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Suki Loves Justin – Part 2

Written by Wizalex :: [Saturday, 29 July 2023 05:06] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 29 July 2023 19:34]

Suki Loves Justin

Written by Wizalex with 10K

Welcome to the slice-of-life style adventures of Suki - a cutesy, excitable goddess - and Justin - her beloved, hardworking boyfriend.

Part 2 - One Month-aversary!

Ice Cream, You Cream

Suki lay on her bed, gently vibrating with excitement. Every part of her was overjoyed to wake up, especially surrounded by all of her favourite plushies. Her hair snaked across the bed, occasionally grabbing at her stuffed toys and pulling them closer to her, brushing the soft little cuties against her body.

The bed was enormous – many times larger than an Olympic swimming pool and absolutely too big to fit inside the tiny apartment where Suki lived. Even then though, her hair could still spill over the edges and carpet the floor of her room. It was just too excited not to!

Justin was amazing! The two of them had spent every evening together for the past month and Suki was so happy she constantly felt like she was about to explode. The vibrations generally calmed down after she fell asleep, but today they’d only intensified. Her dreams had been stuffed full of the pleasure he brought to her, easily spilling over into her waking body.

It was perfect. Justin had embraced every part of her: her powers, her body, her desires…

Desires that had quite evidently grown immensely since Suki had discovered Justin’s body.

The young goddess had known pleasure before her boyfriend. She’d taken her own virginity years ago, fooling around with various methods of play and pleasure. Justin was on another level!

Not only was he ridiculously well-endowed, he knew exactly how to please her. Even now, just thinking about last night, Suki was dripping in anticipation and resisting every impulse she had to simply fast forward the day to the much more exciting evening. Or pluck Justin out of his own frequently repaired apartment with her powers to enjoy his body right this instant!

On the subject of which, Justin really hadn’t seemed very surprised by her powers.

Thinking back on it, Suki hadn’t been too subtle about keeping them hidden when they’d first met, but she thought she’d done a pretty good job! Suki pouted, huffing at the fact that her boyfriend was smarter than her.

Clutching her phone in her hand, Suki had a great idea. They’d go on a special date today. A one-month anniversary date! A One Month-aversary! She’d try to surprise him, put everything out there on display.

Well, not everything, she would be wearing clothes — to begin with at least — but all of her special abilities, she could show them to him!

He definitely wouldn’t be expecting some of them! Plus, it was Saturday! Justin wasn’t even working, so they could spend the whole day together!

Where to go though…

Suki chewed her lower lip as she snuggled the stuffy octopus that Justin had won for her yesterday. Justin had named her Mini Suki, saying that a cuddly octopus would also give great hugs. Suki had blushed at that and immediately thrust his left arm between her boobs to snuggle.

He was right, of course, the squishy stuffie was utterly adorable. The little octopus was Suki’s new and absolute favourite, and Suki chose to keep reminding it of that by squeezing Mini Suki’s appendages against her boobies. She did so now, and after a few seconds, the fuzzy toy disappeared into the space between her breasts, ready to keep her company when she was away from Justin.

Having finished with her morning ritual of many hugs, Suki went back to planning the day. They’d been to the fun fair yesterday, where that mean vendor had tried to cheat her boyfriend out of rescuing Mini Suki from his evil clutches. Suki smiled as she remembered the surprised look on the meanie’s face when she had bounced up to Justin and given him a kiss, the resulting localised earthquake from her body causing every one of the cups on the stall to fall just as Justin threw his last ball.

The stall owner had even had the nerve to glare at Justin as the villain relinquished his poor captive. Suki had sternly pouted back and vowed justice for the other poor prisoners, which quickly made him look away and hide in his horrid prison for stuffies.

Suki had, of course, gone back to liberate all of them later that evening, hence the current need for her significantly larger than average bed.

And now Mini Suki had all of her family with her! Suki pressed Boobae and Boobee together to give the little octopus an even bigger hug, distracting herself from her task again.

Argh, where to go today!?

Justin liked coffee, but coffee shops were yucky. The cinema? But then he wouldn’t be able to see her face. A picnic? Picnics were fun, but they’d been on several recently.

For Mom’s sake, why couldn’t she think of a good idea for a date?

Suki’s face lit up. She could just ask Justin! He’d know what to do. Seconds later Suki had composed a message in her head and sent it through her phone.

‘Hi hi. Date time. Wher go?’

Now to wait for a response. If she could manage that.

In his apartment, Justin was sitting at this desk with slightly bloodshot eyes. He was almost done. He checked the calculations on his previous line and took a reserved sip from his coffee mug. Reserved both because the coffee was actually terrible and because he was trying to cut down on his intake. He knew that Suki wasn't a fan of the taste – or smell – of coffee, and given how frequently their faces were in incredibly close proximity, he didn't want to subject her to full-on coffee breath.

By choice, it wasn't very good coffee. Justin had hoped that it might dissuade him from drinking the stuff in future, but it actually just made him crave a good cup even more. For now, it was a necessary evil, a way to placate his long-standing caffeine addiction and keep him awake.

This wasn't the first time he'd pulled an all-nighter. It very likely wouldn't be the last either. As usual, the experimental guys would need his report before they could get on with their work, and even before then, his work would need to be reviewed before being passed on. The unwillingness to be the one person holding up the project was what had led Justin to work this late; he would much rather deal with the inevitable long-term consequences of caffeine addiction than the much less appealing thought of inconveniencing other people.

Plus, Justin did actually love his job. Though, given what Suki said she was, it might not fundamentally matter anymore.

Perhaps he should retrain as a priest or a preacher?

Justin smiled at the thought. It wasn't something he'd actually do, but he did wonder what Suki would think about the idea of having a religion established around her. Regardless, he liked his job and he had no plans to ask Suki to override the free will of his administrator or pause time for a bit to let him get more work done. He could just imagine her bemusement at the idea of using her powers to do more work.

So, Justin stuffed those thoughts away and took another sip as he continued to slowly type away.

After another dozen mind-numbing minutes of sleepy typing, Justin felt his phone vibrate in his front pocket. He groaned when he saw the text, along with the time. Still, he didn't want to disappoint Suki.

‘How about we meet up at the ice cream parlour at 1? I need to finish a bit of work. Might also need to sleep a little first.’

“But that’s hours away!” Suki moaned. That was so long!

‘Oki. Cant wait ;p’ She replied, replacing the phone in her cleavage for safekeeping.

Suki huffed. She would have to do something about this annoying work thing, but for now: what was she supposed to do for four hours!?


With a little nudge of her willpower, Suki giggled and pushed reality forward in time by four hours.


Oh no…

Now she was going to be late! And she wasn’t even dressed yet!

Another minor exertion of will and Suki stopped time.

Suki’s eyes were wide as she examined the walls lining her room. So many clothes to choose from! Which would Justin like?

He wanted ice cream, so maybe he was thinking about summer? Maybe that meant he was imagining her in a bikini? Suki shuddered, already wet just from the thought of Justin thinking of her in that way. That settled it. It was bikini time!

Suki’s bikini was revealing, to put it lightly. Her breasts, which she was always pleased to remember were significantly bigger than her Mom’s, had to be contained within the pocket dimension in her hoodies most of the time. Otherwise, people would stare at her beautiful boobies and possibly die because they were just so pretty and perfect. Either that or their mind would start rewriting itself to worship her titties. Suki frowned, remembering the problems that had caused a few years ago.

She’d have to make sure she protected Justin from that aspect of them.

They loved being free though. Both Boobae and Boobee were arguing over who Justin would play with first. Boobee was currently gloating because Justin had spent a whole eleven seconds longer playing with her over the last month. That made Boobae sad, so little drops of milk started leaking out of her nipple as she swelled subtly larger than Boobee. Suki sighed as her boobs argued to the point of shredding the cute, sparkly-purple bikini she was trying to contain them in. A quick scolding and a firm flick on the nipples eventually got them to start behaving again.

The bikini Suki finally chose covered her areola nicely. Not much else though. She smiled, thinking of Justin’s reaction. He’d seen Suki’s boobs at her true size before, but he was always astonished when he saw just how truly massive they were.

Mom, she just couldn’t wait!

Finally, dressed in a dark purple bikini top and matching shorts that didn’t quite cover her butt, Suki left her apartment and appeared outside the ice cream parlour.

Justin was there!

Time resumed.

Justin turned with a start, acknowledging the presence of his goddess girlfriend.

Who had just appeared next to him out of thin air, wearing only a bikini.

Justin was well aware that Suki’s boobs were enormous, he’d seen them quite a lot over the past month, including many starring roles in his dreams – that didn’t stop him from being completely gobsmacked by them every time. Never before had he even imagined breasts of anywhere close to this magnitude. Each of them alone dwarfed the largest pairs he’d ever even heard of. Luckily she was a goddess; there was no way that mere mortals could design a bra capable of containing those divine breasts.

However, something else was nagging at him. Something wrong with the current situation. What was it? Was it that his head wasn’t currently sandwiched between the tits of his goddess? That must be it. Justin approached, eyes fixated on the enthralling pull of the space between Boobae and Boobee. He stepped forward jerkily, his hands moving up to greet Suki’s boobies before he’d even vocalised a greeting.

Oh. That was the issue. Clarity suddenly snapped Justin out of his boobie-induced stupor

"Suki, why are you only wearing a bikini? It’s March!"

Suki just giggled in response.

Justin was being so silly! Pretending that he hadn’t been imagining her in a bikini in his dreams for weeks.

She may have slipped into a few of them on purpose…

Suki could feel her boobs trying to wiggle free to get closer to Justin, so she made it easier for them, throwing herself at him in a soft, enveloping hug.

“It’s for yoooouuuuu, silly!” Suki floated off the ground to make sure that Justin didn’t fall over under her weight.

“My boobies really missed youuu,” she whispered into his ear with a giggle. “See! They’re giving you a big hug!”

Her breasts were indeed hugging him. While Suki was immensely proud of their size, she was also incredibly happy with how soft and sensitive her titties always were. Every time she touched them a little shudder ran through her body as the squishy flesh deformed under her finger. Now, they were practically collapsing into jelly, just from being so close to their favourite person in the whole wide world.

“Hmm,” Suki purred as she nuzzled against Justin’s neck. “If I spill ice cream on my boobies, will you lick it off?”

The intense vertigo that Justin felt as his body was sucked into Suki’s cleavage made it difficult to respond.

Two incredible mounds of impossible pleasure and comfort flanked his body, while in between them he felt like he was dangling above a bottomless pit, like his very essence was about to be drawn into an abyss of luxurious softness, never to return.

"Not in public, that would be rude,” Justin mumbled in a muffled voice. “But once we're in a more… intimate setting… I'm sure I can give your breasts the attention they need.”

Suki pouted.

Rude? It was rude of other people to think that Justin using that sexy, firm tongue and those plush, inviting lips on her big, needy titties was rude. So rude of them! She’d have to find out who thought it was rude later and be really rude to them.

The scowl that Suki made hid some very dangerous desires behind her eyes. Instead, she scrunched up her face and let out a little of her power.

“Okaaaaay,” Suki whined, dragging Justin along with her as she pivoted in the air and floated towards the door. She landed before walking in, smiling at the tingling sound the bell made.

The place was quiet, but so very cute! Cosy little booths ran around the outside of the ice cream parlour. Each one included a privacy door and had a pile of cushions inside, just to make sure that people were able to eat their ice cream without rude people interrupting their enjoyment.

To allow them to eat ice cream and not be judged as being rude.

Suki smiled coyly at Justin, wondering whether he would realise that she had changed the ice cream parlour. Surely he’d think this was all how it normally was?

Justin looked around at the peculiar ice cream parlour, then back at Suki, who appeared as happy and excited as ever.

He thought about saying something. Evidently, she’d changed the place somehow, but he couldn’t quite put his finger on what it was. Whatever it was, it seemed fine.

Plus, he’d been dreaming of licking ice cream off of Suki’s boobs for weeks now. The fact that this place allowed it was a massive bonus.

He walked up to the counter and ordered a cone for himself, one scoop of chocolate, the other vanilla.

"What do you want to order, Suki?"

“I’ll haaaaaave…” Suki thought carefully for a moment. This was a big decision. “A double cone, one side with chocolate, caramel and fudge, the other side with chocolate, strawberry and more chocolate.”

“Ooh! And balance another scoop of chocolate in between them!”

Suki grinned at her clever thinking. Now, the ice cream would fall off and Justin would have no choice but to save her from the sticky mess she made between her boobies.

Oh no!

The chocolate was going to fall off! That meant that she wouldn’t be able to eat it…

And Justin preferred coffee! Should she have asked for coffee flavour at the top? Would that have been too obvious?

Suki was distracted enough at this point that she didn’t notice Justin take both ice creams from the clerk. The chocolate scoop on the top wobbled precariously. Suki’s eyes went wide and her boobies swelled forwards. It was falling!

With a rapid dive, Suki thrust her boobs under the cones, catching the descending ice cream within the canyon of her cleavage. The clerk fainted in the background as the sight of Suki’s breasts pulled her mind out of her body and drained it into the infinite valley that Suki was creating.

Suki smiled up at Justin with puppy-dog eyes.

“Justin…” she pouted. “You made me all sticky…”

Now that Justin saw how the game was rigged, he didn’t mind playing along.

There was one concern though…

“Suki, what just happened to that woman?”

“Hmm?” Suki hummed innocently. “She’s sleepy.”

“Is that all?”

“Maybe…” Suki sang.

“Suki, all the ice cream will melt and we’ll have none left if you don’t tell me.”

“She… slightly lost her mind.”


“I can put it back!”

Suki reached into her cleavage and retrieved a silvery bead. She blew on it, sending it back into the cashier.

“See? Just sleepy!”

“And?” Justin asked.

“…and obsessed with my boobs.”

Justin sighed, watching the chocolate ice cream drip further into Suki’s cleavage. She saw him looking and her face broke into an excited smile. It was, as was everything with Suki, incredibly obvious what she wanted him to do. Given that the cashier did just seem tired now, and was slowly recovering on the floor, he decided not to keep Suki waiting any longer.

Justin guided Suki by the hand into a private booth, then happily began to lick the half-molten ice cream from her boobies.

Starting from the bottom to catch the drips, Justin made sure to intersperse the occasional kiss, suck and nibble into his zealous ritual. With speed and precision he stopped the flow of ice cream, alternating between breasts rapidly to ensure that no drips made it to Suki’s thighs. When he reached the nipples he moved the tiny bikini aside to fervently lap away at the invasive, cool treat that had worked its way inside

It was only due to Suki’s prior attempts to inoculate Justin against the defect of her boobs that he survived the experience. All of those nights invading his dreams had been worth it. Justin demonstrated incredible mental fortitude with his face covered in Suki boob, still retaining the capability of lucid thought.

To her surprise, Suki didn’t even need to restrain her boobs much at all. She had been worried that they might just try to keep Justin all for themselves and guzzle him up into their boobspace, but both seemed to be totally out of it, completely placated in their desire by the affection that Justin was giving to them.

Her boobs were utterly in love with him and totally paralysed by it.

Suki cooed and moaned as Justin continued to play with her boobies, and her hands found his face. She gently caressed his cheeks and stroked his hair, feeling the silky smooth texture under her fingers.

Which made her own hair jealous.

The long, multi-coloured strands wrapped themselves around Suki’s arm and extended down her limbs, eventually beginning to tangle themselves in Justin’s hair. More and more of Suki’s hair spread across Justin’s body, dosing him with the sweet floral scent of her locks and inducing a fervent stupor in him. Through the gaps in her hair, Suki could see Justin’s pupils go wide as her hair competed with her boobies to provide him more pleasure.

The strands were travelling into his pants now, wrapping around his cock.

Suki giggled. Her hair could be so naughty sometimes…

Unfortunately, while Suki had prepared Justin for her boobs, her hair was another matter. Each strand replicated the sensation of Suki’s body on Justin’s cock with every single motion, covering every inch of his monstrous manhood and bringing him to an abrupt erection. It languidly drew his pleasure to the surface, pumping his shaft like no mortal woman would ever be capable of doing. It coaxed his climax further out, bringing him to the edge of release and pushing him back thousands of times a second. Finally, Justin lost control. Suki’s hair revelled in its victory as Justin’s mind broke. Pleasure not meant for mortal men raced up his shaft, a torrent of cum exciting his body in floods of warm, heavenly release.

Justin let Suki's hair fully claim him as the first drips of ice cream landed on Suki’s thigh.

He had failed.

Suki felt Justin’s body shudder and she quivered with glee as she realised what had happened. Her hair was already lapping at Justin’s cock, squeezing his balls and milking his shaft to drink up all of that yummy cum. She could taste it as it entered her body.

As always, Suki carefully collected every last drop of it as Justin fell into a pleasant stupor between her boobies. Boobae and Boobee were fighting to wake him up, but Suki gave them a little kiss to stop them, dropping Justin’s untouched ice cream into her cleavage to keep them happy.

Suki carefully licked at her ice cream as she considered the next part of their special anniversary date.

It would take a while for her hair to sort through all of Justin's perfect little spermies and find the most perfect ones, so she had some time before her body tried stealing his attention again.

“Justin…” Suki whispered into his ear. “We’re going to go to the movies now…”

With a bounce, Suki picked up her dozing boyfriend and disappeared.

Home Movies

The first thing Justin noticed when he woke was how immensely comfortable he was. His head was surrounded by two massive pillows emanating comfortable warmth, while the rest of his body lay on the most comfortable and soft material known to existence. In his drowsy state, he instinctively grabbed onto one of the pillows and squeezed it while he nuzzled his head into its softness.

The second thing Justin noticed, after acclimatising to the pinnacle of comfort, were strange muffled slurping noises.

"Suki,” Justin murmured without opening his eyes. “Where are we?"

“Shh, silly,” Suki whispered. “We’re watching a movie!”

Suki was lying at the back of the cinema, where a comfy sofa had replaced the usual seats. A carton of sweetened popcorn sat within easy reach on the floor in front of her, while Suki’s drink was floating in the air, suspended by a single strand of her hair. The slurping of her sucking on the straw was clearly audible to everyone in the cinema.

The rest of the cinema was occupied sparsely, but the other cinemagoers, all couples, seemed to be paying the pair at the back no mind despite the noises Suki was making. In fact, all of them were heavily locked in each other’s embrace, gazing into each other’s eyes and apparently ignoring the film entirely.

“It’s my favourite!” Suki assured Justin, stroking his back while his head remained trapped between her breasts. “This is the part where the guy finally meets the girl’s family!”

Suki, having watched this film numerous times over the years, had made several unconscious adjustments. In fact, she’d watched this film so many times and with so many lovestruck fantasies that the girl in the staring role had become her many years ago. At the same time, the love interest had begun to lose all distinguishing features, becoming a blank canvas on which Suki could project her fantasies. Now that Suki knew Justin was her true love, all of her fantasies changed to feature only him.

So, naturally, he had taken the place of the guy.

Nothing about that seemed off to her. It was her favourite movie after all, it made sense that she and Justin would be the stars of it.

But he was missing it!

In a panic, Suki lifted Justin out of her cleavage, despite both the protests of him and her boobs, then dropped him back in, facing the screen this time.

“There you go, now stop complaining, sillies!” Suki smiled, addressing both her boyfriend and her boobs.

Justin’s eyes were now open, as well as facing something that wasn’t just Suki’s chest. He still felt no inclination to move from his comfy spot, even if his body wasn’t currently paralysed by pleasure. The warmth that Suki's body emanated, as well as the way that her hair acted as a blanket, almost sent him back into a restful slumber.

Until he noticed the film.

"Is that… me?” Justin asked hesitantly. “And you? In the movie?"

“Yep!” Suki kissed Justin’s forehead. “It’s the greatest movie ever, so it has to feature the greatest boyfriend ever!”

The on-screen Suki was one who proudly displayed her true, enormous proportions, having already been convinced by the on-screen Justin that she shouldn’t need to hide any of herself, even if it occasionally drove people around her into frenzied worship or caused them to lose their sanity. Suki had cried tears of happiness at that particular scene, while cinematic Suki had taken the opportunity to treat the audience to the first of many sex scenes involving her true form.

That was when most of the audience had stopped paying attention and decided instead to couple up in sympathetic make-out sessions.

Now, those gargantuan breasts heaved beneath one of cinematic Suki’s hoodies, stretching it tight across her chest as she skipped merrily up a garden path to a pleasant cottage, pulling Justin behind her.

Suki knew the house, of course. It was her Mom’s beach cottage.

The beach! They should go to the beach! Suki mentally patted herself on the back for being clever enough to wear a bikini on her beach date.

She’d watch one more scene – just to quickly say ‘Hi!’ to Mom – then they’d go swimming!

Meanwhile, Justin was slowly losing control of his body due to his constant Suki-induced stupor. His muscles were beginning to atrophy, unwilling to support him when he could instead just submit to Suki’s comfy body. In agreement, both his arms and legs turned to jelly. With nothing supporting him, and Suki’s attention distracted by her dreams of the beach, he gracelessly slid from Suki's lap and loudly face-planted the floor.

“Oww…” Justin groaned.

That had been enough to quickly raise his level of awareness, though his body still refused to cooperate properly.

The on-screen Suki turned around at the sound of the thump and gasped.

“Justin! Is your irresponsible girlfriend mistreating you?”

The real Suki glared at her on-screen persona.

“Don’t you give me that look! If you can’t take care of him, I suppose I’ll have to!” Cinematic Suki stepped forward and reached an enormous hand through the screen.

One hand alone completely filled the massive cinema. The other cinemagoers finally took note as fingers taller than they were brushed them aside. The index finger and thumb extended to the far end, reaching for Justin.

Unfortunately, cinematic Suki’s arm wasn’t quite long enough to reach all the way to the back of the theatre. Her arm flailed about as she pushed forward, the frame of the screen holding her back as her body pressed against it from the other side.

Retracting her arm in frustration, on-screen Suki grabbed at the curtains either side of her and pulled them back, then grasped the edges of the screen and forced them apart with a screech of protesting plastic. Her shoulder nudged the top of the screen further and further upwards, extending the ceiling of the building into the upper floors.

Cinematic Suki smiled in satisfaction at her cleverness and reached through again.

A much larger hand emerged this time, still in proportion with the screen and now with each fingertip larger than a person.

Behind the extending arm, cinematic Suki huffed in annoyance. Her arm could almost reach the sofa! But she wasn’t quite there yet…

Suki was utterly enthralled watching all of this. An entirely new plot twist, just for her! And the idea of her being so big… Suki filed that idea away for later.

“Stupid… tiny… frame!” Cinematic Suki groaned as she tried again to reach her mistreated boyfriend. “Why… won’t you… let me-“

Her voice cut off abruptly mid-rant as on-screen Boobee surged through the screen, filling the entire cinema and flattening every other couple in the cinema.

“A-ha!” Cinematic Suki proudly proclaimed. “Gotcha!”

But before the enormous digits closed around her boyfriend, Suki pulled her phone out from between her boobs and tapped it against the pad of cinematic Suki’s index finger. The massive hand rapidly contorted, sucked out of the cinema screen entirely, her enormous breasts completely demolishing the cinema and smearing the other couples into a fine paste on the surface of her tits. Moments later, a tiny Suki appeared on the phone screen, confused and furious.

The real Suki reached into the screen and plucked out an inch-tall version of herself, resting her in her cleavage.

“Aren’t you just the cutest!” Suki exclaimed.

“Put me back!” Cellphone Suki whined, clinging to the bikini straps for support. “Make me big again!”

“Nuh-uh!” Suki taunted. “You were trying to steal Justin! You have your own!”

“Only because you were being mean to him!” Cellphone Suki protested. “Look!”

Justin groaned from the floor and Suki gasped.

“Justin! Puppy, are you okay?”

“Suki, what’s…” Justine looked around, wondering what to ask first. “Why do you have a tiny version of yourself on your boobs?”

“Can I keep her?” Suki asked eagerly.

“…I don’t think that’s a good idea.” Justin slowly answered. “And where did all the other people go?”

“Oh! She was really rude! They’re all smushed on her boobs!” Suki pointed at the tiny smears of former people on Cellphone Suki’s hoodie. “Should I punish her for being mean to them?”

“Why don’t you fix the people first? I’m sure they’d like to go back to their normal shape. And size.”

“Got it!“ Suki grabbed each pair of splodges and tossed them across the theatre, into the wreckage of the seats. Their bodies popped back into shape when they landed, then expanded to their proper size. They would be confused, and possibly develop either a lifelong fear or fetish related to absurdly huge breasts, possibly both, but should otherwise be fine.

“All done!” Suki proudly beamed. “Now can I keep her?”

“Suki, she has a Justin of her own to go back to. You wouldn’t want to make them sad by separating them, would you? What would happen to your favourite movie if you took one of the stars away?”

Suki’s face crashed down in horror. She looked at Cellphone Suki with wide and teary eyes.

“Oh no!” Suki blurted out. “She has to stay with him! They have to make each other happy!”

With a final goodbye kiss, Suki threw her diminutive counterpart back into the cinema screen, growing her back to her original size in the process.

Unfortunately, given that cinematic Suki had stretched out the dimensions of her world, that left her at a relative third of her size compared to everything around her.

“Have fun with her!” Suki called out to cinematic Justin while tenderly kissing the cheek of her Justin. “Make sure you punish her a little bit though, she’s been a naughty girl! Use that big, fat, juicy monster cock of yours!”

Cinematic Justin lifted his two-foot tall cinematic girlfriend around her lower torso to squeals of delight from her. As he carried her into the house, the movie faded to black, showing only a brief glimpse of Suki’s family. Suki waved to her Mom, blew a kiss to her Dad, then stuck her tongue out at the imposingly tall, twin-tailed goth girl standing behind them. Eloise glared back at Suki, which made Suki giggle.

As the credits rolled, sounds of passionate lovemaking could be heard coming from off-screen.

Justin stood up just before his girlfriend could grab him, steadying himself on the broken chair in front of him.

"Well, I’m wide awake now. I feel like I’ve had enough sleep for a while month!”

“Does that mean we can have a month-long One Month-aversary date?” Suki seemed very excited by the prospect. “Then have our Two Month-aversary date straight after?”

Justin chuckled. “Maybe not quite that long. I still have work, after all.”

Suki scowled at the idea of this ‘work’ evil again. She’d have to find a way to defeat that soon.

“Maybe we could do something more active now? What do you think?"

“Oh!” Suki exclaimed. “The beach!”

At which point Suki grabbed Justin and they both disappeared.

What A Beach

Now Suki was dressed appropriately. Her overworked bikini strained as she bounced up and down on the sand. With each subsequent bounce, her landing became heavier, causing tremors to spread out from her. Suki’s entire body was getting excited and she couldn’t wait to play in the ocean.

Another young couple passing by had noted Suki’s excitement. Brett was huge and shredded, sporting a chiselled six-pack and wearing nothing but a pair of very revealing Speedos. Suki barely gave him a second glance though, given how obviously inferior to Justin he was.

No, what interested Suki was the girl with him.

Ciara, the girlfriend, was wearing an absolutely gorgeous two-piece bikini, with fabric that shone in varying shades of purple with every motion of her body. Suki’s hair copied its changes in colour as it too became entranced. Ciara herself was less on the adorable side of things and more on the aggressively attractive side. She was tall and tanned, showing off her taut tummy and sleek thighs, a complete juxtaposition to Suki’s comfy thickness. She was well-endowed, at least on the merely mortal level, and seemed to be enjoying the attention that Suki was paying her.

While Suki checked out the girl, Justin was arranging their towels on the beach while wearing a pair of incredibly revealing beach shorts. They were a vibrant, floral pair that left very little to the imagination and were evidently not suitable for someone as well-endowed as him. They certainly weren’t a pair that he owned or would ever choose to wear. Justin had no idea where either the shorts or towels had come from, but he assumed it was something to do with Suki. Justin carefully adjusted the shorts in an attempt to conceal his package, inadvertently catching the eyes of both Suki and Ciara.

While Suki simply smiled and turned her attention back to the new girl, Ciara seemed far more fixated on Justin’s obvious bulge. A wave of jealousy crossed her face before she looked back to Suki and resigned herself to the fact that the overly-excitable girl with the fattest tits she’d ever seen probably deserved to be with a guy who looked that good in shorts.

Briefly glancing back up, Justin caught an angered look on Brett’s face before rapidly shifting his gaze away to the ground. No sense in engaging with whatever was going through that guy’s head.

“That’s my spot,” Brett snarled, startling Justin out of his thoughts.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” Justin apologised. “I didn’t realise this was taken. I can move if you like.”

“Yeah,” Brett growled as he aggressively moved forward. “You’d like that, wouldn’t you? Get to show off, huh? Get to steal my girl away instead?”

“I, err, I have no intention of stealing your girl.” Justin slowly backed away, but that only seemed to antagonise the advancing, muscle-bound aggressor.

Suki, meanwhile, was still admiring Ciara. Suki had convinced her own bikini to mimic the shimmery pattern now, and it was so pretty! The girl had amazing style! Maybe they could trade outfits? Maybe they could do double dates? Were those a thing?

“Fucking liar.” Brett squared up to Justin, towering over him.

This time, when Justin went to move away, Brett threw a sucker punch and knocked Justin out cold.

A scream pierced the air and the sky went black.

When light returned to the world, Suki was knelt over Justin, cradling him against her chest.

And the man who had just knocked Suki’s boyfriend unconscious was restrained in a web of her hair.

Without even appearing to move, Suki was in front of Brett, his wrist pinched between her finger and thumb. Her hair snaked away from the appendage, leaving it just in Suki’s grip. Try as he might, it was impossible for Brett to move his hand even a millimetre.

Suki’s expression remained fixed in a furious scowl as slowly brought her digits together and crushed every bone in Brett’s right wrist.

“Oops,” Suki commented in a completely emotionless tone. “Did that hurt?”

Brett screamed bloody murder as his hand went limp. It dangled from the end of his arm, attached by skin and flesh alone.

"The fuck is wrong with you!?” He yelled between pained gasps. “You crazy bitch! Let me go!”

Suki cocked her head to the side.


This time, when he tried to pull his hand loose from Suki's grip, Suki helped him. She pulled back ever so slightly and Brett’s hand was ripped off his arm, leaving just a bleeding stump

“Oh no,” Suki lamented. “What a mess.”

With a callous smirk, she crumpled up Brett’s hand in her own and dropped the mangled wreck onto the sand.

“Guess you can’t punch anyone with that now,” Suki smirked.

The world darkened again and Suki’s hair retreated, leaving Brett to fall towards her in shock. His flailing body collided with her incredibly hard breasts, breaking his nose on her beyond-ample tits. His scream came out as a gurgle this time.

Wrapping one hand around the back of Brett’s head and preventing him from moving, Suki turned to Ciara.

“You’ve got some pretty bad taste in guys!” Suki smiled. “Did you still want him or can I have him?”

Ciara had watched the whole display with wide eyes. Brett had always had a temper. He’d gotten into more than a fair few fistfights before, even been arrested over some of them. What if he’d actually seriously injured someone this time?

“Yeah, he’s…” clarity bloomed on Ciara’s face “...actually a pretty terrible person.”

As if a haze over her life had been lifted, Ciara breathed an enormous sigh of relief, snorting as she exhaled at the ludicrous nature of it. Why had she even stayed with Brett for so long? She could do so much better! She could do something so much more worthwhile with her time! Like…

Like devoting herself to the goddess before her.

Ciara’s body temperature spiked as she realised the truth of it. Looking at Suki, it was blazingly obvious. Too obvious. Why didn’t anyone else see it? Ciara’s breath caught as she set her new purpose. Her body ached to serve Suki. To please Suki.

To pleasure herself to the thought of Suki.

Ciara slid away her shimmering bikini bottoms and promptly began fingering herself while she watched a goddess at work.

Suki smiled at Ciara before turning back to the monster in her grasp.

“A new toy…” Suki looked at Brett with a callous smile, squeezing him against her chest and threatening to shatter his ribcage.

“I want you to tell me everything you would have done to my sweet little Justin if you could have gotten away with it.” Suki’s expression went blank again as she whispered into his ear. “And don’t lie to me. If you do, this is going to be absolute torture for you.”

Brett was crying now, sobbing and screaming for his life.

"I wouldn't have done anything! I swear!"

He was lying.

“Liars get punished,” Suki whispered.

From Brett’s own mind, Suki brought forth a vision. The scenario that Brett himself had been about to enact before her intervention. A world in which Justin had died on the sand because this fucking brute had kicked his head in.

Suki let the vision play out, watching in unbridled rage as she saw Brett kick her love to death.

Then she tossed Brett into Justin’s place.

Now, Brett howled in agony as she felt the pain of the blows he was reigning down on himself. Every kick was accompanied by a crack as another rib broke and a silvery mist rose from Brett’s body. He looked up at Suki with existential terror in his eyes.

“Please!” Brett called out. “Please, stop it!”

“I’m not doing anything.” Suki shrugged. “You’re doing this all to yourself.”

Ignoring Brett beating himself to death, Suki carefully scooped Justin up in her arms and cuddled him gently. She kissed his forehead delicately and roused him with a final kiss on the lips.

“Oww,” Justin moaned. “Suki?”

“It’s okay, puppy. The bad man who tried to kill you is being dealt with.”

“Dealt with?” Justin turned to see a wrathful Brett brutalising a defenseless Brett, lying on the sand.

Justin’s eyes went wide. “Suki! Don’t kill him! Make him stop!”

Suki swallowed hard. “Okay.”

Both Bretts froze in place as Suki lowered Justin to the towel.

“But I’m going to destroy the version that would have killed you.”

Leaving the whimpering Brett where he was, Suki grabbed the version with bloodied fists and broken toes. Now making sure that the real Brett was watching, Suki pulled the vile, would-be murderer to her chest. Agonisingly slowly, Suki allowed her boobs to surround him. His skin flaked away to ash and his bones turned to powder as the force of her cleavage pressed hard enough against his body to dismantle it. The air in his lungs was removed and annihilated, allowing no more filthy lies to escape from his mouth.

The stain of a human being would have been perfectly willing to hurt Justin – to take him away from her forever. And he didn’t even care about his girlfriend either, who was so incredibly cute!

With her hands on Brett’s shoulders now, Suki began to slowly push downwards, compressing his body into her cleavage. His neck collapsed and his spine broke, but Suki wasn’t done yet. Her hair tangled itself around his legs, compacting his lower body upwards and inwards. More and more of the substance that made up Brett’s other self fell away as the husk of a man shrivelled closer and closer to non-existence.

Turning to the version of Brett weeping in the sand, Suki spoke.

“Do you think you’ll be a better person when I kill this version of you?” Suki shrugged. “Or maybe it’ll just leave you with an eternal terror of provoking the wrath of a goddess.”

With a final twist of Suki’s hair, she gathered the rest of the other Brett’s body into her hand and crushed the last remnants in her fist.

“There,” Suki smiled down at Brett with a look that chilled his very soul. “All gone! You’ll never be able to lie or even think of a violent thought again. Isn’t that nice?”

Moving her gaze to the cute girl masturbating openly in front of her, Suki beamed broadly, returning to her usual self.

“Aww, she’s so cute! Justin, can I keep her? I’ll take good care of her. And only if she wants to, of course!”

“Y-yes!” Ciara gasped as she climaxed. “Let her keep me! I need to be near her, please!”

"Suki, she’s a person,” Justin sighed, “not a pet. And even a pet is a big responsibility. You’d need to feed her three times a day and make sure her environment is suitable and enriching."

“Yes!” Ciara squealed. “I want that!”

With a smug look, Suki hefted one of her breasts. She knew that her Mom regularly let her Dad drink her milk and Suki had been practising to do the same with Justin.

Plus, her boobies were so much bigger than her Mom’s!

“I could feed the entire universe with these!” Suki boasted proudly. “Plus, she can choose where she lives. She could live in between my boobies – Mom does that with people sometimes – or in my hair, or in my bed. So many good places to live!”

"And how are you going to keep her from wasting away from boredom?" Justin asked.

“She can spend all day masturbating!” Suki exclaimed. “Look, she really likes doing it while thinking about me. And my boobies will give her enough energy to do it forever and ever and ever!”

Justin sighed. “That’s… not exactly a healthy life.”

“I want to serve Goddess Suki however I can!” Ciara proclaimed. “I can be her priestess!”

Suki cocked her head at Justin. “How about that then?”

"I… sure, you can have her as your priestess,” Justin conceded. “But give her a name, or ask her what she wants you to call her."

Suki glanced at the woman, who quivered in delight at merely being in Suki’s direct gaze.

“C-call me a-anything you w-want g-goddess…”

Suki pouted. “I want to know your name. Is it cute?”


“So cute! I’m gonna call you Kiki for short!”

Suki turned back to Justin.

“Can we take her home and play with her now? Pwease?”

"I think this is a good place to call it for this date. Are we going back to my place or yours?"

“I’m gonna show Kiki my roooom!” Suki sang as she grabbed Justin and Kiki, leaving Brett to deal with his mangled soul as he gurgled pitifully in pain on the sand.

In the next second, Justin was face-up on Suki’s enormous bed, lying next to her new priestess.

“One second!” Suki exclaimed as she flew through the wall and into another room.

While waiting for Suki, Justin tried to engage in some small talk with Ciara but quickly found she wasn't currently thinking of much outside of worship for Suki.

"Suki,” Justin called out, “are you going to start a religion? Because you have to tell me if you are."

“Maybe? I don’t know, I’ve never really cared about being worshipped before. That’s the kind of thing that Auntie M does, but Mom always said that finding your special someone and devoting yourself to them was more important.” Suki smiled as she thought of all the love she could laden onto Justin. “I think I’m going to worship you instead!”

"I don't really want to be worshipped either, how about you just love me?"

Suki poked her head through the wall directly above Justin. It could have been a trick of the light, but he could have sworn that Suki’s eyes had temporarily become heart-shaped. Before he could think on it any further though, Suki was piling kisses onto him as she emerged from the wall in a cute nightgown. Kiki started pouting, but Suki ignored her for now – it was kissy time with Justin!

“I” kiss “will” kiss “love” kiss “you” kiss “for” kiss “ever!” Kiss kiss kiss!

All worry, all pain, all stress, all negative emotion. All of it drained away from Justin. It was just Suki, making him the happiest he had ever been.

Just as he made her.

Now if only she could deal with that pesky ‘work’ thing…

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These are so cute. I appreciate how Suki only goes violent with the jerk who deserves it. Hope there's more of this coming!
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