayal of your father. For that, he ended up on this poisoned rock. For me to help you would put me up against all your father’s enemies. And they hold sway at the Imperial Court. It would be… Damn! You have some...awesome...pheromones. You good.”

She enveloped his lips in hers, pressing her perfect breasts into his chest, snaking a silky calf behind his leg, entangling him in irresistible spell of her mind-boggling sensuality. Pushing him over onto the lounge she chuckled and mounted him. Cooing softly, she slithering her hips over his rising shaftwith regal grace and the skillful sexual dominance of a veteran porn star. He knew what was happening and resisted. He hit her hard as he could, his hands bouncing off her flawless flesh, and he knew he was helpless. She was harder than steel. Much, much harder.

With acoy smile, Tyra smoothly overpowered him physically and sexually with her sleekly smoldering body. She was thrilled with how his resisting muscles collapsed under her relaxed efforts. He was soon pressing himself hard into her, eager to fuck her, lost in her scent and her astonishing beauty. The salacious sensation of her skin sliding over his consumed him, and she rolled them both over to let him do all the work. He delighted her with his energetic thrusting, but in his eagerness, he overdid it and his power quickly subsided.

“Are you slowing down? No staying power. Such a disappointment...” Her hands clasped his ass and she took over, the strength of her powerful arms thrusting him and out much more forcefully than he had been able on his own. They both came together, and he swooned under the increased intensity of her pheromones. She watched him falling deeper into her lust-filled web. He was an inferior prime, and she could tell by the worshipful look in his eyes as he adored her breasts that he would be her loyal servant forever after. He wouldn't even know why, but just like all her betan fuck toys, he would find himself alone at night pondering ways to make her happy, yearning for her approval and the reward she could offer him. Only another with her special blend of mind altering pheromones could break the spell. No other woman would ever be able to make him feel true pleasure once he had been taken to the heights of ecstasy Tyra effortlessly showed him.

“You’ll help me...won’t you? I need you, Melkor. I want you. You could make me happy, and I can make you feel nice. So nice. I smell so good. My muscles so hard...see how they move? How they seduce the eye? So hard, so very very strong. And my skin...oh soft. So smooth. Warm. Delicious... Irresistible… You like this; I can tell. If you're there for me, I'm here for you.”

He was a mess as her soft, seductive words drilled into his desires, while she forcefully smashed him in and out of her pulsing cunt harder than an industrial jackhammer. Her grip was painful, both her hands and her inner walls, but he was experiencing sexual euphoria unlike anything he had ever known. He had heard about these over-enhanced and their sexual prowess, and he knew what was happening to him. But he had no way to resist such unimaginable, hypnotic power.


Tyra was deemed a hero by the investigators who looked into the terrorist attack. No explanation could be found, other than foolishness, for the attack, and life returned to normal on Gossamer. There were those who tried to prevent it, but thanks to her bravery in battle and the experienced lobbying of her personal attorney, Tyra received her battle cape. And as the wealthiest and last member of her family she was now head of her household. But this came with a catch she didn't expect.

“Your family is honour-bound to this world. You must provide a Warden, and your Uncle needs to be replaced. It must be blood to fulfil the contract, so unless you have another to fill your place, you must stay on Gossamer and fill the role yourself.”

Tyra gaped at the Planetary Governor Zardek in shock. She was still stuck on this rock, despite being one of the wealthiest Arion’s alive. And no amount of money could free her, because the governor was owned by her father's enemies. And these men were now her enemies. She had a need to destroy them, and she had the means both physically and financially to do just that. But not on Gossamer. She needed the freedom to travel the Empire in order to get to all her enemies, and she was stuck on a dying world.

“What will I be doing? As warden?”

“You will solve disputes among the families and the factions. There are many disputes. Like your uncle, you will be law. I expect your youth to make you bad at this job, but I will not free you from this duty.”

Tyra, openly disgusted, left the Governors building in a state of extreme frustration. Her enemies still had their boots on her neck. But they didn't know how dangerous Tyra was, and there was an upside to this. She wasn't forced to attend the academy anymore, and she could do pretty much whatever she wanted to whoever she wanted whenever she chose to do so. And if anybody stepped out of line, they were hers.

The next day she discovered how busy the new job was going to keep her. No wonder her uncle had never been at home.

“They killed my third best worker!” The betan foreman was explaining. “And they only did to top this week’s production outputs!”

Tyra was in a mine with two betans investigating a production stoppage. She looked around at the foolish betans and realised they were just being childish. “So they killed the guy to weaken your team? That's really not on. Let me sort this out right now.”

Tyra walked over to the offending killers, selected one about the same size as the victim, and placed her hand rudely over his face. She sneered in disdain as he tried to pull away and crushed her hand closed into skull with an air of laziness about her action that shocked everyone. She was much stronger than any other primes they had seen.

“There. Things are all fair again. Now get back to work before I decide you all need to be replaced.”

They all look at her shock. “That's not what I expected at all! Now we shall both be under performing.”

Tyra smiled evilly and with one relaxed hand, she hoisted the betan from the floor and held him easily off the floor. “If you miss your quota and I find out you blame me for it, I will just kill all of you. Understand? And I won't do it quick. I will rip off your arms and legs and slowly cook you inside out. Get back to work before I decide I might as well do it now.”

She left the scene with the betans returning to work confident they would work hard. The next scene she was flown to was a protest over food quality. Thirty women working in a beverage factory had the manager surrounded in his hover car.

Her pilot put her official shuttle down nearby and she strode out into the reddish hue of the midday sun. The light breeze played deliciously over her flesh, and she relished the idea that nobody else on this world could feel these things with such clarity. The red light that danced over her smooth enticing skin felt empty when she considered the warmth of her bed. The energy she absorbed the night before left her feeling even more attuned to the world than she had felt in her entire life. Killing the betan worker had left her nipples hard, and the fear she saw on the faces of the angry mob made her even more horny.

“We just want a decent meal in the mess!” one of the older women declared as Tyra approached the scene.

“Who is in charge here?” she demanded, her tone cold and her voice made loud by her powerful lungs.

“I can speak for us,” the older woman said with confidence, stepping forward. As Tyra approached, she kept scanning the crowd while the woman moved to meet the graceful young prime. She was talking, but Tyra ignored her. When she drew close, the beautiful young Warden laid a hand on her and gave her a lazy shove. The betan flew hard through the air parallel to the ground, as if shot from a cannon. She was dead the moment she left Tyra’s hand, so excessive was the force Tyra's muscles so easily generated.

“None of you are in charge,” Tyra firmly told the stunned women. “Only your manager can make that claim, and you are defying him. You show yourselves to be disloyal to the empire and insubordinate in your actions. I sentence all of you to death.”

There were screams and the mob broke off in every direction. Tyra grinned, and without moving from the spot she simply turned her head from side to side, playfully slicing into them one by one with her deadly eyes. She had such plentiful reserves of energy that she was able to cut them all down into small bits and pieces before they had gone more than a few steps. The manager got out of transport and looked about in shock, stunned by the cold hearted massacre of his workers.

“ thanks. Your judgement wise...and just.”

Tyra’s face was unreadable as she walked to him, but her body moved in ways that left him speechless. Without a word she stepped into personal space and let the magnificence of her body draw him in with its magnetic pull. Like the gravity of a black hole, her sexually charged physique doomed him. She chuckled, and shamelessly rubbed herself between the legs before roughly wiping her hand over his nose and mouth. Then she massaged her hair and let him work her over with his feeble strength as vigorously as he could manage. He was driven wild by her almost magical juices, and rubbed her body with adoration in deep worship.

“Harder. More.” He really did try to comply but failed to impress her. Her flesh was rigid steel in his weak hands, and he wore himself with his doomed attempts to please her. She cupped his chin and pulled his face to hers. “This is inadequate.”

Pushing him down on his transport she slipped them both out of their clothes and ravished him brutally. His shoulder was crushed as she held him down, her hips moving with the force of industrial equipment while she fucked him like heavy machinery. Steady. Stable. Powerful. He came. But she didn't relent...she picked up the pace. He began to fall apart physically and emotionally as the experience wore down his sanity. Too much pleasure. Too much pain. Too much Tyra. The transport buckled, bouncing along with her dangerously selfish movements and falling apart from the punishment.

“You're a lousy manager,” she told him. “You're a shitty fuck as well. Don't worry...I'm so fucking good at this! Hahahah! I can keep you hard for days if I want. But I'd be surprised if you last five minutes.” With a smug knowing smile she picked up the pace and more bits of the transports fell off. There were cracks and pops from the outclassed betan, and he came and came again but was kept rigid by her unfathomable sexuality. He was nearly done, and prayed she would ease up. She only made it worse. “You don't mind if I stop going easy on you, do you? Being careful like this takes a lot of the fun out for me and I know you're not going to be selfish and just fuck me for your own pleasure.”

He screamed, but her delighted vocalisations of orgasmic pleasure easily drowned out his agonized cries. He finally died as his heart blew, and she laughed. “What a weak cunt.” Getting to her feet and walking to her ship she flew to the next scene where she killed and raped three more stupid betans, not necessarily in that order.

One was accusing the other of stealing something, the third was just passing by. Grabbing the passerby as the accuser made his case, she got the three men hard by showing them her breasts, then pressed them against a wall and raped them.

“Next time you call for the law make sure it's serious enough.” Only none of them lived through what she did to them. She was still a little horny after they had all broken apart on her and made her pilot fuck her, he was a prime and better than a betan, but still her inferior in every way. She wore him out, still feeling full of energy while she left him the back of the ship passed out, Tyra was soon flying herself to the next scene feeling refreshed and ready for more.


Melkor brought her good news when he returned from Aria with two of his assistants in tow. He was happy to inform her that her family wealth was now at her complete disposal, and that she had a lot of messages he had discovered hidden in her Uncle’s accounts.

“Contact the combat coaches and get them here immediately. Offer them double. Go as high as ten times their normal rate.” She passed Melkor a stick drive. “I want these men brought here and given everything they need to resume their research. You will find all their contact details on here.”

Melkor was curious. “Why these men?”

“They have been working for family since my birth, fine-tuning my body. They are the scientists who know my genetics and cell structure best. I want to resume my work.”

Melkor informed her of other things...of plots in the capital and the state of war. She listened and interrogated him on the things she found interesting. When he was done, she rewarded him by breaking his hip. The assistants, unprepared for her seduction, became conquests to her needs. They were strong and held up well.

“And how do I get out of this prison sentence in Gossamer? There must be a way.”

Melkor, being attended to by her personal physician while she raped the two assistants, answered in words strained by his pain. “I have discovered only three ways to relieve you of this burden. You can find a blood relative to fill the role, the governor can release you, or... you can become governor. I am sorry…”

Tyra frowned. “Only one option then. But don't be sorry for that. I think I will enjoy being planetary governor of Gossamer 92.”

“It's not that, mistress. I am sorry my frailty left you unfulfilled.”

Tyra laughed. He was so deeply mind-fucked by her sexual domination that he was apologising for the fact she had broken him through selfish sexual abuse of his weak body, and he hadn't made her come. She smiled and calmly pushed the two assistants aside. The medic protested, but she rubbed herself and smeared her heady scent across his face. He went to the deck in orgasmic spasms and bothered her no more while she pushed the table top down to adjust to his height.

“You can make up for it.”

Bending the steel table to make it just right, she mounted his face and let him eat her out while she kissed and abused his sturdy assistants.


The governor kept praising her work, even though she employed every opportunity to brutalise the population. If only he was of weaker blood, she could just seduce him and make him an ally no enemy could sway, just as she had made Melkor her devoted servant.

A high rate of suicides and a breakdown in academic performance at her old academy drew her attention, and she went to investigate. The moment she arrived she knew what was wrong. They missed her. Her addictive body made them yearn for her, and she had been away for months. She fucked primes for the most part and had grown so much stronger that betans were never able to survive intact if she used them. She didn't count the dozens of rapes she performed in the line of duty as part of her real sex life. That was simply work. She was fucking those betans to punish them, not because she enjoyed it. Except, she mused, examining a perfect fingernail, that she actually enjoyed it a great deal.

“We… we don't know what we have done to bring you, mistress,” her despondent former instructor told her. “I thought after a month it would stop. That I would get over you. But none of us have. We...we need you. And it is worse every day that you’re gone! We love you, Tyra. We beg you to return!”

Tyra sneered at him as if he were a particularly repulsive rodent. “Too weak. That's your problem. If I fucked you like I did would kill you. My pheromones are more potent than ever, and each night I develop more muscle and gain energy while I sleep. I have built a new gym, and I have my trainers back. I have even set up radiation baths in the gym so I can soak up high doses of the stuff while I work out. It feels so good, and my limit gets higher every day. I have my duties, and I have my work. I don't have time to play with you feeble assholes anymore.”

He was heartbroken. “Then I fear my life no longer has meaning.”

Tyra frowned. Sure, it was a thrill to have this unbreakable bond with her toys, but she couldn't have them messing up her plans for the future by making trouble for her now. A mass suicide was the inevitable outcome. They would pine for her hard until finally they would stop going one by one and take themselves out as a group. It was a predicted outcome she had been warned about.

A mass suicide would draw too much attention. That sort of thing would have an investigator from High Command sniffing around.

“You understand that sex with me is almost certainly going to be fatal for you now. I regularly leave my new toys in the hands of a medic, and they are primes.”

He didn't care one bit. He pleaded; he begged. He cried like a child. He made her laugh. “I really am that awesome aren't I? You would die for me, wouldn’t you? Just like they said you would. I wasn't sure about it until now. But look at you. You already have.” Her nipples hardened. She grabbed him and carried him back to the classroom. The cadets all begged for attention as she entered, most of them tearing off their clothes and throwing themselves to the floor at her feet.

“It seems you can't live without me. Alright then, my devoted little fuck toys...your in luck, because I can fix your problem. I can fix ALL your problems.”

She casually removed her top, freeing her staggeringly perfect curves from their fabric imprisonment, and watched their reactions. The worship of their awestruck eyes turned her on, and she was quickly flooding the room with the airborne drug her toys so badly craved. They swooned and rushed her, and she removed her uniform entirely. Standing among the seething mass of aroused betans, she unhurriedly rubbed out a little peak that made them all grunt with the intensity of its effects. She gave them a smug smile as eyes rolled to the back of heads and others went thrashing to the floor. Tyra rubbed out a harder orgasm, and the weaker cadets were totally snuffed out by it, as her heart-stopping display of sensuality literally did its work. They fell dead to the floor.

Her ambrosial scent was thick in the air now, and other cadets from other rooms were coming in. Nobody sealed off the floor, because those who should have done it were rushing to be with her, just like everybody else as her familiar scent filled the whole building floor by floor. The power rush from this ambitious project was enough to make her work effortless. She lazily let the scene fuel her lustful fires and she came again. More died, others praised her name, and she felt like a goddess. This was her rightful place, standing over her inferiors, forcing their bodies to self-destruct through pleasure.

She solved the problem of the failing academy, and later she would shamelessly confess her method – though she would lie about the reason for their suicidal despondency. If they couldn't live without her, she saw no reason to prolong their suffering, particularly when she could use their deaths for a small bit of pleasure this way. She listened carefully as the last heart failed and slowly pulled the clinging fabric of her outfit over her voluptuous body before cleaning up, vaporising the twisted corpses and making her way throughout the facility until she got bored and went to her next call out. Others could finish cleaning up her mess.


Kordek was a mercenary with a frightening reputation. He was of low birth, but had powerful blood and had once been part of a wealthy man’s private security before that man had died at the hands of a Velorian. Now he was on Gossamer, standing in front of Tyra. He was massive, and looked down at her from a foot above. It annoyed him that this woman didn't seem intimidated.

“What do you need me for, Warden? I have come a long way to find out.”

Tyra, the youngest planetary warden in the Empire, showed him the pay. A case full of gold bars. “You can kill anybody. That’s what I hear. That you are the best around.”

“I can kill. I'm good at killing.”

She smiled, amused. “I like your muscles. You look strong.”

“I look annoyed. Why am I here? I want to get to work before this lousy sunlight poisons me.”

She nodded in approval. “Yes. I need you at your best, or this is pointless. I have now bested all my trainers, but I am uncertain I am ready for my next move. I'll give you two more of those cases to help me find out.”

He frowned. “I don't train people. I'm a killer.”

Tyra sneered. “You cannot teach me anything, but you can help me prove to my potential allies that I am ready. I want you to kill me. I am your target. We will fight one-on-one, and the winner shall be whoever isn't dead. I must test my skills.”

He laughed at the idea. “This is stupid. I would crush you! There is no work here after all, but for gold, I will kill anyone!”

And so, as requested by the potential allies Melkor had pulled together, Tyra and Kordek were soon facing off in her gym. Combat would be hand-to-hand and fought under official rules or duelling. Which pretty much meant there weren't any rules, other than: someone must die.

Melkor declared the beginning, and Kordek rushed her immediately. He punched her gut, her face and elbowed her jaw. She was unhurt, and all he did was turn her on enormously. His blows felt heavier than any she had been dealt since arriving here, but it wasn't enough to hurt her hardened physique.

“Did I mention that I'm going to fuck you before I kill you?”

He winced in pain and stepped back, his elbow aching from the last blow. He realised right away he was in over his head. These elites had access to tech he could only dream of.,.and he should have known she had such awesome strength. He struck at her again, but she moved like lightning to dodge him easily. Before he knew what hit him, he was on his ass, put down hard by her brutally powerful fist. Adrenaline swept through her body and her muscles hardened further and swelled with a fresh abundance of strength she absolutely didn't need. They almost seemed to crackle with mind-boggling power.

It was too much, and she was already getting turned on. He was so big but not strong. Not like she was. The idea that the best mercenary in the galaxy was such a pussy compared to her was enough to make her slip a hand down her pants and work her fingers hard into her moistening clit.

Now sporting a rock hard erection, knowing he was overmatched, yet unfamiliar with any other course of action, the angry Kordek attacked. Tyra was confident in her adrenaline-fuelled muscles and stood her ground weighing her many options. Her hardened flesh weathered his assault even more easily than she had expected, and she took her time deciding how to shame him with her hard-earned prowess, her calves tensing into rounded balls of feminine steel as her shifted her weight on the balls of her feet.

She took hold of his upper arms, forced them hard to his sides, then held him steady with her incredible strength. He felt as though he were caught in a vice and couldn't move, and sensed her frightening physical power and how easily she could crush his bones. Despite being smaller in size, her artificially strengthened skeletal structure and all the extra muscle fibres made her considerably heavier than him, and he couldn't move her from the spot. He brought up his knee. She smiled as he jammed it into her crotch, only to crack his kneecap and make her feel really, really good.

“Your generation has been made obsolete,” Tyra explained, her steady voice revealing no strain as he grunted and jerked about, trying to escape. “You're not the apex killing machine you once were.”

With carefully gauged force, she rammed her forehead into his face and broke his nose and cheekbone. He went wobbly. “I can't believe they put you forward as their test. This really is far too easy.”

Letting him go, she let the big mercenary flop to the floor and got out of her skimpy clothes before she straddled him. “Everybody who doesn't want to die better leave now,” she observed, leaning down to rub Kordek’s broken face with her glorious breasts. She could feel his body respond even though he screamed in pain. He was hard as rock almost instantly despite the broken bones in his face grinding together. She heard the room being sealed, and let out a sigh of contentment as she mounted him and started proving her superiority over him with the most athletic sex he had ever known. She could move in ways he had not dreamed of, and he was coming already. She shifted her motion, rolling her hips and applying some aggression. Biting her lip she moaned, and then she threw her head back with an affirmative cry of victory. “Yes!”

He came with her. It was impossible not to. The ejaculation was unexpectedly forceful, and he almost passed out from the intensity. He blew his entire load and still pulsed with a release that wouldn't end. It became painful but would not stop.

Tyra fucked him hard with athletic movements that were painful for him but ever so wonderful for her. She watched him as he fell apart beneath her and wished she could take her time with him. But this wasn't about pleasure. This was business. She squeezed him harder with her thighs and got busy with her hips. Her searching thrusts were making his arms and legs spasm while she pressed her own hands to her sensitive flesh seeking the maximum pleasure. And then, with joy on her face, she had a wonderfully excessive orgasm that drew her toy along helplessly for the ride. Orgone energy arced between her nipples, and Kordek screamed. Unable to cope with the extreme eroticism of the goddess riding him, the reputable mercenary died mid-ejaculation.

Sneering at him, she smashed her fist into her dead toys face and finished what her head butt had started. She got her feet, bringing the corpse with her with clear ease. Holding Kordek like a prized fisherman’s catch she proudly showed him to one of the cameras set up around the room.

“This was one of the best freelancers in the business,” she told her potential backers. “And he didn't last long at all, did he? I could have finished him faster, but I was taking my time.”


Melkor informed her an hour later that she had support from every one of the allies back on Aria. They were willing to act in her favor in the halls of power, and she was closer to getting what she needed most. Without support from the Imperial Court, there was no way she would be able to pull off her next move. But once she had enough voices in the halls of power, she knew it was time. She had been strong enough physically for quite some time and been yearning for this ever since first meeting Planetary Governor Zardek and being forced to into servitude indefinitely on a rock with a weak sun, in the middle of nowhere. A rock that nobody would give a damn about if not for the precious minerals mined there.

When she stepped into Zardek’s grand hall, all eyes turned her way. It was unusual for the Warden to call on the Governor without a summons. It usually meant some terrible deed worthy of his attention had been discovered, but these events would have been heard of long before any such meeting.

“Tyra? I did not request your presence. What news do you bring?”

Tyra stood before him and stretched to her full height. “I have spoken to my advisors, and done a lot of thinking, my Lord. It turns out I'm stuck here being your Warden, and there's very little I can do about it.”

Zardek laughed while most of the court went deathly quiet. “Unhappy here? I can tell you at least like the work. The Betan’s are all hopping up and down about how terrible you are at your job. How many did you kill yesterday? You don't have to tell me. Hearing about your exploits is a real highlight of my day. Do you really think that by killing and raping your way through them, you will force me to release you? Ha! Your mother was far more shrewd, but I do admire your approach more. Who needs subtlety?”

Tyra smiled. “Oh...none of that is part of any scheme. That's just for fun. But I have other fun things I want to do. And these things cannot be done here. So, as much fun as it is, I need to be free of this world.”

“If you leave, you will be hunted as a deserter. Do you think you could outrun the shame of that? The Empire does not forgive, and the Empire does not forget. So leave if you want to, but I will not release you from your family’s oath. You are bound to this world by blood. And you are the last of that blood. You're wasting your time coming here! You will not convince me to release you. Be content. There are those who want your family line destroyed.”

Tyra nodded. “I know. But they can't just kill me, can they? And I know why. Do you know why they can't just kill me and be done with it? Of course you don't. You're just like my foolish uncle. You don't know what they want. You're just a glorified prison guard, and this planet is just a playground they gave me.”

Zardek scratched his chin. “I do wonder about that. But's obvious, really. They want the money. If you die, last of your line, then the money goes to the Emperor and his family. But that old man will die soon. You best hope your enemies do not gain the throne in the Claiming… If you outlive that old man, you won't outlive him for long.”

Tyra smiled. “But I will outlive you, Zardek. So it's not all bad.”

“It's possible. But I would not expect it.”

“But I do. Because I'm here to challenge you for the leadership of this world. Planetary Governor Zardek...I challenge you to trial by combat. I declare you weak, and unfit for your duty. You will accept this challenge or step aside like the coward you are.”

It was no surprise that he chuckled. “You think it will be that easy? You can't just walk in here and challenge me to a duel for the leadership. Don't you understand anything, girl? If any pure blood Prime could do that...the empire would be smoking ruin by now.”

Tyra's smile unnerved him, and she could see it. “I made some friends back home, Zardek. People who were loyal to my father. People who were loyal to my mother. People who are very unhappy about what happened to them.” She held up her hand and revealed a small disk she’d been carrying, and threw it to the floor where the holographic device became activated. A heavyset man appeared, dressed in the official regalia of the imperial court.

“By order of the Great Warlord, his Imperial Highness Temujek, Lord of the All Things That Live, and Master of The Nine Galaxies, it is to be known that by His will a trial by combat shall be held to determine the truth of claims made by the Warden of Gossamer 92. Let the Governor of the world prove his Claim for leadership, or lose it. This is the Imperial Will.”

Zardek, who she had never seen off of his high throne, rose from his raised seat, letting his official robe of office fall to the floor. Tyra was surprised. He was much bigger than she had thought. At least a foot and a half taller than her and considerably wider. More surprising was his huge muscles. He was so much older than her that she hadn't expected his body to look too youthful. But he looked very strong and wasn't as put out by the idea of fighting her as she had thought he would be. He actually seemed happy.

“You fool. The emperor wants that money as badly as we do. Did you not think about why he would back you to be governor?” Zardek cracked his neck and shoulders, flexing his muscles more than necessary as he limbered up. “This isn't about helping you. None of those people on Aria are your friends. They used your own foolishness and ambition to force me to kill you. I'll be honest...I've said we should've killed you long ago when we did your parents. But they wanted to wait.” Zardek walked down the steps from his throne and stood right in front of her. “I guess the emperor got tired of waiting. And now it's out of my hands...I can finally finish off your treacherous bloodline once and for all.”

With no further warning he brought his head down and smashed his heavy brow into her beautiful face. She was taken completely off guard and was sent violently into the floor, where he followed up with a brutally hard kick to send her into the wall. He walked over and picked her head up by the hair to smash his fist into her face. Twice. Then he smashed her face back into the floor, lifted her up, and tossed her into the wall again. She got up on her knees, her head sagging, and he knew it was almost over for her.

“Foolish child. The young always think they know everything. Your inexperience has cost you your life. Now you will see the power of MY blood.”

He pulled back a fist and took a powerful swing at her head. He was surprised by her speed when her hand shot up and clasped around his big fist...stopping it cold the instant it slapped into her palm. Her fingers closed around it. He winced as she gripped him and tried to jerk back. But she was far stronger than he suspected. Tyra’s chin slowly rose, and she whipped her hair from her face to reveal dangerous eyes and a cheeky smile, her flawless complexion showing no sign of the beating he'd given her. Her adrenaline had kicked in, and her entire body was swelling up with even more delicious strength. His eyes betrayed his fear as he watched her muscles gently rise and harden, the curves of her outrageously sexy body becoming enhanced to a point he could no longer ignore.

“Child? I'm no child, Zardek. As for the power of your blood…”

Zardek cried out as she tightened her hold on his fist and squeezed until she felt the lurching snaps as his bones popped under her shocking power . He screamed in anger and swung his other fist at her face. She braced and let him hit her, hiding the pain his powerful strike gave her under a veneer of amusement. He swung his fist again, but she caught it in her free hand. Rising smoothly to her feet, she chuckled. He struggled against her, but he wasn't strong enough to stop from twisting his arms in opposing directions and forcing him to his knees.

“I'm stronger than you, old man. By a healthy margin. My muscles are more efficient and tougher. bones are harder.” She smiled sweetly, giving him a coquettish flutter of her long eyelashes, then lined him up with a knee to the face. He was sent tumbling over the tiles and into a wall, making a few spectators turn to flee. He was quick to his feet, and he stepped confidently into the fray. She dodged his first punch, sidestepped a well-placed kick, then flashed around behind him with speed he could barely follow to plant a well-placed kick in his ass. He flew forward into the wall, and bounced back to be captured in her embrace. She head-butted him, and his knees went wobbly. Pushing him back to the wall she slid him down and trapped his head against the masonry with her crotch grinding his face. She worked herself over him, relishing the adrenaline-fuelled strength boost, her velvet voice moaning in shameless pleasure.

“Oh yeah. This feels great! I knew I was going to enjoy your destruction...but I had no idea how much.”

He seethed in anger, biting down on her clitoris with ruthless force, and it made her hips buck with an instant orgasm. She was surprised by his savagery, and he almost died when she pressed herself enthusiastically into his face and sank the back of head into the crumbling brickwork. A slightly harder surface and her eager hips would have crushed him. She moved back and eyed him while she enjoyed the after effects of her orgasm. The rest of the court were all deeply aroused by her seductively curved physique, and someone had activated a powerful ventilation system to vent her insidious pheromones.

With admirable effort Zardek pulled himself together and came at her again, diving low to tackle her. She side-stepped him and thumped him on the back as he passed, smashing him hard into the floor, and then Tyra kicked him in the gut. Thrown into the wall, he shook off the impact and came at her more cautiously. Still coming at her with confidence, he moved in a little slower and grabbed into her, trying to use his superior size and weight and bend her down. She embraced him with a short laugh, then squeezed him hard enough to crack two ribs and choke off his gurgling scream. Dropping him to the floor she rolled him over and used her toes to tear away his clothes and expose his groin, revealing the erection that had grown there. It was inevitable when in such close contact with Tyra.

The people in the room were falling under her spell now, despite the whirring ventilation. But the fans did manage to prevent a full-on orgy breaking out, and they were able to keep watching as Tyra swatted away his pitiful, broken hands as she straddled Zardek, sighing softly as he entered her. He winced as she squeezed him, and she smiled knowingly while her hips began moving and his eyes rolled back in his head. He tried to buck her off but succeeded only in helping her enjoy it more.

“The secret to strength like mine is in the base genetic code. We can do amazing things with enhancement now...and just about any Prime can be as strong as the best warriors of old. But only the lucky few can ever be as strong as me. And you thought you'd keep me for a pet. You really should have done your research.”

Several witnesses passed out when she came with concussive force. She moved more energetically and concentrated on making her next peak a monster. He wanted to hit her, to push her away...but his hands were a mess. She was holding him down and raping him, and he could only lay there and take it. Massaging her hair, her eyes closed as she chased erotic bliss, and she started to ooh and ah shamelessly. Her hard nipples arced with excess orgone and she leaned back in ecstasy. Her orgasm rocked her violently, one of the best of life, and it decimated the crowd. The hearts of all the betans – and some of the weaker primes – beat with ridiculous speed as her cries became more and more urgent, burst instantly with the earth-shaking power of her final release.

Powerful as he was, Zardek made it through. But not without a huge toll on his body and mind. She was chuckling, and he was breathless and quivering. Tyra happily began riding him once more as if she hadn't just killed most of her audience.

“I could kill you like this. It would be fun, and I would enjoy it a lot. would enjoy it too. I don't think I like that. So...I'm going to make sure you don't enjoy it.”

Fucking him harder, she reached down with both hands and got a hold of the wrist and shoulder of one arm. Much to the shock of everyone present, she pressed down on the shoulder and pulled on the wrist...and with a horrible rending of flesh she ripped his arm off and tossed it over her shoulder.

“I could stop the bleeding with heat vision quite easily...but I'm not going to.”

She thought about ripping off the other arm as well, but decided not to rush him to his grave too soon. She took her time, and kept proving her stamina as endless by riding him through several excessive orgasms, though she kept the orgone discharges to a minimum. She watched him and listened to his heart, seeing his end drawing near. The last thing he saw as he died was her sparkling eyes as she squeezed on his fading erection with her vice like pussy. She came as he finally blacked out and climbed off him feeling more aroused than she had in her entire life.

“Time to celebrate your new leader,” she declared. Her first order was to turn off the exhaust fans. Then she stood naked before them and patiently waited for her body to release enough pheromones to drive the entire room into lust-fuelled chaos – a chaos she waded into with relish. Her adrenaline-enhanced strength left her abuzz with energy to burn, and she had no reason not to indulge. She was Planetary Governor...and there was nobody on all of Gossamer who could stand above her.


“What do you mean I can’t leave? You didn't mention anything about that when we planned this,” Tyra’s arms tensed as her brows furrowed in fury.

Melkor was sweating as he focused his attention to prevent his lower lip from trembling. Tyra was terrifying when she was angry.

“I meant to say, you can't just go off anywhere without an official reason. We need to plan your movements more carefully now. Where is it you wish to go?”

Tyra frowned. “I don't know yet. I'm not sure who I want to kill first. There are those who killed my parents, those who worked to see me trapped here, and those who are giving all of them their orders. And anyone else I find along the way.”

Melkor was relieved to see her anger fading as her mind turned to her real enemies. “We have information coming in about the warriors who were with your father when he died. The location of his partner still eludes us. He is deployed somewhere in the outer rim, but nobody knows where. But there is an interesting lead in your mother’s killer I was going to mention. The Velorian woman you seek has not been an official protector for years. We are not sure if she was acting under orders or she was on her own. But it wasn't the Enlightenment. There was no official kill order issued from Velor.”

Tyra glared at him, making him squirm.. “How is that an interesting lead?”

“She was seen on a planet in the unclaimed territories.”

“Excellent. Then that's where we go.”

“It will take time to make the arrangements.”

“I'm going to want to visit every person on the list, Melkor. You might as well make arrangements for those too.”

She waved him off, and Melkor scurried from the Grand Hall wondering how he was going to make this work. It wasn't easy to mask the movements of such a high-ranking official, but it certainly wasn't impossible.

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