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The Sandbox – Chapter 1

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Chapter 1: The Two Goddesses

September 2nd, 2018 9:04 PM
Boston, Massachusetts

Aphrodite strode confidently into a local pub and started fishing for a good looking man. She wasn’t looking for a relationship. She hadn’t been for a very, very long time. She just wanted someone to bring back to her house for a night of fun.

Even though Aphrodite was immortal and more powerful than all of the world’s armies, she still liked to live life as a normal woman. Or at least, as normal of a life as she could while knowing that she was also one of the two sexiest women that ever existed and ever will exist, with the only other woman being her sister Goddess. And although she took advantage of her irresistible looks to her heart’s content, always finding no shortage of ready and able men to satisfy her carnal urges, she only ever used her superpowers in ways that were fun for everyone involved, usually after she had gotten a man alone with her.

But before she could play with any of the mortals, she first had to lure in a participant the old-fashioned way.

She stepped inside the building and was greeted with the sounds of dozens of men and women engaging in loud conversations over blaring rock music. As she stepped closer to the bar to get a drink, she was pleased with the increasing number of men whose attention was instantly being drawn to her. Some of them even looked away from the women that they were already talking to, much to the other womens' annoyance.

But she couldn't blame them for staring. After all, both her and her sister had named themselves after goddesses of beauty for a reason.

Aphrodite had the face of top model with long blond hair that flowed down just a little bit past her shoulders and bright blue eyes that could practically hypnotize any man with only one glance. Below her face was one of the two most flawless bodies that ever existed and ever will exist, the other belonging to her sister.

She was of average height for a woman and had the slim body of a model actress. Her chest contained two of the most huge, round, and all-around flawless breasts in the universe. They looked almost disproportionately large compared to the rest of her slender figure. Her low-cut t-shirt was designed to draw as much attention to her desirable cleavage as possible, and she could tell that many of the men who were ogling her were staring specifically at the large round tits on her chest that seemed like they would burst through the thin fabric of her shirt at any moment.

Below her tantalizing bosom was a slim and sexy midriff that curved smoothly outward into a pair of magnificent hips with a fantastic round ass. The tight pair of shorts that she was wearing gave every patron in the pub an eyeful of her luscious thighs and the soft pair of slender legs that carried her fabulous body across the floor, all the way down to her sexy black heels adorning her petite feet.

She chose a spot at the bar with empty seats on either side of her. Before her sexy round bottom could even touch the seat, there was already an eager man sitting in each vacant chair next to her.

"Let me buy you a drink," the man to her left offered.

"You don't want him, girl," the man to her right shot back. "He'll buy a drink for anybody with a pair of tits! But not me. You're special."

She allowed the two men to fight over her for a moment. As they battled for her attention, she studied both men closely and had a hard time deciding which one she was going to play with tonight. They were both fairly tall and handsome and they both had some well-muscled bodies that clearly went to the gym on a regular basis. She looked down to her groins, seeing right through their trousers as if the fabric wasn’t even there. Both men were erect, and they seemed to both be of roughly equal size down there, as well. In the end, she mentally tossed a coin and simply decided on the spot.

"You," she said, pointing to the man on the left. The man in question smiled like a child who was looking under the tree on Christmas morning, while the man on her right walked away from the bar heartbroken.

"You made the right call, babe," her new plaything said. He was trying and failing to not stare at her chest as he spoke to her. "What's your name?"

"Aphrodite," she answered with a pleasant smile.

"Aphrodite..." the man repeated. "Named after the Greek goddess of beauty," he said, trying to impress her. "It’s a fitting name for you. I’m Sam."

"Wow," she replied, pretending to be impressed. "You're as smart as you are handsome, Sam."

He bought the compliment hook, line, and sinker. Her sensitive ears could hear the crashing of his heartbeat even through the cacophony of noise around her, and her enhanced brain quickly deduced that his heart rate was now at 165 beats per minute.

"What kind of drink would you like?" he asked her, pretending to be calm and confident when she already knew that he was anything but, much to her delight. She capitalized on his nervousness by leaning in close to him, rubbing her hand sensually across his back, and whispering into his face with the most seductive voice in the world.

“How about we just skip the drinks and go back to my place?”

She saw Sam start to tremble in his seat, she heard his heart rate increase to dangerous levels, and she could smell his sweat and even a little bit of precum under his jeans that started to leak out from nothing more than her words alone. “Okay,” was all that he could say through his nervous shaking.

And just like that, he was hers to do whatever she wanted with.


Her latest catch continued to be a nervous, quaking mess throughout the entire process of getting him back to the woman’s home. He couldn’t even bring himself to speak during the walk to her car, or the entire drive home.

But once they were home, Aphrodite’s expensive-looking house was enough to finally snap him out of it. It was one of their larger houses, three stories tall and with plenty of additional rooms that could be repurposed into whatever they felt like at any given time.

“You live here by yourself?” her new friend gawked.

“This is just one of many houses we own,” Aphrodite responded.

“‘We?’” Sam questioned.

“Me and my sister,” she explained.

“You have a sister?” he asked. “Is she as gorgeous as you-” he suddenly stopped himself. “Wait no, who am I kidding?? There is no way that ANYBODY could be as gorgeous as you!”

“Actually, we look almost identical,” Aphrodite explained. “The only difference between us is that she has green eyes and red hair. But her body is just as flawless as mine is.” She ran a finger down the side of her hips just to tease him with just how perfect her body was.

“Can I meet her?” he asked, nearling drooling over the thought of being with TWO women as perfect as the one in front of him.

Aphrodite gave him a wry smile. “Trust me,” she chuckled. “You do NOT want to meet my sister.”

The beautiful woman led Sam into their house, through the living room, and up the stairs to her favorite bed chamber. She intentionally swayed her hips with each step that she took as Sam followed her. The man’s heart rate, which had almost calmed down to normal levels, quickly started to pick up again, and Aphrodite could smell his arousal. Without breaking her stride for a moment, she looked over her shoulder and saw that his eyes were as wide as dinner plates as they tracked the hypnotic movement of her plump rear. His eyes were literally swaying left and right in the same rhythm as her hips, completely unable to look away. He was utterly hypnotized. She couldn’t help but smile to herself at the complete and utter ease with which she could manipulate men’s hormones.

“Well, here we are,” Aphrodite announced, opening the door to the bedroom. There were several dimly-lit lamps that revealed a room that only had two prominent features in it. The first was a massive king-sized bed with blood red sheets and about a dozen pillows of different shapes and sizes. It was specifically engineered to be as alluring as it possibly could be. After all, Aphrodite didn’t need sleep. She only used the bed for sex and nothing else.

The second major feature in the room was a life-sized metal statue of an African Elephant. Her guest didn’t even question the out-of-place statue. In fact, his brain seemed to practically shut down all rational thinking when Aphrodite locked the door shut behind them.

“Now then,” Aphrodite sauntered over to the man. “Allow me to explain to you just how lucky you are right now.”

She grabbed him by the front of his shirt with one hand. Then she lifted the man up off of the floor and into the air with that one hand. Aphrodite knew that the man was precisely 7.877 inches taller than her and 93.211 pounds heavier than her, but that meant absolutely nothing to a woman like her. She barely even felt his weight as she hoisted the larger man up into the air with one single slender arm. Then she activated her flight powers, levitating upwards until all four of their feet were off the floor.

“What…?” Sam asked dumbly once he finally realized they were both floating. “What the- Oh god, what’s happening?””

“Relax…” she pulled his body closer to her and whispered sensually into his face. “I have everything under control. I am one of the two Goddesses of this world, after all.”


"That's right. Here, let me show you." Aphrodite flew both of them across the room and landed on the ground in front of the elephant statue. The life-sized statue towered over them. It was three feet wide and ten feet tall.

“Try moving it,” Aphrodite told him. The man was too stunned to respond for a moment, given everything that had happened just now. Aphrodite gave him a warm and encouraging smile, showing him all of her flawless white teeth. “Please? Try and move it for me?”

Her irresistible charms made him obey immediately. He turned towards the massive statue and pushed against it with all of his might. His arms shook and his veins throbbed as he put everything he had into the task.

The statue didn’t move a hair.

“Of course you can’t move it. It’s made out of pure lead,” Aphrodite explained. She then grabbed hold of the man with one hand, lifted him up into the air once again, and flew upwards. His weight didn't slow her down in the slightest. She set the man down on top of the huge statue, and he straddled his legs around its body, much like how someone would ride a real elephant.

Aphrodite then flew over towards the front of the statue. Still hovering about a foot above the gargantuan piece of metal, she reached down and wrapped one slender hand around the elephant's trunk. Then, with only a couple fingers gripping the huge statue, the flying blond slowly floated further upwards.

The massive statue, along with the man on top of it, started to rise up off of the floor.

“This statue weighs about seven tons,” she explained casually, making a show out of just how effortless it was for her to dangle the weight from only one of her feminine hands. “That’s a little more than five average cars, just for reference. And it’s not even close to the heaviest thing that I’ve lifted. But I can't fit a military aircraft carrier in my bedroom, so this statue is the heaviest thing that I could use as a decoration-slash-demonstration. Makes sense, right?”

Her guest was utterly speechless. Sam just stared in total shock at the sight of her floating in thin air and casually dangling the weight of more than five cars in her single hand. She flew back down to the ground again and lowered the impossibly heavy (well, for him anyways) statue back down onto the floor and sat down on top of the elephant's head. Then, she crawled seductively towards the speechless man, dragging her crotch sensually along the statue as she closed the distance between them, maintaining a sultry and lustful stare all the while. The man’s heart was pounding in his chest once again, although most of his blood was being sent directly to his throbbing reproductive organ, which was now at full mast.

“My sister and I are as old as the universe itself,” Aphrodite explained as she inched ever closer to her man. “We hold more knowledge than all of the world’s libraries and we are more powerful than any mere mortal can comprehend.”

And then, Aphrodite began a little speech that she came up with; a speech that she had given to millions of other men before she started to have her fun with them.

“One definition of the word ‘toy’ is ‘an object, especially a gadget or machine, regarded as providing amusement for an adult.’ Well, mortal men are nothing but toys to me. You are a toy. Whenever I get bored, I reach into my bottomless toy chest known as 'Earth' and dig around for a bit until I find an object whose sole purpose of existence is to provide me with some entertainment: A man. A toy.

“But unlike my sister, I take good care of my toys. So much so that, after playing with them for a night, they don’t even mind the fact that I think of them as nothing more than playthings. In fact, many of them like it when I talk to them that way. And there’s one simple reason why that is: Every time I play with a toy, I make sure that he has just as much fun as I do. And I even reverse our roles for a bit and let my toys play with me for a little while, if they so desire. Just to make sure that we’re all having fun together. Which reminds me… There is one more thing about me that you need to know.”

She then grabbed Sam by the shirt once again and, with a casual flick of her slender wrist, threw the 250-pound man all the way to the other side of the room, in the direction of her luxurious bed. While the man was still soaring through the air, she flew to the bed at superspeed, stripped off all of her clothes, and laid down flat on her back before Sam was even halfway there. But eventually, her sex toy for the evening landed perfectly on top of her. He looked briefly dazed by his recent flight across the room. But very quickly, he noticed the flawless naked woman underneath him and literally gasped out loud at the sight of her erotic naked perfection in all of its natural glory.

“...I’m also completely indestructible,” she continued. “And I’m going to start off the night by giving my latest toy the privilege of playing with me, first. Right now, I am your toy. And I’m an unbreakable toy.”

She pulled the man closer to the bed her until their faces were touching, and her hot breath wafted over his face as she concluded her speech with an utterly naughty smile.

“So you can be as rough. As. You. Wan- yep, you’re about to cum already.”

After all of her teasing, the mere sight of Aphrodite’s perfect naked body was enough to push him towards an orgasm. Her enhanced vision looked straight through his trousers and saw every cell of skin on his member twitching and undulating, building up for an imminent ejaculation.

But before it could happen, Aphrodite moved at superspeed, tore of all of her toy’s clothes, placed both hands on his bare ass, and shoved his dick all the way inside of her. The man once again looked flustered by how so much had happened in the blink of an eye. It took him another half of a second to notice that he was suddenly naked and inside of her, and he seemed to have no idea how it happened.

“Superspeed,” Aphrodite answered his unspoken question. “You’re inside of me, now. What are you going to do about it, big man?”

He came with a loud groan as he erupted in a shattering orgasm, shooting his sperm deep inside of one of the sexiest women that ever existed and ever will exist. After he was done, he pathetically flopped forward on top of her, utterly exhausted. Even though he had barely done anything, Aphrodite had been giving his heart a constant workout for the past twenty minutes merely by being in his presence, and all it took was a single ejaculation to tire himself out completely.

“I have unlimited stamina,” Aphrodite started talking casually. “That’s why, as a rule, I usually let my toys have a chance to play with me first. And I just let them play until they tire themselves out. And then after that... “ She grabbed the toy by his shoulders and rolled both of them over so that she was on top of him. She then used a very different tone of voice for what she had to say next.

“...After that, I get to be in charge for the rest of the night,” she growled in his face like a wild, hungry animal as she stared down at his well-muscled body. “Now, it’s time for me to play.”

She grabbed the back of his head with one hand and shoved his face into one of her large round breasts. He groaned in ecstasy as his face was forcefully shoved into her massive mound of flesh. He tried to move his head away a little bit so that he could breathe better, but her hand held him immovably in place, pressing him more firmly into her naked tit than he probably ever thought possible. She began to stroke her erotic round breast with the man’s face, and her huge pink nipple occasionally brushed past Sam’s lips.

In less than ten seconds, Aphrodite’s toy was hard once more. Not wanting him to blow his load too early again, she decided not to waste any time. She yanked his face away from her magnificent tit and let him gulp down some air before planting a single finger on his chest and shoving him down onto his back with enough force to drive all the air from his lungs. Then she immediately started to ride him, gently at first, but quickly increasing the speed and force of her thrusts until Sam eventually found his tall and muscular body being viciously thrown around by the hips of a woman who was much smaller but also much, much stronger than him.

Aphrodite relished in the absolute power that she had over him. She was being as rough as she possibly could be without shattering her toy's bones like glass beneath her thighs. Her smooth and curvy legs pumped her up and down his shaft like steel pistons and each thrust of her slim and sexy hips forced Sam's entire body deep into the bed. Aphrodite's unrivaled strength, combined with the speed and intensity with which she was riding him, was throwing her man around like a limp rag doll as Aphrodite proceeded to screw him senseless against the bed sheets. The constant movement of her hips was causing the entire bed to slam into the wall over and over again as she repeatedly impaled herself on her playtoy, ramming him at speeds and forces that no other woman could achieve.

Sam was completely overwhelmed by her superhuman love-making and quickly reached another orgasm. Aphrodite was starting to build up to her own climax, but she needed more. Noticing that her toy’s penis was starting to deflate, she quickly took action to get it hard again.

She cupped her hand around her toy’s chin, gently so as not to crush his jawbone to powder, and stood up straight, effortlessly lifting him up onto his feet with her single slender hand. Then she tossed him lightly up into the air; only a couple of inches. But before he hit the ground again, she gently blew on him. The sudden rush of air from her lips, more powerful than the strongest tornado, hurled his entire body away from her and was immediately pinned against the wall by nothing other than her breath.

She walked towards the trapped hunk, easing up on her exhalation as she closed the distance, until she finally stopped blowing altogether and reached out a hand, pinning him to the wall with her fingertips, instead.

“How… how many powers do you have…?” her toy wheezed.

“Enough,” Aphrodite replied simply before pulling his face back into her huge breasts once again. Only this time, she stuck his face in between her two soft mounds. Then she let go of his head, placed one hand on each one of her tits, and squeezed them together. She only used a small fraction of her inhuman strength, not wanting to pop his skull like a grape. But she squeezed the man’s head with enough power to utterly trap him inside of her cleavage. Then, she decided to show off by flying up into the air, effortlessly lifting the 250-pound man up towards the ceiling with nothing but her two slim hands squeezing his head in between her two incredible breasts. She still hardly even felt his weight. The man’s legs flailed around uselessly in the air and his penis started to grow once again at the incredible display of power and sexuality that he was being subjected to. Occasionally, she lightly swung his body into the wall to show him just how much power she had over the weak little mortal.

When she finally pulled Sam’s face away from its erotic prison and held his body up against the wall, his face had a dizzy, love-drunk expression from the arousing experience, even as he gasped for air. His member was already back to full mast. She let him catch his breath for another second, and then she dropped him, but he only fell about three feet before she thrust her hips forward and pinned his face to the wall with her crotch.

He was too exhausted to pleasure her in any way, but it didn’t matter. Aphrodite enjoyed the sensation of his hot breath inside of her intimacy, and she was getting turned on enough by the mere fact that her slim and sexy body could pin a man’s large and sexy body against a wall high off of the floor with nothing but her cunt. She could feel herself growing closer and closer to orgasm. Occasionally, she would even grind her hips up and down the wall, dragging the helpless man up and down along with her hips as effortlessly as if she were moving a piece of paper.

Aphrodite continued to play with him like this for a brief momebt before she decided to simply drop him. He comically flopped down onto the bed and tried to catch his breath once again. Meanwhile, Aphrodite slowly descended from above him in an intentional display of grace and power. But soon her slender body sank back into the bed, once again on top of her tall and muscular playtoy. She was burning with lust and was more than ready to finally scratch the growing itch that had been building inside of her.

“No…” the man suddenly said, still panting for breath from the brief but intense sex he was just subjected to. “I don’t think I can go again right now.”

“...What?? Oh, come on!” she pleaded, utterly shocked. He seemed so eager to keep going! And even though Aphrodite could have easily taken him against his will and there would have been nothing he could have done about it, she never liked doing that to her men. She couldn’t properly enjoy herself without his consent. “Please,” she begged him. “I’m so close. Just hold on a little bit longer. Please, can you do that for me?”

The man underneath her looked at Aphrodite's godlike naked body straddling him and quickly made up his mind. “Okay, okay,” he relented. “Go ahead and finish.”

“Thank you thank you thank you!!” Her hips smashed into him with the force of a freight train. Once again, she took him repeatedly against the bed. Once again, her soft and slim body was throwing the man’s much larger frame around wildly with her superhuman might. Once again, the bed shook with the earth-shattering force of her coitus. Once again, her huge breasts bounced up and down on her chest as she continued to mercilessly pound the man against the mattress with her superior, flawless body.

A fire was lit inside of her and she felt it growing in intensity with every passing second. She noticed that her pert rear was leaving some mild bruises on Sam’s pelvis, but he didn’t seem to be complaining, so she kept going. The wooden supports underneath the bed started to creak and snap with increasing volume and frequency until, with a harsh CRACK, the bed split in half. The two of them suddenly sank to the floor as the bed collapsed. Sam hit one final orgasm, but barely anything came out this time. But Aphrodite finally felt herself going over the edge. An immense pressure was quickly building inside of her, so she rode him just a little bit harder to bring out her long-awaited climax. Sam clenched the bed sheets with white knuckles and his eyes started to roll back into his skull, but Aphrodite finally reached her orgasm.

She threw her head back as a massive wave of pleasure exploded in her groin and quickly spread throughout every cell of her perfect body. She rocked herself back and forth, dragging the man inside of her along for the ride as she became lost in a sea of pleasure.

When she finally came down from her mammoth climax, she quickly noticed that her bed was completely destroyed, and her toy was completely unconscious. “Thanks,” she smiled at his limp figure. “That was a lot of fun.” She picked the large man up off the bed with one hand and draped his huge frame over her shoulder. Then, she got to her feet and carried the large man out of her destroyed bedroom. She carried him all the way to the living room and dropped his sweaty body onto the couch, throwing a blanket over the spent toy as he slept soundly. She laid down on another couch and sank into the leather, relishing in the aftermath of what she had just experienced.

“That’s three beds this week,” she chuckled to herself.

13 minutes and 34 seconds.

“Never mind. Just two,” she smiled even more widely at the exact moment in time that her sister suddenly surged into her brain. “This day just keeps getting better.” Aphrodite’s perfect memory recalled exactly where she was 13 minutes and 34 seconds ago. At that exact moment, she was in her car with her latest toy, and they were about halfway to her house.

As fun as this night was, she didn’t want to live the exact same evening again, so she picked a better time for her. Eventually, she found the exact moment when there were two different men at the bar fighting for her, and she chose that moment.

28 minutes and 50 seconds, Aphrodite responded.

28 minutes and 50 seconds, her sister agreed.

“Well, thanks for the great time!” Aphrodite said goodbye to the unconscious man on her couch. She silently wondered what kind of trouble her sister had to undo this time as she allowed her consciousness to be shot back in time.


September 2nd, 2018 9:08 PM
Miami, Florida

Venus followed a waiter to her table at the new Italian restaurant that had only recently opened. Her brief walk turned the heads of every man in the building, and she could hear the hushed conversations of several different waiters whispering at a distance that they all thought was out of earshot. But she could hear them even more clearly than an average man could hear someone screaming right in front of him.


“Damn, indeed…”

“Do you think she’s single?”

“With a body like that? No way…”

“Those tits can’t be real. There’s no way…”

Venus couldn’t help but grin. She was no stranger to drawing this many lustful gazes. After all, her face was perfect, her breasts were perfect, her waist was perfect, her hips were perfect, her butt was perfect, and her legs were perfect. Men always found her body to be completely and utterly irresistible, and the brief reminder of that fact made her mind start to wander as she sat at the table.

While three different waiters fought with each other over who would take her order, she was contemplating whether or not she should have some fun inside of the restaurant. After all, the entire universe was nothing more than a playground for her and her sister to play in. The mortal men who inhabited the earth were utterly inconsequential, as far as she was concerned. They all came and went in the blink of an eye to her.

But even if men had somehow gained immortality, her opinion of mankind wouldn’t change. Because an average man’s strength, speed, durability, reflexes, senses, memory, and literally everything else was completely and utterly pathetic compared to a being such as herself. Her power over them was absolute. And the buildings and cities around them were no less fragile than the people who lived in them. Venus could tear everything down and build a new world if she really wanted to, and it would be easy.

She truly believed with every fibre of her being that Earth only existed to entertain herself and her goody two-shoes sister. Absolutely nobody else on the entire planet mattered.

A handsome young waiter approached her table and bowed slightly. “Good afternoon, ma’am. My name is Brian and I will be serving you today. Would you like to order a drink?”

Thinking about her unchallenged superiority of the world must have made Venus horny, because she studied his pretty face with an increasing urge to simply have her way with the man in front of her, despite the dozens of eyes that were all around her.

She met in the middle and decided to simply tease him. “Yes, I’m actually very thirsty right now,” she smiled seductively at the waiter. “You look good. Do you go to the gym?” Her words had an immediate effect on the man. His eyes grew wider, his breathing grew heavier, and his pants grew tighter.

“I… umm…” he stammered nervously as he stared at her chest.

“Oh, what the hell,” Aphrodite decided, getting up to her feet. “I think that I’ll skip lunch and have you for desert.” She put one slender hand on the man's throat, lifted him up off of the floor, and threw him onto her table. She pinned him against the wood and jumped up to join him, straddling her shapely legs over his prone body and staring down at him hungrily.

“Whoa, hey! Stop!!” the man started to yell in confusion. “What are you doing??” His cries, combined with the raunchy position that the two of them were in, was very quickly drawing the attention of everybody in the restaurant.

“Hey, what’s going on here?” the manager entered the scene, quickly making his way towards Venus and her newly-acquired toy.

“I’m going to have sex with this man,” Venus replied simply. “Come any closer and you die.”

“Okay. I’m going to have to ask you to leave,” the manager said as he took another step closer to the two of them. Everybody’s eyes were on Venus as she turned towards the advancing man and focused her vision, producing red beams of heat from her eyes that instantly turned the man into ashes.

The restaurant descended into chaos. Every man, woman and child screamed and scrambled for the door, pushing and shoving each other out of the way as they tried to get away from the superwoman as quickly as possible. The man that was trapped underneath said superwoman was no less frantic than the frightened crowd. “Oh god, what did you do to him??” he screamed over the bedlam. “Oh my god!!” The noise quickly drew out all of the other staff members, nine in total, all of whom looked scared and confused by the screaming they heard.

“What’s going on here??” one of the cooks asked.

“Get away from her!” Venus’ man yelled out from underneath her. By now, he was fighting with all of his might to get away from the woman, but her slender arms held him immovably in place, right where she wanted him. She didn't even feel his attempts to overpower her. “She’s some kind of monster!” he screamed.

“You should listen to my new pet,” Venus nonchalantly turned towards the bewildered staff. “You should leave us. Right now.”

“What…? The man answered dumbly, still hopelessly confused by everything. “Who…? Why…?”

Venus was starting to lose her patience, so she simply forced them from the building herself by pursing her lips and exhaling in her direction. Every fork, knife, napkin, menu, and human being sailed through the air from the hurricane-like force that came from the woman’s mouth, until every man in the restaurant was violently blown straight through the glass windows and into the streets, leaving Venus was all alone with her man.

“That’s better,” the Goddess smiled sweetly. “Alone at last.” She quickly started to tear his clothes off, her soft and feminine hands ripping his shirt, pants, and underwear to shreds as if they were made out of wet toilet paper.

“Wh-wh-what are you doing?” he asked fearfully. He seemed to have already given up on trying to fight her and just laid there in shock as Venus stripped him naked.

Venus rolled her eyes. “Didn’t you hear what I told your former boss?” she asked. “I’m going to have sex with you.” She took off her dress and tossed it to the side. Brian’s eyes widened at the sight of the Goddess wearing nothing but a black pair of panties and a matching black lace bra. Then she unhooked her bra and tossed that aside as well, letting her phenominally large and round assets dangle freely in front of him. For a brief moment, the confusion and fear that the man was feeling was entirely replaced by lust as he stared with wide eyes at her huge breasts, slim waist, curvy hips, and shapely legs. Venus knew without a doubt that she had the most flawlessly erotic body that he had ever seen in his entire life. Venus removed her panties and watched as all of her pet’s survival instincts were drowned out by her overwhelming sexuality.

Venus noticed that he was fully erect and getting more turned on by the second. She licked her lips with anticipation and laid down flat on top of him, wrapping her arms and legs all around his trapped body, and aligning her warm, smooth crotch with his erect member.

Then, she squeezed her soft and slim arms with enough force to violently crush his mortal body against her own as she impaled herself on him. “Oh god!” he screamed, suddenly fighting back against her once again. “You’re hurting me!” He tried to pry her off of him once again. Venus could tell that the man's adrenaline kicked in and his arms fought as hard as they could to save himself from the soft and slim woman on top of him and the otherworldly might with which Venus' perfect body was pressing against him. His face was turning red and sweat was dripping down his forehead from his efforts to free himself.

Still, Venus couldn't even feel his pointless struggles as she continued to pound him against the table. He was just as weak and pathetic as every other man on the planet. Even if her latest toy had an army of a thousand other toys, it would have made absolutely no difference. Venus always got what she wanted.

Venus’ thick thighs were quickly leaving bruises on his pelvis as she took him again and again. Her large and erotic breasts pressed against the man’s chest until they compressed themselves to the point where the femine flesh began to overpower his skin, muscles, and even bones. Her breasts, the softest part of her entire body, started to crush him. The man’s chest was quickly turning black and blue under the pressure, and he couldn’t even breath as her unwavering tits started to press into him hard enough to make his ribs bend, all while her soft warm crotch mercilessly smashed his lower body against the table each time her curvy hips came down on him and forced his dick inside of her, over and over and over again.

"Mmmm…" Venus moaned in pleasure. "Ahh…"

The man curled his hands into fists and started to hit her in a blind panic, repeatedly striking her hips, her arms, and her face. He bruised his hands against her soft and padded hips, then bruised them even more against her slightly less padded arms. But when he punched her face as hard as he could, Venus heard the familiar crunch of several different bones breaking once his fist made contact with her face. He screamed in pain. But Despite his best efforts, the man's attacks just felt like pleasant caresses to her. Venus barely even registered his futile attempts to hurt her and simply continued to have her way with him.

Despite the immense amounts of pain that her disposable toy was probably experiencing, it wasn’t long before he shot his load. He was completely powerless to resist her overpowering eroticism, just as he was equally unable to resist her superhuman might in any way whatsoever. Venus was starting to get into it, now. Nothing turned her on more than hurting men with her limitless power while also making them horny for her at the same time with her limitless sexual appeal. It was the ultimate feeling of power. She knew, without a doubt, that she had absolute control over the man beneath her. He was hers. And her new pet reached his climax while Venus was only starting to get going. Once he was finished, she relaxed her hold on him and let him breath for a brief moment, staring down at his broken and bruised body.

“That was a nice appetizer,” Venus said. “But I think I’m ready for the main course, now.” She laughed at her own joke and watched the man’s face morph into an expression of pure, concentrated horror when he realized that she was only getting started.

Venus picked him up by his armpits and flew both of them up into the air, his weight not slowing her down in the slightest as they ascended. The man looked down in shock as she levitated both of them off of the floor. “Oh yeah,” she smiled playfully. “I can fly, too. Surprise!” In a flash, she flew both of them across the restaurant and pinned the sex toy to a wall by pressing one of her round breasts against his face with enough pressure to immediately make him start howling in pain. He lashed out at her again, kicking her with both of his legs and punching her with his unbroken hand. His screams of anguish were almost completely muffled by her huge tit pressing against his skull. His blows continued to have absolutely no effect on her, but his hand and his feet continued to feel more and more pain as they struck her indestructible naked body.

Using only one hand, Venus grabbed her toy's right hand by the wrist, and then his left. She pinned both of his wrists to the wall with one hand, holding his hands right above his head. She pulled her body away from him and simply allowed him to struggle for a minute. He was kicking and screaming and trying with all of his might to free both of his arms and growing increasingly frantic as he noticed just how immovable her single hand was against both of his arms combined.

“Why are you even bothering anymore?” Venus taunted him. “I know that mortal men are stupid, but surely you can tell that I'm much, much stronger than any man can ever hope to be!” She flew a little higher, dragging the man’s helpless body up the wall with only one hand on his trapped wrists. “Or maybe you can’t tell. I guess you’ll just have to take my word for it when I say that I can throw an armored tank all the way to the moon with one arm behind my back. I am a Goddess. And I’ve decided that I want you, so now I’m going to have you, and there’s nothing you can do about it. It’s as simple as that." She grabbed the back of the man’s head and started to caress her breast with his face, maneuvering his entire body around as if he was made out of styrofoam.

He wasn’t fighting her anymore. It seemed that her message got through to him. Her huge breast crushed his head with enough force to break his nose and her hard pink nipple cut his lip. Even as she was damaging her toy more and more, he was fully erect for her once again in no time at all. There was absolutely nothing that the man could do to resist her. “That’s a good man,” she smiled sadistically at the broken husk of a human being. She pulled her suffocating chest away from his face and saw that, in addition to the blood flowing from his nose and lip, there was another type of fluid leaking from his eyes. The man was actually crying!

“Oh, don’t be such a baby,” Venus chided. “I’m probably going to reset this timeline anyways. Nobody will have any memory of this, so you might as well try to enjoy yourself.”

Her sensitive ears started to pick up the sound of several police sirens a couple blocks from the restaurant and closing in fast. “Oops! We’re almost out of time!” she announced. “Like I said, you should just enjoy the ride while you can. I know that I will!”

"Please..." the beaten and broken man wheezed. "Please stop..."

"Hmm..." Venus pretended to think about it. "No."

And with that, she once again began to screw the helpless man just like she did before, only instead of riding him on top of a dinner table, she was using her divine strength and her flight powers to take him against the wall, high up off of the floor.

She could feel herself quickly reaching her climax, so she started to pound him even harder. Her battered and broken toy had long since given up on fighting against her. She closed her eyes and focused on the sensations inside of her, ignoring the fact that her hips were fracturing the man’s weak pelvis and her huge breasts were snapping his fragile ribs one by one. She only focused on the organ that she was forcing inside of her, until…

...the organ started to deflate.

“Oh, come on!” Venus snarled in frustration. She opened her eyes and glared at the man. “Don’t you dare-” she quickly trailed off once she realized that the man was already dead. He had died just before she could reach her climax.

“God damn it!!” she screamed in frustration and threw the man down onto the floor like a football playing spiking the ball into the endzone. The corpse exploded into a gory mess on impact, splashing quite a bit of his blood onto her body. She was positively seething with frustration.

“Police!” a megaphone shouted from outside of the building. “Come out with your hands in the air!”

Venus stormed over to the front entrance and kicked the doors open, blowing both doors clean off their hinges and embedding themselves in the brick building across the street. There were four cops. Three had their guns drawn and were taking shelter behind their squad cars, while the one with the megaphone was standing out in the open.

All four officers were momentarily unsure of what to do. Venus wasn’t sure what the 911 calls sounded like, but it was clear that the cops weren’t expecting to see a feat of superhuman strength being performed by the sexiest woman in the universe, completely naked and covered in someone else’s blood.

After a moment, the cop with the megaphone recovered from his shock. “Hands where I can see them!” he demanded.

Unfortunately for him, Venus was now in a very bad mood. She blasted him with a gust of freezing cold breath from her lungs, instantly turning every cell in the man’s body into ice. Then she hit him with her normal superbreath, sending his frozen body flying through the air and exploding into hundreds of pieces against the brick building on the other side of the street.

The other three cops all opened fire at her out of pure fear. She simply stood there and impatiently waited for them to all run out of ammo. To her, the bullets were moving unbearably slowly. She could have easily dodged them all, or even caught every single piece of metal in the air with her bare hands and thrown them all back at the cops at ten times the speed that their useless weapons could manage. But she always thought that it was more fun to just stand still and watch their reactions. 

Most of the shots hit her, but all of their bullets bounced harmlessly off of her skin. Many of them hit her exposed breasts, pressing deeply into her erotic mounds before the skin became more dense than the metal, and each bullet ended up squashing against her huge breasts before bouncing off of her chest without leaving a single mark anywhere on her womanly assets. One bullet even hit her directly in her open eye. The bullet bounced off her eyeball just as harmlessly as all of the other bullets. She didn’t even blink. The cops eventually quickly ran out of ammo and stared at her unharmed body with the look of complete horror that Venus was hoping for. It simply never got old.

“We need backup!” one cop shouted into his radio.

“Don’t bother,” Venus spat. She rushed to another one of the cops at superspeed and gave him a swift uppercut. His body rocketed into the sky so far that even her enhanced vision lost site of his corpse. Then she ran to one of the parked squad cars that one of the officers was cowering behind. She lifted one of her slender legs, planted her bare foot on the side of the car and gave a gentle kick that threw the 2,000-pound vehicle down the street at high speeds, bowling over the unsuspecting policeman and leaving a red smear on the asphalt as the car continued to roll further and further down the road from her gentle little kick. She then became a speeding blur once again as she ran up to the last officer remaining. She put her petite hand underneath the back bumper of the car he was hiding behind. She was about to throw the vehicle into the sky with one arm when she suddenly got a better idea.

The cop backed away in fear as she leapt onto the back of the squad car and literally sat down right on top of the car’s trunk. She fired a blast of her heat vision directly into the car’s gas tank, and the whole car erupted into a spectacular ball of fire. Her round bottom took the brunt of the incredible shockwave. The explosion pleasantly caressed her her pussy lips and the dried blood on her body started to catch fire as the harsh flames harmlessly tickled her, not leaving a single mark anywhere on her perfect skin.

After that soothing experience left her feeling slightly calmer and significantly hornier, she jumped back down and closed in on the last terrified policeman. She quickly noticed two things about him. First, his face was almost as handsome as the man she had just killed in the restaurant. And second, his police training gave him a much nicer set of muscles than the man that had just failed to satisfy her.

“Good enough for me,” she quickly decided, making her way towards the officer. “Come here, you.” Naked, horny, and still very much on fire, she tore off all of the cop’s clothes and threw him onto the ground, quickly climbing on top of him and holding him in place with only a couple of fingers on his chest. He screamed in pain as the flames on her body started to singe his exposed skin, and then he screamed even louder when she started to ride him even more aggressively than she did with the deceased waiter.

Like always, the man tried with all of his might to get her off of him. Like always, he then tried to hit her after he failed to move her. Like always, she barely even noticed, while his hands were being badly damaged from striking her.

And like always, Venus ignored his struggles and kept going.

The man’s pelvis was quickly fractured and then shattered under the unstoppable battering of her round hips, smashing him into pulp against the asphalt road. But it only lasted for a couple of seconds before Venus achieved her climax at long last, throwing her head back and erupting in a blinding wave of euphoria as her entire body was rocked with pleasure.

And then, silence.

In less than twenty minutes, a man inside of the new Italian restaurant had been reduced to a horrific and bloody mess, one cop had been shattered into hundreds of frozen pieces, another cop was probably up in space somewhere, a third cop was nothing but a red smear on the road, one squad car was burning brightly, and the final cop’s entire lower body (aside from his penis) had been smashed down to the width of a ribbon, and his blood and guts were spilling onto the road all around him.

“Ahhhhhhhhh…” Venus sighed contently, laying flat on her back with her hands behind her head as she basked in the fantastic afterglow of her latest romp. “That hit the spot…”

A police chopper started circling overhead. She simply let it be and gave the lucky officer a nice long look at her flawless naked body lying there on the pavement, showing off her invulnerability to the men on board as the flames licking at her exposed skin began to light up a new source of blood between her legs. Her sensitive ears quickly picked up on the fact that the cops in the chopper were actually looking in horror at the carnage around her, rather than the work of art that was her body. His loss, she thought.

As the excitement of the night started to die down, Venus eventually decided that it was time to use her last remaining power that she hadn’t used tonight.

Personally, Venus never found it very fun to take advantage of the men of Earth if all of them already knew that she was unstoppable Goddess. She always found it much more enjoyable when she was able to surprise them with her powers and snuff out their hopes of escape right before her eyes, rather than having every man in the world know that she was completely unopposable from the very start.

Her sister agreed, albeit in an entirely different way. Aphrodite liked being able to use her powers to surprise mortal men in a nice way, for some reason. She always said that “pleasure is relative, and pleasure is shared.” The part about relativity made sense to her. Being railed by a surpremly beautiful woman was probably a lot more arousing if the man discovered her limitless power in the middle of the process, as opposed to discovering it long beforehand. But Aphrodite also said that the more pleasure you give a man, the more you will receive from one, which never made sense to Venus. Whenever she got her hands on a new man, she just used him however she wanted, and that always suited her just fine.

Regardless, both Goddesses agreed that their lives were exponentially more fun if nobody on the planet knew about their powers, with the exception of the many key figures of the world’s governments that kept their existence a secret, but that was another story.

So, in order to keep the world exactly the way as it was, she decided to turn back time a few minutes. She thought back to the exact moment in time when she started to tease the handsome waiter and, using her superior brain, quickly calculated that the moment of no return happened exactly 13 minutes and 34 seconds ago. Then she simply decided that she wanted to go back to that time. That was all that it took for her. Just a simple thought.

13 minutes and 34 seconds, she decided.

She then waited patiently for her sister’s response. Neither of them ever understood why they were linked like this, or why they needed to agree upon a time to go anywhere, or especially why they couldn’t go forward in time, but they found it hard to complain when their powers were practically limitless in every other way.

28 minutes and 50 seconds, Aphrodite answered.

Going back an extra fifteen minutes was of little consequence to the immortal woman, so she quickly agreed, not even caring what she was doing at that specific time.

28 minutes and 50 seconds, Venus concurred.

And just like that, both Goddesses simultaneously felt their consciousnesses being thrown back in time to the exact point that they agreed upon.


September 2nd, 2018 8:54 PM
Miami, Florida

Venus’ consciousness was dropped back into the exact spot where her body was 28 minutes and 50 seconds ago. She was sprawled lazily on the couch in their Miami house. She was fully clothed and she was no longer on fire. All of the death and carnage that she had just caused was completely erased, and she was once again one of the two living beings in the universe that had memories of an event that never happened.


September 2nd, 2018 9:05 PM
Boston, Massachusetts

"Let me buy you a drink," the man to her left offered.

"You don't want him, girl," the man to her right shot back. "He'll buy a drink for anybody with a pair of tits! But not me. You're special.”

“I’ll go with you this time,” Aphrodite pointed to the man on her right. The man in question smiled like a child who was looking under a tree at Christmas morning, while the man on her left walked away from the bar heart-broken.

They were so entranced by her beauty that neither man even bothered to question what she meant when meant by “this time.” She turned on her charms once again and got herself prepared for another round of fun.


September 2nd, 2018 12:13 AM
Boston, Massachusetts
Aphrodite and Venus

“Seriously?” Aphrodite smirked at her sister after she had finished her story. “You did all of that for one man?”

“Two men,” Venus corrected her. “I fucked one of the cops, too.” Both Goddesses were lounging around inside of their Boston home and chatting about their latest exploits.

“But the whole thing started because you wanted one man and you couldn’t wait,” Aphrodite pointed out.

Venus shrugged. “He was handsome and I was horny.”

“Venus, you’re always horny.”

“So are you.”

“Touché. But at least I don’t need to undo something every time I want some action. I thought that you wanted to get to the androids again. You know, we’ll never get there at this rate.”

“I’ve been good lately. Besides, it was only fifteen minutes. You were the one that needed to go back half an hour.”

“We wouldn’t have had to go back at all if you could just behave for more than a couple of days.”


And that was the end of that conversation.

“So, what do you think we should do now?” Aphrodite asked after a moment.

“We could go skinny dipping in the north pole,” Venus suggested. “Maybe wrestle some polar bears.”

“Or we could just watch a movie.”

“Yeah. That works, too.”

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