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An Egalitarian World

Written by Akane :: [Saturday, 23 May 2020 17:38] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 11 December 2021 23:42]

This story is a sequel to Gyarussic World

A collaborative effort by Delta7447 and Akane

Artwork by Kloah, tdnd-96, yang-do, Miyamoto Issa, Otogi Tetsurou, karatakewari, uo denim, Tatsunami Youtoku,yuemanhuaikong and apt.


2085 CE

Fifty years after the Great Change, the Gyaru decided to show mankind an ounce of pity before indulging in their destructive tendencies and destroying the planet. People were kidnapped en masse to be used as sex toys, monuments and buildings were torn apart, and enormous earthquakes were inflicted, all just because the Gyaru felt like it.

In the end, an enormous mouth enveloped and swallowed the tiny planet, condemning the remaining men to a slow, painful death by stomach acid.

The colossal Gyaru floated in space for a moment, carelessly letting the orbit of the other planets in the solar system warp from the tremendous gravitational pull her body produced. She eventually shrank down to the size of her peers and proclaimed, “That will show those silly boys that Gyaru fashion is the fashion of the gods!”

“And we’re the only gods that matter!”

“Yeah! None of them can hold a candle to us!”

“This planet was boring, anyway. Let’s find a better one!”

With just over four billion agreements, every member of the Gyaru race simultaneously leapt into hyperspace in search of new worlds deeper within the cosmos for them to conquer. Countless new shapes and colors were created in their wake from their reality-bending presence alone. It was only to be expected from the ultimate lifeforms in the universe. If they wanted to demonstrate to every male of every sentient species how Gyaru fashion was infinitely superior in literally every sense of the word, then who could possibly stop them?

The planet Earth had existed for about four and a half billion years, until one day, when its population was murdered and the planet itself eaten. Thus ends this story of oppression and unfairness. The race of goddesses neglected, mistreated, and finally disposed of the males of humanity like a used condom.

Being born with a penis was the worst thing that could happen to a person in a Gyarussic World.

As the Gyaru exited hyperspace, they found themselves in an unexpected place: a city-sized courtroom. All but one of them were in a massive seating area, unable to leave their seats. The one remaining stood in front, apparently serving as representative for her entire people: an imposing, swimsuit-clad Gyaru named Matsuri.

“What?” she exclaimed, dumbfounded. “What is this? Where am I?”

A massive bailiff, standing well over two meters tall with the muscles of an Olympian, appeared. She was practically naked, save for a very skimpy bikini with a name tag reading ‘Yayoi’ attached over her right nipple. She effortlessly projected her voice to the entire courtroom, “This court is now in session – the honorable Judge Kokoro presiding.”

To the Gyaru rep, she continued, “Do you solemnly swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, under pains and penalties of perjury?”

“Hold on! I don’t understand what’s happening here!”

“You are in a court of law, Ms. Matsuri,” a new and startlingly stentorian voice replied, apparently belonging to the strikingly regal Judge Kokoro. “If you do not cooperate, I will rule you in contempt of court. Believe me, you don’t want that. I feel compelled to add that I alone prevented your collective jump to hyperspace and sent you all here to answer for your crimes. Take a moment to imagine what horrors any of us could inflict on your people if you don’t behave.”

At that moment, Matsuri was unable to think about anything else.

“Keep that fact firmly in mind as you respond to the bailiff’s question.”

Matsuri tried to use her powers to escape, but found she was completely unable to do anything of the sort. Kokoro was dead serious, not to mention an actual threat to her. Her only real choice was to cooperate. “Yes, I swear.”

“Be seated,” Yayoi replied.

Kokoro wasn’t one to waste time, so she got straight to the point. “While it is true that the power granted to you by what you know as the Andromeda Galaxy was left unprotected to allow anyone who encountered it to wield it, you have grievously abused that power. I have before me a comprehensive list of all the transgressions committed by the gyaru in their fifty years on Earth.”

She took a moment to read the list. Her expression became horrified.

“These numbers are positively insane. Billions of counts of murder, rape, sexual assault, property damage… in summary, you have raped and murdered the very planet along with its population, and then had the audacity to head off into hyperspace to find a new planet and civilization to toy with!

“This is in direct violation of what we desired the power within Andromeda to be used for! Those powers were meant to bring love, joy, happiness, and prosperity to all, but you have managed to completely and utterly siphon those attributes from the late Earth and its people for your own selfish benefit.

“My first instinct is to sentence you to death, but in truth there is no punishment adequate for crimes of this unprecedented severity. As this is a previously unthinkable case, I believe it logical to give a previously unthinkable sentence. I hereby sentence the gyaru of planet Earth to become inanimate daily appliances for an indefinite period. Those with lesser charges will serve as maids, obeying their masters’ every wish and never inflicting harm. The former will have their powers summarily revoked, whereas the latter will be restricted to granting their masters’ wishes.”

Matsuri swiftly stood up, exclaiming, “This is outrageous! I declare this punishment too cruel and unusual – I refuse to accept it!”

“Your attempts to garner sympathy in hopes of lessening your sentence are futile. Your sentence has been decided and your people will carry it out. Any further acts of defiance on your part will result in a harsher sentence.”

Matsuri was about to interject, but Kokoro cut her off. “I would advise against testing me on that. I have a very creative imagination.”

Matsuri relented, filled with so much terror and shame for her people that it literally radiated off her, to the point that the judge had to effortlessly will a containment field around the Gyaru population, or else it would’ve infected the entire universe.

Ragnarok was undone, as the gals reached through time itself to snatch the gyaru away for their punishment before any of them could begin their global pity fuck of the dwindling male population prior to utterly wiping them out.

Many of the terrified, jaded, and depressed men on Earth perceived the Gyaru’s sudden disappearance as the prelude to another horrifying boost in their power, like when all evidence of their presence on Earth vanished 52 years ago when they discovered the truth of the Andromeda Galaxy. Humanity had already exhausted their nuclear arsenal and other weapons in a futile attempt to seize control of the Gyaru space program. There was nothing they could do to stop them.

To most men, the past decades had been so taxing and horrifying that they simply didn’t care what happened to them, to their species. They saw little alternative to sitting at home, awaiting their inevitable deaths.

One such man, Peter, sat in his bedroom, finding himself unable to feel much of anything anymore. He just hoped that whatever end the Gyaru had planned for him would come quickly.

He found himself apathetically changing channels on his TV, when the first signal in weeks appeared, at a surprisingly high quality. The most beautiful woman he had ever seen greeted the spectators with a golden smile that could resurrect the dead and spoke with a calm and motherly tone. It was instantly reassuring, but Peter knew better. She was a Gyaru. No other kind of female existed in their world since the Great Change. Those creatures were exceptionally pretty indeed, but their unparalleled beauty matched their cruelty, and their supremacy simply could not be challenged. What man could resist a power that can make entire galaxies vanish?

“Alright! So, like, from now on, us gals will be best friends with all of mankind! Those evil gyaru will never bother you again!”

Gals? That was a new term. She looked like a Gyaru, although admittedly more charming and sweet. The other gals and males surrounding the goddess cheered enthusiastically, celebrating the apparent union between races.

“Clever prank,” Peter mumbled to himself as he changed the channel again, returning to the silent ‘no signal’ screen on every other channel.

“It may have convinced someone new to this world, but not me. You either know things are never going to get better or you fall prey to a Gyaru’s whims and suffer horribly.”

He heard a sound coming from another room.

Running water? Like the bathtub was being filled up. That should have been impossible – he lived alone, and he hadn’t found the motivation to bathe for months now. Besides, the Gyaru had redirected the whole world’s water supply for an excessively lavish hot spring a couple days ago.

He cautiously headed in the direction of the bathroom. The sound was undoubtedly coming from behind the door. He hesitantly opened it.

The bathroom door was like a portal to another world. Beyond that threshold, everything was much brighter than the dreary grey he let his apartment become. It was as if all life and energy outside his apartment was concentrated in this room.

The center of the luminosity was within his bathtub: a Gyaru.

Peter sighed, mentally preparing himself for his end. He wasn’t really sure what she would end up doing to him, but he prayed to whatever god would listen that she would dispatch him quickly. He figured it was all he could do with the few seconds left of his life, even if he stopped believing in a just and loving god not long after the Great Change.

“Oh, hey there!” she chirped. “Good timing – I was just feeling a bit lonely! Wanna hop in with me?”


“Hey, you alright, mister?” she asked. “You don’t look so good.” She climbed out and approached him. He noted that the water falling off her body floated back into the tub instead of touching the floor, keeping it perfectly dry.

“I… uh…” Peter stammered. He was shocked that this Gyaru seemed more than willing to leave him be, and was actually showing concern for his well-being, instead of strictly her own.

It was a trick. It had to be.

But… what if it wasn’t? Peter couldn’t dismiss that possibility, no matter how implausible it seemed. He was surprised that despair hadn’t fully engulfed him years ago.

“Wh-who are you?”

“Oh, I’m Katie! I hope you don’t mind my dropping in like this, but I really liked this bathtub you have here! I guess it’d be a bit small for two people, but I could totally make it bigger for you!”

“I don’t… I…”

“Ah, there you go again! You’re, like, so unresponsive! Man, there’s gotta be something wrong in that noggin of yours. I bet I can fix it for you, though!”

Katie hugged Peter. For the first time in his life, Peter didn’t feel the crushing weight of a Gyaru’s high heel stomping on his face forever. He didn’t feel the constant fear of being attacked spontaneously by some bored Gyaru wandering the streets. He didn’t feel the pain from the numerous injuries he sustained from all the attacks he was subjected to.

He felt comfort. Pleasure. Compassion. Love.

Tears began streaming down his face. He barely had a chance to hold them back like he was taught growing up, fearing some Gyaru deciding to torment him over them. In seconds, he was sobbing in the loving arms of a Gyaru – something no one could have anticipated ever happening outside of a fantasy.

“It was true, then…? The news? The Gyaru are gone?”

“That’s right,” Katie whispered into his ear calmly, like a mother speaking to her child. “We punished them so they can’t hurt anyone ever again.”

Peter sniffled. “Th-then, who are you?”

“I’m a gal. The term is etymologically similar to ‘gyaru’, but we’re far more powerful and compassionate. We wouldn’t ever inflict the sort of harm they did to this planet, to you. And, from what I’ve seen of this society, we’ll need all that power and compassion to repair this world.”

She embraced him tighter. “Don’t worry, Peter. Everything is going to be fine, now that we’re here.”

Peter believed her. He didn’t think it possible, but somehow life managed to improve for him and for mankind.

All around the world, gals appeared before men and reassured them personally, effectively returning joy to human society. Helping a terrified, abused race acclimate to a new, dramatically different norm would be an undeniably daunting task to anyone else, but to the gals, it was their passion and life’s work.

Gyaru Maids

After the Great Redemption, gyaru maids were commonplace in many households.

One such gyaru, Sakura, blushed in utter embarrassment and defeat, self-evident of the justice gals had delivered upon the inferior and corrupted gyaru. She had to stand there, dressed in a stupid, frilly dress and behaving like a servant for this stupid Kotaro or whatever. Not only that, but she couldn’t inflict any damage of any kind to him whatsoever with her powers, because that damned gal judge created such a comprehensive list of mental prohibitions that literally couldn’t be bypassed and restricted her and her peers from performing quintillions upon quintillions of different acts on principle.

No matter how much she wished it wasn’t true, the fact was that even a single gal could effortlessly overpower every gyaru in existence. Gals were to gyaru as gyaru were to men, essentially.

Sakura couldn’t do anything that would kill that son of a bitch, directly or otherwise, which infuriated her. He was going out of his way to make her look like a fool! She couldn’t even convince him to kill himself with her unparalleled seduction and debating skills.

Speaking of the devil, there he was. Kotaro, this stupid maid otaku from Japan. He had totally resented all women even before they turned into Gyaru – she could read his mind like an open book. What a manchild, always collecting games and anime trash, playing with his little dolls and dakimakura…. and now he had a real one.

“So it’s true you can help me cheat on the exam to enter college, right Midori-chan? I hope you obey all my orders and behave as well in the actual test…” he said while using her sister, whose crimes were much greater. As such, she was transformed into an inanimate object: a magical pen that always answered questions perfectly when writing with it.

Sakura was luckier than Midori. Her only crime was having sex with a few males and turning them into old men as she fucked them for shits and giggles. The gals knew everything that had happened, happens, or will ever happen in the history of the entire universe, so they could detect even the pettiest infraction of their moral code at any point of time, anywhere in all of existence.

She looked at him with unrestrained hate and disdain. She wanted to destroy this awful human being but gals considered her an even worse one, so she had to pay for her crimes serving this piece of shit for what would probably be eternity.

“D-do you wish something of me, m-master?” She struggled to say those words. In the past, she was an arrogant and confident Gyaru who terrorized lesser races with her almighty magic, but now she had been reduced to a pathetic lifeform. Her powers weren’t even hers anymore – she could only use them to grant her master’s every whim.

“Now now, don’t be so angry, Sakura-chan. I’ll have fun with you once I’m finished with your sister! Now please, clean the house.”

In less than a second, the entire apartment was perfectly organized and cleaned.

“Oh my, you sure are fast,” Kotaro said, seeming almost impressed. “You did that without even moving!”

Trying to be defiant, she confronted him, smiling smugly and puffing out her humongous chest, causing her star-shaped earrings and pink ribbons tied to her headpiece to wave in a non-existent breeze.

“Listen here, you… do you know who I am? What I am? I’m more than capable of destroying this whole planet and your entire pathetic sex, under normal circumstances. I could make it so you never existed. All it would take is a step through time and the pull of a string and you'd never be conceived. Or, if you prefer, I could make this reality be just a dream of mine all along. When I wake up, poof! It'll all be gone, save for a quickly receding memory. Do you seriously think I want to serve someone like you? No, of course not! I may have no choice in the matter for now, but you still shouldn’t get on my bad side or you’ll have more problems than you can handle, you braindead amoeba.”

“Of course,” Kotaro smirked. “That’s why you will stand on one foot for three hours as I fuck you.”

“W-what?! N-no!” Despite her protests, Sakura’s body obeyed her master as he came close to her while licking his lips. He started to remove parts of her maid outfit, leaving only the frilly headband, ribbons and a very slutty violet bikini bra, alongside her latex boots and sleeves. Like any gyaru worth her salt, her pussy was constantly wet and overflowing with magic. It was on full display for Kotaro to ravage just as he removed her leather skirt and bright fuschia panties.

“Oh yes. Now, would you be a dear and undress me? Lately, I’ve found myself too lazy to do things myself… you know, now that I have an omnipotent maid and all.”

With a click of her tongue and a snap of her fingers, Kotaro was naked. Skinny, pale, and thoroughly unimpressive, he was half of what a regular man was. Despite being one of the youngest men in the world, Sakura would have preferred to be assigned to a more mature man, so she could at least derive some enjoyment from the sex.

As Kotaro stuck his noodle into her, she didn’t feel anything. Her punishment demanded she pretend, so she did so, faking moans and panting as Kotaro’s puny dick barely hit her cervix.

“What are you doing?” he asked, apparently seeing through her ruse. “Make me bigger! Big enough to please you! I want you to scream my name and beg me to cum inside!”

She complied. Unbeknownst to her or Kotaro, a succubus gal named Meiko was watching them stealthily. With a plan in mind, she exponentially increased the power behind Sakura’s spell and giggled to herself.

Each time Kotaro thrusted into Sakura, his dick grew bigger and more powerful, thanks to the magic of the wish. Before long, he became big enough to please even a gyaru.

By the time his 30 cm dick was slamming against her cervix like a warhammer, ravaging her uterus, she started to suffer from intermittent spasms. Her face contorted into a stupid smile, tongue sticking out and panting like a bitch in heat as her pupils turned into magical hearts that shot out destructive energy beams every so often. Of course, they were unable to hurt Kotaro, but they accidentally destroyed several parts of his house.

He remained unfazed by that, in part because he couldn’t pull out from Sakura’s tight vagina even if he wanted to. It was as immaculate as a virgin’s, despite her having fucked (and oftentimes killed) thousands of men before. He was too engrossed in the endless pleasure of fucking and dominating a literal goddess. He couldn’t allow himself to pass out.

Sakura, lying on her side, was losing the last remnants of her sanity. The sex was so good, in fact, that it managed to wash away her nasty demeanor.

Eventually Sakura reached an absurdly intense orgasm, causing her to shriek and moan with a silly, pathetic sound. Her essentially-non-existent dignity diminished even further as gallons and gallons of semen shot into her hammerspace uterus. After an unrelenting surge lasting half an hour, it was practically filled as Kotaro’s ejaculation gradually tapered off. Both were exhausted and sweating profusely after that.

“Oh god… Sakura… that was… insane.” He crawled to the bed, struggling to move with the weight of his new enormous dick, even while flaccid.

“Could you… bring me some food? Something from an exotic planet?” After the greatest, most intense and satisfying workout of his life, he needed to eat and drink something.

Sakura, still sheepishly trying to get up, with her pussy pouring cum into the floor, had a completely different face right now. The act of being fucked by a magically enhanced Kotaro turned her on so much that she became submissive. She would do anything to taste that dick again, to feel that unending ecstasy again.

“Y-yes, m-master!” Without delay, the horny gyaru jumped into space faster than light, in search of a suitable planet to find delicacies for her beloved Kotaro, her master whom she would never mistreat ever again.

“I hope I’m pregnant with Kotaro-sama’s child~!” she squealed to herself.

Meiko smiled, delighted that her plan worked exactly as she anticipated.

I’ll be watching you for a while longer, Kotaro-kun. I hope your dick is prepared – I have a strong feeling it’ll become even more powerful with time.

As his obedient maid was away on her assignment, Kotaro saw a beam of light enter his room. A completely new gyaru manifested in front of him, accompanied by a cartoonish explosion of heart-shaped light effects. She was shorter and more tan than Sakura, wearing a blue and black starred bikini with long, dark gloves and carrying a tray with a pack of condoms and a bottle of lube. The blonde, twintailed beauty stared vacantly at Kotaro as her heart earrings sparkled in the light.

“Like, the gals have assigned me as your third gyaru, because you redeemed Sakura or whatever.”

She blew a bubble with the gum she was chewing and popped it unceremoniously. “I’m Yume.”

“Ah, nice to meet you! Can’t wait to tame you, too. Get on the bed – it’s time to fuck.”

Gal Girlfriend

Even after the Great Redemption, males still weren’t fully used to the new status quo – that being the omnipotent gals fixing all the material and emotional damage gyaru had caused in their time of dominion of the lesser planes of existence.

New York, which was once the main focus of a gyaru attack and had 90% of its population wiped out and transferred into the magical (and now banned) smartphone game Male GO, now was a blooming megalopolis in which gals and males lived together in harmony.

Mike was an eighty-year-old man not too long ago. He had a terminal disease and not much time left. However, his life changed when the gal Laura was assigned to him. A 197 cm tall bronze amazon with a long, golden mane and eyes that changed color with her mood. She was a saint. The first thing she did was restore his youth, making him physically 25 year old, and as such able to keep up with her relentless sex drive and enthusiastic escapades. They were boyfriend and girlfriend now.

Strolling through Times Square, Mike could see all the differences that were present now and didn’t exist for all his life. For one thing, there were no cars or other vehicles on the street. Thanks to gals being able to provide magic and infinite manpower there was no need for those anymore, so streets were always clean and devoid of crowds or traffic jams. They found themselves surrounded by dozens of happy couples going by the hand, totally different to the depressed faces of doomed males he had to see going to work everyday. Even some of the couples were pushing baby carriages – a sign that gals were very much interested in procreation with males and there was a conscious effort to repopulate Earth after the Great Change decimated the possibility of any kind of demographic future for humanity.

Mike, like the big child that he himself was, was being carried in Laura’s infinitely strong arms. He was an adult but he didn’t care. In a world filled to the brim with omnipotent women (one of whom loved him dearly), he had all the right in the world to be spoiled like a kid. Why would he bother to walk around when her goddess girlfriend could do it for him, and somehow manage to look powerful beyond measure in the process? Besides, the way she was carrying him gave him easy access to her breasts!

“Omigosh, Mike! Like, you are such a baby! Still drinking mommy’s milk in the middle of the street?” Laura said, blushing like a red dwarf.

She was used to wearing a cute, black, Japanese school uniform with the shortest skirt ever conceived – her personal claim to fame – with a lot of golden accessories that complemented her bronzed skin and a record-breaking three pairs of legwarmers at the same time. Today, however, she decided to strip the upper part of her body and let her humongous mammaries breathe, covering them with just a pair of heart-shaped pasties. Naturally, Mike couldn’t resist removing one and sucking her beautiful pink nipple until milk started pouring into his mouth. This clearly aroused Laura, who was moaning as she walked and kept him healthy and eternally young while also enhancing his height and body and preventing any disease from preying on him.

Eventually, both lovers would settle on a bench in the middle of the park. Mike abandoned his girlfriend’s almighty arms and took her by the hand. They blushed like teenagers having first felt love for another. The animals of the park – squirrels, birds, even stray cats – all surrounded the couple while they romantically kissed each other under the shadow of an elderly oak. It was magical and lasted for minutes, although for gals, time was as relative and meaningless as space, so Mike’s experience took relative eons to end, thanks to Laura. It wasn’t outside the realm of possibility that her unlimited power was slightly unleashed, due to the heavy emotions prompted by Mike’s sincere and lovely kiss, since everything around them started changing and defying all logic. The animals transformed into entirely different species with twisted, cartoonish bodies and rainbow colors while gravity and physics as a whole started to fail around them. People were blown away by nonsensical air currents and the leaves on the trees started falling upwards into the sky as both lovers kept eating their tongues out while floating in the air, now sealed in a tight embrace of unending passion.

“Oh Mike, I love you so much I could die,” she proclaimed while looking at his eyes, reading his mind with ease but knowing that he could never betray or think a bad thought about her, given that he was completely infatuated with her and considered her unquestionably perfect.

“W-wha… w-what?” Mike had just endured the best journey of his life. That simple kiss was like a religious experience for a powerless meatbag like him. He found himself in a state of transcendent bliss, having recaptured his childlike innocence. Laura smiled warmly when she noticed his gentle heartbeat and genuine wonderment.

“I guess I got, like, carried away. Sorry, darling~”

“N-no, not at all. I love you, Laura. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. I want to stay with you forever.”

Suddenly, the puny human kneeled in front of the goddess, not as a gesture of submission, but of undying adoration – the prelude to the most important of vows between humans that had been lost for generations thanks to those cruel gyaru.

Laura could find out what he was about to do, after all. She could anticipate every move he made and even take a look ahead into every possible future stemming from this moment. But omnipotent beings like her always love a good surprise, so she opted to ignore her prescience and let Mike naturally surprise her.

“Will you marry me?”

Laura took some time to answer, not because she had trouble understanding the declaration. She had the most developed brain in the whole universe, capable of calculating quantum calculus literally instantaneously. However, being the most powerful microprocessor in existence isn’t adequate preparation for an emotional maelstrom such as this. He stood there, holding his little case with a ring made entirely of pure diamond. She could have created something twenty times better than that from thin air… yet he decided to spend his money in such a precious and expensive present.

After a long pause, she walked away, towards a footbridge to leave the park. Naturally, Mike followed her, as every fiber of his being feared rejection. His heart was filled with doubts now. He even considered she was about to break his heart on purpose. Years of suffering under gyaru shenanigans had made him paranoid. This perfect girlfriend could be just another prank by the all-powerful bullies of the past?

“W-Wait! What’s your answer?! We… we’ve been together for a while now and I thought it was the moment to…” He scratched his neck, confused and nervous.

“I… I know it’s stupid,” he continued. “After all, you’re a gal, and gals are free and careless… not stuck with a beast of burden like me…”

It was hard to deny that he looked distinctly lesser up on that footbridge, next to her. Her height and powerful body built for sex dwarfed him, and, at times, made him feel outright inadequate. Her current stern gaze didn’t help – her eyes were like daggers piercing his delicate heart.

Then she suddenly giggled with the stupidest and most wonderful smile he had ever seen on her face. “Like, of course I will marry you, you silly darling~! I just can’t believe you actually confessed! I was wondering when you actually would. Awesomesauce~!”

The little man rushed to meet his amazonian fianceé and they hugged tight. The gal eskimo kissed him. He just couldn’t let go of her embrace.

“Thank you. Thank you, my love! I promise I will make you happy until the day I die!” He paused for a moment, then added with a chuckle, “…or possibly forever, depending on if I change my mind about that immortality offer you gave me.”

“I think it’s time we celebrate, dontcha think, sweetie?”

Both magically disappeared on a whim.

What Mike saw next was the incredible sight of Laura with her hair down, wearing one of her cute aprons over her signature uniform, showing her deliciously thick ochre body.

She was humming a lovely tune and swaying her otherworldly hips and butt for her fianceé’s pleasure. He was sitting in the kitchen as she prepared a stew. She blew some magical kisses into the pot – no doubt enhancing the food to be the best thing Mike had ever tasted – and then served two plates of the miraculous stew on the table.

“How about we get some good food in us before I give you the fuck of your life?” She winked seductively at him, with her ridiculous tits on arm’s reach. “There’s something about me that I’ve been meaning to show you~”


Pablo’s life was horrible, to say the least. With no hope left in his life thanks to the capricious Gyaru, he wound up falling in love with the Shadow of a Gyaru. In the end, he became a missing glove for a skimpy wedding dress. Once the Great Redemption came, however, his humanity was restored and a Korean gal named Ha-eun took him under her wing. She was helping him recover from the trauma he endured. He had started working out to lose weight, he found the motivation to continue his education, and he managed to land a decent-paying job with a good boss. Naturally, it didn’t take long for them to become boyfriend and girlfriend.

They were out hiking at Glacier National Park in northeastern Montana. Ha-eun had suggested it, since Pablo had spent so much time indoors under Gyaru rule. She used her powers to keep Pablo from becoming fatigued or injured, allowing them to hike continuously for days upon days, during which the two greatly enjoyed their extended intimacy.

At one point, Pablo tripped on an uneven portion of a trail, spraining his ankle. Ha-eun smiled and blew a kiss in the direction of his injury, removing it in seconds without a trace, save for his own memory.

“I swear, your power is just… just…” Pablo said, “…astonishing, Euna. Thank you.”

She giggled. “I know, darling! And you’re perfectly welcome!”

“I can’t help but wonder… what’s it like? How does it feel?”

“It… um… well, it’s kinda… sorta like a…” Euna paused to think before giggling again. “I don’t know how to explain it! It’s beyond anything and everything you understand! Any attempt on my part to explain it would go over your head or severely understate it! I could share what I feel with you, but it’d probably cause your brain to explode!”

Pablo looked like he wanted to say something, but couldn’t bring himself to say it. A knowing smile formed on Euna’s lips.

“What is it~?” she sang.

“I, um… it’s… I’m sorry, i-it’s stupid. Forget I said anything.”

“Well, now you’ve got me curious! Come on, tell me!”

Pablo was too embarrassed to respond.

“If you won’t tell me,” Euna said, her smile changing from knowing to sly, “then I’ll just have to find out myself!” She leapt to him, embracing him and reaching into his mind.

Pablo knew there was nothing he could do to stop her when she got curious like this, so he resigned and let her find out.

Euna giggled again. “Ohhhh, I see! You’ve become so enamored with gals, with me especially, that you want to become one yourself!”

“I-I’m sorry! It’s just an idle fantasy! I won’t think about it again, promise!”

“Whoa whoa whoa!” Euna interjected. “Easy there, Pablo. What makes you think I’d disapprove of something like that?”

“I, uh… force of habit, I’m afraid. It wasn’t that long ago that Gyaru roamed the Earth, just waiting for an excuse to turn you into a smear on the ground if you so much as looked at them wrong.”

“Alright, I can see where you’re coming from there. But, as I’ve assured you many times before, though, that’s very much in the past. We gals have no intention of inflicting any harm to anyone. But, more importantly, I’m intrigued by you wanting to become a gal yourself.”

“I-intrigued? How so?”

“Enough that I kinda want to just make it happen right now, actually!”

Pablo’s eyes widened. “Wait, what? Really? You can do that?”

“Of course I can! There’s nothing – literally nothing – I can’t do! Ready?”

Pablo was suddenly overwhelmed, still not fully believing his dream was about to come true. He stammered, “Uh, y-yeah! I think so!”

Euna smiled. “Alright! Here we go!”

She embraced him again and kissed him squarely on the lips. Pablo was instantly brought to heights of ecstasy beyond anything he’d ever imagined, let alone experienced. His body became suffused in deep pink light, charged with unmatched power. If Euna wasn’t still hugging him, he would’ve fallen over.

His senses and mind were overloaded with infinitely more than they could handle… yet, simultaneously, he could handle it all effortlessly. All the power he felt at his disposal was so intoxicating, he couldn’t stop cumming. It felt like all the energy in the universe was being directed solely into himself, granting him the omnipotence he had secretly desired all his life.

He traveled all through space and time. He witnessed the Big Bang, the moment every woman on Earth became a gyaru, the moment of his birth, the construction of the hospital where he was born, the Great Redemption, the day he met Euna, Euna’s birth within the highest plane of existence, the creation and destruction of countless stars across the universe, even the creation of the gal species. He lived entire lives as innumerable other beings across existence: a shy post office worker in Vermont, a rotund chef in Los Angeles, a sleek black panther in Kenya, a lazy house cat in Milwaukee, a mountain lion at the very park Euna and he were hiking in, an ant in Berlin, a peregrine falcon soaring high over Honshu, a powerful empress ruling over thousands of star systems, a goddess of carnal pleasures worshipped by trillions via constant orgies, a cosmic entity whose slightest whim altered entire societies, even the personification of the universe itself… He could live out the life of anyone and anything.

So he did. Why wouldn’t he? It was all so amazing, so effortless! He could even take in all the power expelled from the Big Bang and use it with a bit of his own oomph to produce one of his own that would make the real thing seem laughably inadequate by comparison, all with the effort it’d take a mortal to throw a ball. He even did so, unleashing all that matter and energy in the void between universes, effectively producing one much larger and faster-forming than usual.

As the skintight curtain of omnipotent power faded from Pablo’s form, he realized ‘he’ was no longer a suitable pronoun.

Her body had transformed radically, becoming the epitome of feminine beauty and sexuality, just like her lover’s. Her short dark hair became long and golden, tying itself into hip-length twintails. Her hiking gear became a cropped T-shirt and unbuttoned shorts with a tight and skimpy swimsuit bottom underneath. Her body was brimming with fertility, more than suitable for high-yield breeding.

It took her a while to come back to her senses, as she was still lost in the endless possibilities of galhood. Meanwhile, Euna waited patiently. She imagined the ascension from mortal human to gal was simply beyond their comprehension, so it would naturally take a while for her boyfriend-turned-girlfriend to become used to her new state and be able to interact with her again.

As minutes turned to days turned to months, Euna became slightly annoyed that Pablo’s revelry showed no indication of ever ending. She started massaging Pablo’s substantial breasts, getting them in a milk-producing mood. She knew exactly what nerves to stimulate to induce lactation, and Pablo was undeniably full of milk. As the milk started coming in droves, Euna stuffed both puffy nipples in her mouth and began sucking.

Gallons upon gallons of delicious milk shot into her mouth, which she eagerly gulped down, though that wasn’t her intent. Euna wanted to show Pablo how amazing the let-down reflex felt – predicting that that beatific feeling of motherhood would bring Pablo back to reality.

Indeed, before long, Pablo jumped as if abruptly waking from a dream.

“Euna, I… my god, I… you…” Pablo found herself unable to find the words to describe her gratitude, so she opted instead to kiss Euna on the lips, full of passion she lacked as a mortal male.

Euna got the idea and suggested, “‘Thank you’, maybe?”

Pablo stammered, “Y-y-yes, thank you so much! I… I knew this would be incredible, but I never would have thought, never could have imagined anything like this!”

Euna giggled, enjoying her girlfriend’s pleasure. “I certainly know what you mean! You’ve experienced something extraordinary, there’s no denying that. Your very identity has changed so much.”

“Yeah, you’re right. It’s so strange, though… I still have Pablo’s memories and general personality before you made him into a gal – me. Honestly, I’m not really entirely Pablo anymore.”

“It’s a matter of evolution,” Euna replied. “You’ve gone from an unremarkable, fairly low position to the very top, just like that.”

“It wouldn’t be appropriate of me to keep Pablo’s name when he technically doesn’t exist anymore, huh?”

“Oh yes, absolutely!” Euna smiled. “I have a suggestion, if you’d like.”

“Please! I’m kinda at a loss here.”

“How about Cindi?”

“Cindi…” she tried out the moniker out loud. “Yeah, I like that!”

“Alright, Cindi… how do you feel now that you’re a gal?”

“I… I finally get it. I understand everything now. I have felt pleasures greater than any mortal has ever dreamed, greater than any mortal could even comprehend. Even now, I am in rapture of my infinite power and the infinite pleasure it offers me. I have been all but engrossed in a constant orgasm of peak intensity since the moment I became powerful enough to do so. I even made my orgasm retroactive: I have always been cumming. I don’t just feel pleasure anymore… I am pleasure. It’s… indescribable.”

Euna feigned offense. “Well, now! I can’t help but feel so terribly jealous that you’re having such a good time without me!”

Cindi grinned. “In that case, why don’t we both enjoy my new state somewhere more comfortable? Maybe we can find some level of pleasure so great that it transcends the very term!”

“I was just thinking the same thing! We are so in sync!”

After sharing a giggle, the two eagerly teleported away in a flurry of sparkling hearts.

Everyday Life with Gals

Apparently, guys of older generations had a very hard time with gyaru. They’re always telling me tales of how they abused and killed them in cold blood. Fortunately, I happen to live in an era where gals and males live together in peace. Gyaru got what they deserved for all their hate crimes.

My name is Taro Dojima and I’m the luckiest eighteen-year-old alive. I’m currently a senior at Taiga High School in Tokyo. My three best friends are extremely beautiful gals that have been going out with me since we were in middle school.

That astonishing tanned blue-eyed blonde American transfer student is named Hikari Hoshigami. Her shirt was tied into a knot, exposing her flat and soft belly, defined abs, and tiny waist, as well as doing its best to keep her giant boobs contained. They always looked like they were going to burst at any time.

It was a cool afternoon. Days ended sooner now, meaning students left school in twilight. Normally I’d be comfortable with my blazer buttoned up, but I couldn’t stop looking at my three gal friends, so I was sweating bullets. I tried to be subtle about taking off my blazer to cool off, but their smug smiles told me they knew exactly what was up.

The green-eyed redhead Hana Kazanari gave me a little push to bring me back to Earth with the tiniest hint of her universe-ending strength. I almost broke my teeth against the sidewalk… except she was already in position to catch me. She picked me up like a bride, causing me to blush – in part because I couldn’t help but notice her powerful chest pressed against mine. She and Hikari laughed at my expense.

“Whatcha looking at, Taro-kun?” Hikari blew a little with her kissable lips, creating a freezing gale that cooled me off… but also left me shivering. Fortunately, the heat of Hana’s magical body warmed me back to a comfortable temperature in moments.

“You got so distracted you tripped!” she teased playfully.

“Girls, please,” Mizu Kurosawa, the shortest of the three, interjected, “don’t bully Taro-kun. We’re not uncivilized gyaru.” She was the trio’s leader: a small breasted beauty with feather earrings, killer thighs, and a gentle, intelligent gaze caressed my face and then softly kissed my lips, leaving me stunned.

“Sorry Mizu-chan~!” Hana giggled as she put me down gently. “It’s easy to forget how powerful we are compared to males. We have to be careful not to kill them just by breathing.”

This constant state of embarrassment was hardly new for me, though. All males in my school have gotten used to being teased by these omnipotent little brats, getting fucked when not expecting it, and being used in sexy experiments with their powers – all in good fun and always beneficial.

“Taro-kun, would you like to visit a karaoke parlor?” Mizu proposed with her trademark, expressionless face. “It will be fun.” I could perceive a hint of something resembling a smile there.

“Yeah!” Hana agreed. “We have some time to kill before our other classes start so let’s go with that!”

Gals attended supplementary classes after the normal school day and into the evening, where they’re taught things that only people as insanely smart as them could even begin to comprehend. One time I took a look at one of Hana’s databases and was completely, utterly lost. I couldn’t even grasp its form, let alone learn from it. She patted me in the head and told me it was okay. I felt quite emasculated, but that’s a good thing nowadays. It means a gal likes you enough to pity you.

“Yas~! I luv singing!” Hikari wraps her arm around me tightly. The stench of her pheromones was unbearably sexy and I almost lost my sanity. She had to slap me – gently, mind you – to restore my faculties.

“Ah, Taro-kun? You there?”

“Y-Yeah, let’s go to Najima’s.”

“Nah, Najima’s like totes passé!” she answers with a pout.

“Oh? So where do cool people go now?”

“Silly Taro-kun.” Mizu calmly stated, then pointed upwards. “We are the coolest in the world so we decide what is cool and what isn’t.”

She closed her eyes and wiggled her nose with a smile. Just like that, a building made of pure 24 karat gold appeared in the sky. A neon-lit sign on its canopy read ‘Gal Karaoke’.

Mizu and Hikari immediately noticed the glimmering structure and flew skywards, leaving me behind.

“Come on Dojima-kun, what are you waiting for?” Hana grabbed my hand with her silky smooth hand and took me with her. Her heavenly touch alone was practically enough to make me cream my pants, but I manage to contain myself – a handy skill one inevitably develops if in the company of gals for an extended period.

Once inside I found that the place was full of people, gals and males alike. How was that even possible? The place didn’t even exist until just a moment ago! Did news travel that fast in the gal world?

In any case the place was gigantic, much bigger inside than the exterior suggested. There was a bar, a dance floor, a bowling alley, a dozen malls’ worth of shops, and countless private rooms people could reserve to sing with friends. It was the perfect habitat for a gal.

Hikari and Hana hugged me tight by my arms. The feeling of their giant breasts pressing against me was heavenly. They weren’t being subtle in their efforts to butter me up for sex, but it was definitely working.

For some reason every single employee at this establishment was an exact duplicate of Mizu, flawlessly tending to the needs of every customer. Maybe because she made the place…? It became a little bizarre when she started talking to herself.

“We have a reservation: a party of four for Room 7696.” She retroactively added said reservation into the timeline.

“Yes.” Employee Mizu handed regular Mizu a key for the room. “Have fun.”

As expected, the room Mizu reserved was anything but typical. There was enough seating for at least forty people, a table for our drinks and food, and of course, a top-of-the-line karaoke machine. The weird thing was that the space around it seemed to be endless, and perpetually changing colors like a rainbow. It should have been straining my eyes, but it just didn’t somehow.

“Oh, that?” Hikaru replied, apparently reading my thoughts. “That’s just a normal color, but males can’t, like, perceive it! Our senses are totes superior and all that~!” She created a stick of gum in her mouth and started chewing it.

“So it follows that your senses would have to be similarly augmented to safely perceive this room’s interior,” Mizu added.

“Come on, girls!” Hana chimed in. “We’re here for karaoke, not examining the room! Come on, let’s pick a song and get started~!”

The karaoke selection was in a unique state due to the events of the previous decades. Gyaru had admittedly made far superior music during their reign of terror, but the Great Redemption resulted in their media being banned. In recent years, some gal content creators released some downright otherworldly music of their own, but it was decided that nostalgia would help in healing mankind back to its state before the gyaru madness. As a result, just about any karaoke parlor nowadays offered a wide variety of old music – some spanning as far back as the 1990s. This location in particular had a lot of J-pop and idol songs.

Hana picked a song first: “Chase the World” by May’n. Apparently it doubled as the opening to an anime from 2012. Miraculously, the karaoke machine not only played the song but it also produced the artist herself, dressed in the striking black and crimson butterfly costume of the show’s female lead, complete with huge, resplendent wings.

Her voice was just as striking as her costume. “All my eyes can see is you dancing brilliantly! Step in, be awakened… Head for the world!”

She wasn’t a hologram either – this was the actual May’n made of flesh and blood, performing just for me and the girls. She didn’t even realize she had been transported to the future and was being projected by a machine, or that she was performing for just a few people in a karaoke parlor.

In the middle of the song, Hana smirked playfully and abruptly took the mic from May’n’s hands. With just a snap of her magical fingers, she became clad in the same cosplay as the idol next to her and proceeded to steal her thunder, picking up where May’n left off without missing a beat.

“After accelerating, I can go my own way for the first time! Go higher, become stronger, I want to reach you! Step in, be awakened… Chasin’ The World!”

Not only was Hana’s voice definitely superior to May’n’s, but she seemed to know the song better than its creator, looking far more comfortable and fluid while performing. Her dance moves were also on point, making the accomplished idol look like a goose by comparison.

I felt a sliver of pity for May’n – she looked completely defeated. Someone like her could easily see when someone was more talented than her. If it weren’t for the fact that Hana’s song was so entrancing, I would have stepped up to comfort her. Meanwhile Mizu was looking for other songs to play and Hikari wasn’t even paying attention, chewing her gum and playing with her phone while stroking her gorgeous blonde bangs. I had to admit that even her disinterested look was extremely sexy for some reason. She was probably playing that universe simulator game that became so popular between gals now. It was fundamentally similar to most other simulation games, but this one gave the player a 100% real miniature universe that they ruled over as a goddess. Unlike the gyaru, their objective was to make that universe’s denizens as happy as possible.

Once Hana was done with her incredible interpretation of “Chase the World”, Mizu sent May’n back to the past, with her memories of the four minutes erased, humiliation included.

“Was that really necessary?” she asked Hana. “Every artist in the repertoire here would know on sight that we're infinitely and objectively superior to them.”

Mizu was the leader and more mature of the group so her scolding her companions when they got too cocky or disrespectful was a common sight. She was intent on ensuring they couldn’t turn into perfidious gyaru.

Hana pouted. “Awwwww! But Mizu-chan, I wanted to impress Dojima-kun!”

“Then do so by presenting yourself as mature and collected, not prone to acting on every little desire that crosses your mind.”

“Besides,” Hikari added, “you don’t really have to do anything to impress a male! We’re just that good!”

“You needn’t state the obvious. Everyone here is well aware of gal superiority,” Mizu turned to Hana as she continued, “which is why there’s no need to rub it in the faces of any non-gals we see. Now then, I believe it’s my turn.”

As she was disciplining her peers, she was simultaneously selecting a song telekinetically. As she pulled a mic into her hand, Maaya Sakamoto, a veteran singer and voice actress, appeared on stage beside her. Neither she nor her song required any introduction.

“Even so, what can I possibly do? What can I do to change this tiny box-garden reality?”

Of course, her performance was outstanding. Her mature and ladylike voice was beautifully resonant – a refreshing change of pace from the girly, cherry-flavored J-pop that gals of decades past used to listen to.

As soon as Mizu opened her mouth, the difference became clear.

“When I stood on the edge of a cliff, ‘adversity’ grabbed my arm, and for the first time, I could see where I was.”

Maaya was downright stunned, immediately trailing off and staring dumbfounded at the tiny girl with a toy voice effortlessly mimicking and surpassing her vocal talents. She somehow managed to enhance the song to a new level. The professional singer with three decades of experience was just an amateur next to a college-aged gal.

Mizu froze time for a bit to speak with her improvised co-vocalist. Hana and Hikari recognized this and remained quiet.

“Sakamoto-san, I realize this is an unusual situation, but would you mind acclimating rapidly so you can continue singing?”

Maaya’s mind was tweaked ever so slightly, instantly fulfilling Mizu’s request.

“Thank you. Now, let’s get back to it, shall we?”

Maaya nodded and swiftly started singing as Mizu resumed the flow of time.

Upon finishing the piece, Mizu shook Maaya’s hand.

“It was an honor singing with you, Sakamoto-san. I’ve been a fan of yours for most of my life. Please don’t feel discouraged about what just transpired – I’m afraid my omnipotence puts me a step ahead of everyone else. Please have a safe trip home.”

With that, the awestruck singer vanished.

Finally, it was Hikari’s turn, but she didn’t want to sing herself. Instead, she pressed a special combination of keys in her outdated but fashionable flip phone and my body materialized on stage. Mizu passed me the mic and stoically sat on the couch, crossed her legs and observed me intently alongside the other two. The blonde goddess set the karaoke machine up and I was suddenly hit by a golden beam. My clothes changed completely, becoming a white-and-blue aquatic-themed and midriff-baring idol costume. It didn’t take me long to realize I was now dressed as You Watanabe, a fictional idol portrayed by Shuka Saito, whose prolific singing career kicked off as a result of the role’s massive popularity.

My body was the same (sans for my hair, which was completely regrown and recolored to match You’s tomboyish bob), but the feminine clothes and the beyond-professional makeup did a phenomenal job of making me look convincingly like You.

“This is going to be fun~” Hikari said with a foxy smile as her eyes glimmered with a deep blue glow. My body began moving on its own as music began. I initially assumed a serene pose, slowly leveling my gaze as the music picked up. After a few dynamic poses, I started singing.

“Open the sky-colored curtains! Welcome through the sea-colored gates! Let’s play!”

It was a decidedly unsettling experience to watch myself act against my own will. The getup was kinda gaudy and I wasn’t much of a dancer. I love my friends, don’t get me wrong, but sometimes they can go a little too far toying with me.

Despite my discomfort, I could tell Hana and Mizu were enjoying the show alongside Hikari. My singing resulted in applause and cheering, augmented significantly thanks to their powers, making a crowd of three sound like three thousand. I wanted to give them more, so I raised my voice accordingly.

I had never ever heard this song before, but I was somehow singing and dancing it like I wrote the thing! Also, it may have just been me, but it sounded like my voice had gotten higher, as if I actually became You Watanabe.

I had no other chance but to keep going, but at this point, I didn’t really mind that. Honestly, the experience was growing on me. The thought occurred to me that any one of them could manipulate my mind to make me enjoy dancing some routine they’re beaming into my mind, but I knew them too well to believe they’d do that to me. Before long, I found I had regained control of myself. The song and dance were thoroughly ingrained in my mind, so I was able to continue performing easily.

The thought of crossdressing never really appealed to me, but now that I was so thoroughly engrossed in the part, I started to see the appeal. More than that, for reasons unknown, my body was slowly changing more and more as I reached the end of the song. I was getting shorter and slimmer. At the same time however, I gained a fair amount of muscle throughout my body. You was a swimmer – apparently a damn good one, considering my new musculature that actually made me stronger than I was before. I took a moment to admire my new abs and thighs, visible thanks to the outfit’s design. I could barely recognize myself, but I didn’t really care.

My omnipotent ‘groupies’ flooded me with adoration – practically literally. Then, for some reason, they telekinetically grabbed their textbooks from their bags.

Huh? Did we plan to study here?

The three goddesses lay on and around the couch seductively, turning their gazes my way and making no effort to hide their raging libidos. Mizu didn’t even bother hiding her smile.

I wasn’t an all-powerful gal, but I also wasn’t a fool. The subject we were going to study was apparently sex ed.

Losing Your Virginity

My name is Soichiro Shimura. I’m a 38 year old salaryman at Daiichi Life Insurance in Shibuya, Tokyo. My life is perfectly normal. Well, as normal as it can be, seeing as I’m constantly surrounded by beautiful, omnipotent ladies who wear slutty makeup and clothes on a daily basis.

My company is an equal opportunity employer, meaning both males and gals can and do work here. On paper, anyway. In practice, the two groups are quite different, especially in the sort of work we do and its difficulty. Regardless, we still manage to work together in shared projects here and there. I was one of the latter cases, which ultimately changed my life for the better, all because of one woman.

Some time back, the air conditioner was broken for a while, so I had no choice but to be barbecued in my office. My work wouldn’t get itself done. Not only that but we had to finish a project with three gals from the omni division, but they finished their share in easily a second, while we males were still stuck at the beginning. This proved to be both degrading and distracting. With nothing to do, the gals wandered around the office, teasing us out of boredom. It was difficult to get much work done under conditions like these, to say the least.

The worst of them was Chigami Horikawa, the trio’s de facto leader. She became accustomed to taking daily strolls around the office, during which she’d bother my co-workers with her extremely undeniable sex appeal and magic tricks.

For starters, she would magically switch her hairstyle and clothes in front of them. Sometimes she’d even go the extra mile and alter her hair and eye color to shake things up, occasionally making changes so dramatic she doesn’t look like herself. Other times, she’d also happily warp reality and make the text on the screen dance, impeding their work.

Don’t get me wrong – I wasn’t annoyed by the lack of productivity, but that she was ignoring me! Why? My coworkers got to be near those super sexy tits and bask in her attention, but I didn’t get anything of the sort! I was understandably very jealous.

One day, the heat was particularly unbearable and not even the trusty desk fan I brought from home could help me concentrate. I was sweating bullets and my shirt was soaked. I used one of my folders to fan myself, but it quickly proved inadequate. How could the boss expect us to be productive in this situation?

As I sat there in a puddle of sweat, Chigami suddenly materialized in front of me. She had a smug but surprisingly benevolent smile on her cute face.

“Whatcha doin’?” she asked with a melodic, almost angelic voice that sent me into a daze before I could even answer.

Was the suit-clad, dark-skinned, blonde goddess of our office actually talking to me? This would be the first time she paid me any attention. Did she just want to laugh at me? No, that was something gyaru did. Chigami was a gal. I knew like everyone else that they were benevolent and altruistic. They announced as much several decades ago and kept their promise one hundred percent. Of course, after all the collective trauma endured by mankind at the capricious manicured hands of the gyaru, many people were reluctant or even unwilling to trust gals. The gals knew going in that the healing process would be long and difficult, but they wholeheartedly accepted the challenge.

I wasn’t distrusting of gals per se, but I found it hard to believe that any of them would be interested in me, especially after being disregarded as long as I have. And yet…

“Yoo-hoo, Earth to Shimura-kun. You there?”

“Ah, yeah. I’m, uh… I’m working on t-this spreadsheet, f-for the project.”

Why was I stuttering? I usually didn’t, even with other gals. But Chigami’s presence right now was so humbling. She made me feel so tiny and impotent.

“A-ha! So that’s why ya haven’t updated that document in the last hour.” She got closer to me and examined my computer screen, smirking devilishly while pressing her enormous boobs against my shoulder.

“W-Well, you see, I-I—”

“Oh, girls? Looks like Shimura-kun over here has a problem! What say we lend him a hand?”

Suddenly I was surrounded by every gal in the room. They were practically sandwiching me between their massive tits. The excessive intimacy coupled with their powerful pheromones got me close to passing out.

“W-What are you… doing?” I managed to utter, failing to notice my drool for a few seconds.

Chigami’s fingers became a blur as they danced across my laptop’s keyboard, introducing data into the spreadsheet so fast that I couldn’t follow it anymore. Fortunately her frenzy finished after a few seconds. “There. Done~”

“D-Done? Wh-what…?” Chigami apparently used her powers to let me regain my faculties and observe what she did.

All my work for today was finished! I quickly checked everything and it seemed it was correct so far. But wait, there was more? The spreadsheet expanded into unknown territory.

Chigami stated enthusiastically, “Oh, we also took the liberty of performing your job’s tasks for the next few weeks, so you can relax for a while and play with us!”

“But how do you even have this data? These dates haven’t even happened yet – this is clearly a fabrication!”

One of the other gyaru replied smugly, “Don’t be an idiot, Shimura-kun – of course we can read the future. It’s not even hard~”

Chigami hugged me from behind. God, it felt so good.

“You look a little heated, Shimura-kun~” she purred. I practically came from that alone.

“Y-yes,” I stammered. “There’s a… heat wave in progress.”

“Meh. I wouldn’t know; us gals aren’t bothered by temperature, so the weather isn’t ever a concern. Need a hand?”

The blonde blew a stream of cool air from her kissable lips. Suddenly, across every square centimeter of the building (and only inside the building), it felt like the middle of winter. For some reason everyone outside was still suffering from the heat but only and exclusively inside our office there was a miniature winter. Then she snapped her fingers, completely drying and cleaning my clothes and me in them.

“Oh wow… ah, t-thanks.” I mustered with the last threads of my sanity after witnessing such magnificent displays of power.

“No problem. Oh, and another thing.” She casually kissed my neck and giggled. “I’ll invite you to lunch tomorrow, so make sure you look your best! I’ll take you to a cute little gal-owned establishment. Look forward to it~?”

If a gal invites you to participate in high gal society, you’d be a fool for saying no. This was an opportunity for me to never work again in my life.

The next day at work went as usual, save for the fact that I didn’t have to do anything, thanks to Chigami. I imagine she did that so nothing would steal my attention away from thinking about our lunch together. Sometimes the trio of gals would just gaze at me and giggle to themselves. What were they planning?

Come break time, my coworkers headed to the cafeteria. I normally would’ve followed, but I instead went three blocks down the street to the renowned restaurant named “Galé”.

I didn’t know this place existed before today, and Chigami didn’t say where we would be having lunch yesterday. I suspect she placed that knowledge in my head with her magical powers. It would be hardly the first time gals have done something like that, after all.

Reality fell a little short from what I expected, funnily enough. The restaurant was apparently a small and cute place. It was apparent that it was a gal establishment, though, given the tacky leopard pattern and Galé written in garish radioactive pink.

However, my expectations were crushed into non-relevance as I stepped inside. I’m not exaggerating when I say it was less a restaurant and more a country.

The place was filled with gals, both from our planet and their native highest plane of existence. As always, these omnipotent women casually bypassed the laws of physics to accomplish whatever they wanted, even creating spaces bigger than they should be. This place in particular was known for attracting OL gals, so close to everyone here but the cooks and the waitresses were dressed in business suits. As an added bonus, practically everyone here was taller than me! My infatuation with Chigami of late had basically refined my ideal woman, so this was like a fetish buffet for me!

I approached a waitress standing in front of a cash register. “Hi, I think I have a reservation? I’m with Chigami.”

She apparently immediately knew who Chigami was, as she didn’t even check her records before responding. I couldn’t help but feel somewhat unnerved about that….

“Of course, cutie pie! She’s waiting for you in aisle 4, table 25.” She pointed an extremely manicured finger that direction and shot a beam of light from it, which indicated where I should go. I followed the gold-glowing line, not without some apprehension.

It wasn’t until then that I noticed the combined pheromones of so many sweaty, voluptuous gals alongside the intoxicating smell of their makeup became both unbearably erotic and even asphyxiating. I had the biggest boner in my life and there was no mistaking that they all knew it. I wouldn’t be surprised if some even entered my mind to read my lewd thoughts.

Oh god, I would love to fuck every single gal here.

Chigami was waiting for me with a positively heavenly smile on her face. She was wearing a different kind of suit now, with a much shorter skirt. I realized with a certain level of horror that she wasn’t wearing a bra or panties. Even from a fair distance away, I could tell! This was definitely a trap, but I was past the point of no return. With a smile on my face I sat down at the open chair across from her, striving to act as naturally as possible.

“Heya Shimura-kun!” she said cheerfully. “I’ve been waiting for ya~”

“H-Hey Horikawa-san, sorry I’m late. This place is new to me and I feel a little overwhelmed by everything. You know, these places aren’t exactly designed with low perception mortals like myself in mind and all that.”

For some reason, I felt that my nervousness was disappearing as I talked. Was she doing that? Exchanging my awkwardness for confidence on the go? I couldn’t have said all that stuff together even in a normal conversation, let alone one with a gal.

“No need to be so formal, Shimura-kun! You can just call me Chigami-tan~”

It’s amazing how she can manage to make a childish nickname like that so damn cute.

“Alright, then you can call me Soichiro.”


“O-or Soichi-kun, that’s fine too.”

She giggled.

Believe it or not, our meal wasn’t that much out of the ordinary. We talked about our lives, our hobbies, our families, why we chose our career paths.

Of course, the conversation about our romantic lives eventually reared its ugly head. I had to admit that I was a hopeless virgin at 38 because I was too scared to ask an omnipotent being out. Fortunately, however, it seemed like she didn’t care about that and even laughed it off, then proceeded to talk about her millions of partners both male and female. I honestly was baffled by her endless sexual experience, and she wasn’t even one of those gals that had been living for more than a hundred years. She was younger than me, for heaven’s sake!

When I said ‘out of the ordinary’, I meant for a gal. I had the most amazing gal-cooked steak and potatoes with some exquisite red wine. It was literally the most delicious food I’ve ever tasted in my life and almost made me orgasm in my seat. Chigami, on the other hand, decided to have an even more substantial meal. The waitress brought her many plates full of piles and piles of food of all kinds, so tall that they almost reached the ceiling. She was completely undaunted, gobbling it all down in just a few bites – even dramatically expediting the process by stretching her mouth like it was made of gum.

I’d be lying if I said that such a sight didn’t leave me a little horrified at her power and what she could do to me if she was pissed. At the same time, though, I was astounded that gals could eat literal tons of food and not gain a single pound. Did they have a hammerspace inside their bodies or something?

In any case, I enjoyed the meal and the company, and even managed not to say anything stupid, surprisingly enough. She even said she wanted to go out with me again! Needless to say, by the time I got home that night I was on cloud nine. The most beautiful gal office lady ever wanted to go out with me! What more could I ask?

Once I arrived at home, I found something inside my briefcase.

A photocopy? I didn’t use the machine today… and even if I did, I wouldn’t keep it loose in my briefcase like this.

Then I realized what it was.

Oh god, oh fuck.

It was Chigami’s ass! A photocopy of her beautifully thick, fat, glossy ass. Her powerful asscheeks and puffy vulva stretched her leopard-patterned tanga to its limits. I started instinctively salivating and sweating. Did Chigami slip the photocopy into my briefcase? That was very possible – teleportation was definitely one of the many, many powers gals had at their command.

Typically when I got home, I’d be hungry and make dinner for myself, but that wasn’t the case today. I guessed the steak I ate earlier was magical, so it kept me full longer than any other meal would. Instead, I stripped down and ran to my room with the picture of Chigami’s greyscale ass with me. Something about the way it pressed against the glass of the photocopy machine awakened something primal in me. I became erect in no time and started masturbating like a monkey – no doubt her intention.

Unfortunately I didn’t last very long. I came in a matter of minutes like the pitiful, mortal male I was. My seed sprayed out onto my bedsheets. After taking some time to catch my breath, I realized something was wrong.

Wait…is the picture moving?

Indeed it was! Just like that one horror movie, the ass ceased to be ink on paper and somehow became three dimensional and expanded beyond the confines of the photocopy, just to present itself in full glory, size and color.

The moment I lost it was when the tanga faded into nothingness, exposing the wet and prepped tan pussy. It was just about literally asking me to fuck it! At this point there was too much magic involved for any other explanation to be plausible. Chigami wanted me to fuck her, right here and right now.

As if on cue, my dick became erect again – I swear it even got bigger, too. I grabbed the two bronze orbs with my hands and squeezed them hard, producing a phantasmal moan.

You want my dick? Of course, I’ll oblige you, Your Omnipotence. You’ve been all I’ve fantasized about for months now and you knew it all this time! You have probably been scheming this moment for all that time, if not longer. Don’t worry, I’m more than happy to do my part!

I didn’t even had to say it. I knew she could read my thoughts, and I had the feeling that she was enjoying every single moment of it.

I couldn’t wait any longer, so I stuck my dick in her. I was a virgin but I instantly knew that this was the best experience I’d ever have, and that she was leagues beyond anything I imagined sex with a woman to be like.

Gal pussy was something else: relentlessly hot without becoming overbearing and impossibly tight despite all her previous sexual partners. The experience was beyond magical. I kept pumping my dick in and out as hard as I could muster. Hearing her telepathic moaning and panting only made me go harder and even go as far as to slap her ass a few times to spice it up.

I completely lost my mind and stopped being Soichiro Shimura, becoming her personal fucktoy instead. Chigami’s pussy was so impossibly good that I managed to last hours upon hours, wasting the night away as I kept pounding her. In a brief moment of lucidity, I realized I couldn’t see her face or any of the rest of her spectacular body. That directed my train of thought to her colossal tits, which sent me into an even bigger frenzy.

Having came liters and liters straight into her uterus, I ultimately was completely drained. I collapsed on my bed, ready to sleep for the next week.

Of course, I was a fool for believing it was over for me.

Chigami in her entirety slowly emerged from the photocopy, limb by limb, easily bending the laws of space so she wouldn’t get stuck. It was a distinctly sexier take on the clown car concept – made doubly impressive by the fact that she was transforming from a 2D still image to a full bodied, living, breathing 3D being.

Once free of the piece of paper, she reclined on a couch that materialized in my bedroom out of nowhere. Was it even my bedroom anymore…? It looked more like a love hotel now.

In any event, she put her arms behind her head, producing tension on her shirt and blazer, which immediately gave and revealed her immense breasts. She brought her feet up against her thighs, showing off her leopard-patterned micro bra, tanga panties, and high heels. Her whole outfit looked mind-bogglingly expensive and stylish – maybe it came from her home?

She looked straight into my eyes with an expression that initially looked smug to me, but I could also tell she was thoroughly aroused and very much in love. The same could definitely be said of me.

“Soichi-kun…” She crawled towards me and stripped me of my clothes without even the slightest application of effort. She stroked my chest with obvious lust in her eyes as she added, “We’re not done yet~”

We shared a passionate dirty kiss. She enveloped my dick and balls with one hand and grabbed my chin with the other. I immediately got hard again, only this time my cock was thrice its usual size. I wasn’t sure if it was just adrenaline in the heat of the moment, but my balls felt close to bursting. I had to cum, or else.

“C-Chigami… t-tan…” I swallowed.


“Will you be my girlfriend?”

“Well, let’s see how you perform first, stud~?”


Word of Cindi and Euna’s plan to achieve some kind of hyper-orgasmic apotheosis quickly spread across the gal community, earning it and its participants the nickname Poyo. Some were skeptical that such a state existed, let alone could be reached. Meiko the succubus, however, not only believed it possible, but became obsessed with the idea immediately after hearing of it.

Meanwhile, Kotaro started to suspect something was happening to him. Every time he fucked a gyaru and redeemed her, his cock became bigger and more powerful. He loved it, but he also couldn’t help but wonder why it was happening. None of the gyaru he redeemed knew anything about it, though they were all quickly brought to the heights of ecstasy by way of his godcock, where it was generally difficult to do much but scream and cum.

After redeeming his 100th gyaru, Meiko appeared instead of another gyaru.

“Oh, you’re a gal,” Kotaro said to her. “What’s up? You want redemption? Or maybe a ride on my bigass dick?”

Meiko eyed his dick. It was glorious – easily the greatest in the entire universe. There were bigger cocks out there, but Kotaro’s was more powerful by orders of magnitude. She so wanted to ride it for all eternity, but she wanted to make Cindi and Euna’s plan happen more.

“Not, uh… not right now, though that’s part of why I’m here. You see, I augmented that spell Sakura cast on your dick, causing it to become so… so amazing…”

She shook herself from her momentary daze. “At the time, that was intended merely as an idle experiment – certainly you wouldn’t mind if your cock became better and better. But a larger experiment has come to my attention. You and your godcock would benefit it greatly.”

Struggling to maintain her composure, she continued, “Both for this experiment and to reward you for all the good you have done to date, I’d like to make you into a gal. Of course, you would keep your godcock, whether you accept or not.”

Kotaro barely even thought about it. Given the offer to not only gain the absolute power of a gal but also keep his godcock, there was nothing to consider – no reason to hesitate.

“I’ll do it.”

Meiko smiled and jammed his godcock between her legs. She began vibrating eagerly and intensely, like an overclocked sex toy. Kotaro came in attoseconds, so hard that he – rather, she – filled and overfilled Meiko with cum, flooding and utterly annihilating the planet from the pressure alone. A few yoctoseconds and her cumpocalypse would have enveloped the galaxy, but Meiko intervened. It was nothing she couldn’t instantaneously and retroactively fix, even while high on the best orgasm she’d ever had. Kotaro’s first orgasm as an omnipotent gal wound up not even momentarily inconveniencing the galaxy’s population.

That sudden blast of raw power and bliss, Meiko noted with a smirk, was less than nothing compared to what Cindi and Euna had planned….

“Holy shit, this is amazing!” Kotaro continued cumming into Meiko while she redirected all the cum into a pocket universe within herself. “I feel like a goddess!”

Meiko replied, “That’s because you are one now. Speaking of, ‘Kotaro’ doesn’t really suit you now. How about… Sachiko?”

“I love it!”

Sakura noticed the explosion and its swift reversion, so she poked her head out from Sachiko’s bedroom.

“Kotar – I mean Sachiko-sama! – no fair! I should be the first one to take your gal godcock!”

Sakura warped the matter in the room, making a bed for her to lie on and point her ass invitingly at Sachiko.

“Would you excuse me a moment, please?” Sachiko said calmly to Meiko. “I have to take care of something before we go.”

“Of course. I’ll meet you at the experiment site.”

Meiko teleported away in a flash of pink light.

Thrilled, Sachiko jammed her godcock into Sakura’s ass, tearing straight through her leather shorts. The added resistance from the shorts, Sakura’s notoriously tight ass, and the lingering high from Sachiko’s ascension resulted in that single thrust feeling exponentially better than even the best sex of both their lives combined. Likewise, that single thrust filled Sakura’s asshole with cum so potent and concentrated that it immediately impregnated any organic matter it touched.

Sakura was downright paralyzed in ecstasy beyond ecstasy. She couldn’t cry out. She couldn’t move. She couldn’t even breathe – not that she needed to.

Sachiko wasn’t the first gal to have a penis, but she was among the first to have one that could be considered a godcock. As such, next to no one – Sachiko included – knew what it was really capable of.

While her relentless torrents of cum were definitely pleasuring and impregnating Sakura’s writhing body, there was more going on than just that. Logically, Sakura’s body should have been rapidly filling up with cum as Sachiko’s orgasm continued, culminating in either the stuff spewing out her mouth or her popping like a balloon. The latter was impossible, as she was downright indestructible. The former didn’t happen because Sakura’s body was absorbing the cum directly into her soul.

A little-known aspect of gal cum – especially from a godcock like Sachiko’s – was that it held vast power within it. A single sperm cell could completely restore an old woman’s youth and vigor. A human-scale ejaculation would cause an adult to become superhuman. More cum than there is water on the Earth would be enough to make anyone into a gal.

Sakura was absorbing that much every nanosecond, so naturally she was rapidly ascending to galhood. Floating above the bed and radiating pure orgasmic energy in all directions, she tossed her head back and screamed in sublime ecstasy, radiant with the infinite light of creation itself… only she stopped. Everything stopped.

Everything but Sachiko. She could tell the forces at work here were somehow beyond even her. She was now in the presence of the gal leaders.

“What do you think you’re doing?!” a horrified unseen voice exclaimed.

“You do realize that’s a gyaru you’re cumming inside, correct?” another voice added.

“I don’t understand,” Sachiko replied. “What’s happening?”

“We’ve stopped time before you could make an error so grievous that humanity would be annihilated!”

“What? Sakura’s not a gyaru anymore. I redeemed her.”

“She may not have her powers anymore, and you may believe she no longer holds any malevolent intent, but we cannot be certain that simply giving her the powers of a gal is a wise decision.”

“Besides, you were a mere mortal until several minutes ago!”

“Cindi is under Euna’s supervision – we know and trust her – but you were left on your own with absolute power! How can we be sure you will use that power wisely?”

Meiko appeared, standing next to Sachiko. She seemed more exasperated than anything else.

“On my honor as both a gal and a succubus, I vouch that Sachiko is fully aware of the consequences of her actions, whether they be good or bad, and will ensure Sakura uses her powers responsibly in a gal-like manner.”

“Even so, we cannot fathom the irresponsibility required to hand out omnipotence to someone who previously used that same kind of power for her own benefit and mankind’s detriment!”

“I thought you trusted me enough to not intervene in my affairs. But apparently not. Instead, we have to freeze time, inconvenience Sachiko, and leave Sakura in a position as ridiculous as this.”

She indicated Sakura’s indeed-ridiculous ahegao – an admittedly common side effect of exposure to gal-level ecstasy, though it didn’t look nearly as silly when happening in real time.

A long moment of silence preceded the unseen voices sighing.

“So be it.”

“Sachiko, we will allow you to proceed on one condition.”

“Name it.”

“…We would each like a ride on your godcock.”

Sachiko smirked and produced an army of duplicates of herself.

“That sounds like more than one condition to me,” every iteration of her said with a smirk as she willed her godcocks to become erect, “but I’m game.”

After finishing with them and resuming time, Sachiko gave Sakura the rest of the cum she intended to, thus completing her apotheosis.

Even after Sachiko pulled out, Sakura continued convulsing like she was having a seizure. She gradually regained control of herself and became lucid.

“Oh my god… Sachiko-sama~!” she embraced her in a tight hug.

“I’m a gal like you now! I-I’ve never felt so good before! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I can’t believe I was ever content with mere gyaru powers!”

“You know, I’m actually about to leave to participate in an experiment to achieve hyper-orgasmic apotheosis. I guarantee it’ll put how you feel now to shame.”

Sakura’s eyes widened, unable to fathom what her lover was describing. Sachiko moved in close to her ear and added, “How would you like to come with me?”

Sakura wordlessly responded by eagerly embracing her again. Smiling, she patted Sakura’s head and teleported away.

Meanwhile, Cindi and Euna rang the doorbell to a house in suburban America.

Be right there!” a voice called out from inside. A few moments later, the door opened, revealing a thoroughly pregnant gal. She was short on breath and reeked of sex, making it clear to Cindi and Euna what she was doing moments ago.

“Hi…?” Cindi began. “If this is a bad time, we can come back later.”

“Oh, not at all, sweetie! I just finished!” With a chuckle, she added, “My boyfriend came so hard, he’ll be out of it for weeks!”

“Um… are you Laura?”

“The one and only! Literally, in fact! Gotta love the absolute uniqueness of gal names – no need for a surname! Ah, sorry, I ramble sometimes. One sec!”

In a flash of startlingly intense gal power, Laura transformed from an overwhelmingly gravid mother-to-be to a sleek, scantily clad sorceress clad in white robes over a revealing translucent bodystocking. She must have been veiling the true extent of her power, because now she was radiating a level of power neither Cindi nor Euna had ever seen before.

Just standing in her presence made them both cum. In unison, they both uttered, “…Wow.”

Laura giggled. “So! I hear you two want to transcend pleasure itself and achieve some kind of apotheosis?”

Cindi replied, “That’s right. Think you can help?”

“Think? I know I can! I’m a sorceress, in the business of expanding the limits of what’s possible with gal powers – mainly in terms of sexual enhancement. Unaided, my magic can make one orgasm feel like 30. These womb tattoos can make that 30 feel like 30,000. I surprised my boyfriend with that just a little bit ago, in fact~! I’m afraid he’s a bit too passed out to give a testimonial, but take my word for it: he’s a fan. With some tweaking, I’ve been able to reach into the trillions and beyond. As it turns out, however, I went a little too far. I’m actually in a self-induced state of constant hyper-orgasm, thanks to my tattoo.”

She pointed down between her legs, just above her low-hanging loincloth. There was a seal of some sort over her womb. A pink light was just barely able to shine through.

“See this here? If I remove this, then there will be no stopping my orgasms from destroying the universe and then some. But, I believe that if I’m able to share that pleasure with you and your partner, the distribution of power would be evenly split between the three of us. Instead of overwhelming us, it would instead augment the experience and get you that much closer to your goal!”

Cindi stared in wide-eyed silence for a long moment, considering the idea. It was crazy… but then, so was her and Euna’s plan.

Cindi gave Laura’s nylon-clad breasts a thorough groping – the gal equivalent of a handshake. “Welcome aboard!”

There were few things that felt better than huge, hypersensitive breasts encased in nylon. As it turns out, Cindi’s eager touch was one of them. Laura let out some wonderful cries of pleasure before her breasts began producing milk. Thanks to her pregnancy, she was swimming in hormones, meaning she had two literally-bottomless milk taps on her chest. A few drops became a steady stream became a pair of fire hoses.

A human in Cindi’s place would’ve been instantly overwhelmed, submerged, and drowned in a few seconds, but she was more than capable of downing a planet’s worth of breast milk. She was getting turned on by Laura’s lewd display, but opted to restrain herself for now, in anticipation of the main event.

Clearing her throat, she created a clipboard out of thin air and read to Euna, “Okay, so we have the two of us, a succubus named Meiko, a male-turned-gal named Sachiko, and a sorceress named Laura.”

“Correct,” Euna nodded, “though Sachiko will be bringing a plus one: a redeemed gyaru-turned-gal named Sakura.”

“Is that so? Well, I’m intrigued!”

She, Euna, and Laura teleported to their testing grounds. Simultaneously, Sachiko and Sakura appeared.

“Sorry we’re late,” Sachiko said, “I had to take care of some stuff.”

Sakura grinned and added, “I’m stuff!”

“Alright,” Cindi announced, checking the last boxes on her list, “everyone’s here! I know we’re all eager to get started and we all know the plan, so let’s get right to it, Poyo!”

The first step of said plan was for every participant to steel themselves and wait for the proper moment to begin fucking. They knew abundantly well how powerful the urge would be, but they had to hold back until everything was ready. Then each gal produced four duplicates of themselves – effectively extensions of their own body. They experienced everything their duplicates did, allowing them to enjoy making love to each other person in the group.

Meiko suffused the area with weapons-grade aphrodisiacs. A combination of natural succubus pheromones augmented with gal sorcery never attempted before this occasion. The gaseous philter reacted dramatically to open air exposure, causing its concentration to grow rampantly. She had to contain the group in a large dome to avoid affecting the entire universe. The concentration of pheromones became so great inside the dome that it was downright lethal to anyone but a gal. The aphrodisiacs literally replaced the air inside the dome.

Laura produced duplicate womb tattoos on each of the other six, matching her own. Cindi and Sachiko in particular reacted strongly to their tattoos’ effects, since they weren’t yet used to the profound sensitivity and eroticism enjoyed by gals. Laura couldn’t help but smirk at them, as they were only experiencing an infinitesimal fraction of what her tattoos were capable of, thanks to the magic seals she gave everyone with the tattoos. In addition, the tattoos produced pregnancy hormones in each participant, further augmenting their sensitivity and libidos.

Sachiko produced exact duplicates of her godcock just below each gal’s womb tattoo. They instantly became erect and spurting out precum, almost like fountains. Meiko’s impenetrable dome would have filled with precum in a few minutes, if Sachiko hadn’t adjusted the cocks’ precum to dissolve into vapor, further enhancing Meiko’s aphrodisiacs.

Cindi draped pure erotic power over each gal, riling them all up and ensuring beyond-maximum excitement. Sachiko had to adjust her precum-to-vapor magic, since the production rate was increasing exponentially, as was the group’s arousal.

Euna created a hive mind and linked each gal’s nervous systems to it, allowing them all to feel each other’s sensations. All the tension and horniness from each gal was multiplied by a factor of 30. The rate of precum production had grown so dramatically that Sachiko simply cut out the middleman and replaced the substance with more aphrodisiac.

Their desperation was rapidly approaching its breaking point, to say the least.

With shaky legs and a dripping vagina, Sakura readied a blast of energy that would detonate it all, initiating the orgy with a bang that put the big one to shame.

Everyone present came harder than they ever had before. Laura’s womb tattoo seals evaporated under the stress of too much pleasure to contain. That exponential increase in ecstasy caused Sachiko’s godcocks to grow just as exponentially, in both size and sensitivity. The containment fields on Cindi’s skintight veils of pure power dropped, explosively augmenting the magnitude of everyone’s euphoria even further.

Fortunately, gals possessed what male scientists called an inverted refractory period. Instead of being unable to reach orgasm for a time after climax, a gal’s body prepared for at least a dozen more orgasms before the first even happened. Thanks to that, multiple orgasms were literally inevitable for gals – at least a million were guaranteed from any sexual activity. That effect coupled with the record-breaking lust of every participant worked tremendously to the experiment’s benefit.

Said lust caused all involved to create more duplicates of themselves, turning an orgy of 30 into one of 30 quadrillion. Every iteration of everyone was infinitely sensitive and couldn’t get enough! Fortunately, Meiko’s protective dome was easily capable of expanding outside of normal space… though that was ultimately made moot, as the writhing forms started evaporating en masse. Euna’s hive mind could only perceive untold ecstasy from the process, so they didn’t resist.

Pleasure this incomprehensibly intense was never experienced before, so there was no clear distinction between it and what lay beyond. Even the most prophetically accurate theories on the nature of existence made by the finest gal minds to ever exist couldn’t hope to penetrate this barrier.

The only way to find out what was on the other side was to breach it yourself, which was exactly what the group of infinitely horny gals did. The entire dome was filled with pure erotic power. Once at the saturation point, the suffusion of power continued increasing relentlessly. They exceeded the perceived laws of physics created by humans and the universe’s actual restrictions alike.

Eventually, the dome started to falter. The gals had to act quickly to keep their experiment from irreparably warping the entire universe. Each of them reinforced the dome, shaped it into a sphere, and headed off at FTL speeds for the nearest universe boundary. The open space between universes was abundant enough to allow the experiment to play out without wreaking havoc.

Reaching the edge of the universe took less than a second. Passing through slowed them down slightly, but nowhere near enough for a human mind to register it. Once outside and a safe distance from the universe and any other nearby universes, they dropped their containment field and let whatever they created happen.

All the power and lust between the gals caused their physical forms to disintegrate, leaving their souls to ascend beyond our plane of existence, beyond the gyaru plane, even beyond the gal plane. That should have been impossible – the gal plane was called the highest plane of existence deliberately. Regardless, the gals emerged in an unknown plane beyond the understanding of any being in existence, gal or otherwise.

The limitless powers that gals possessed effectively prevented them from ever being overwhelmed, and yet the forces interacting with their souls in this higher plane reduced the omnipotent titans to convulsing masses of energy. It was so orgasmic that the term failed to convey the sheer intensity of the pleasures bombarding them endlessly. Frankly, the English language – like any other human form of communication – was simply inadequate for describing it. Rapture was close, but even then it was like describing a nuclear blast as a balloon popping.

It was a herculean effort for the gals to do anything but let the Rapture overtake them. Gals were designed and optimized for sex, mind, body, and soul. Right now, the whole group was experiencing the ultimate erotic experience. They had to their basest, most primordial urges responsible for shaping their society to the pinnacle of erotisicm over countless eons…

…except they actually didn’t. As each gal was submerged in the Rapture, they became startlingly lucid and focused – more clear-headed than they ever had been before. And yet, somehow, the aeonian ecstasy of the Rapture remained, pulsating through their very essences like a heart unleashing power that would put the Big Bang to shame with every beat.

With the gals’ minds linked together, it was difficult to determine who had a very sudden realization, but the realization itself was far more important.

“The only way our species could be born is through the power and ecstasy created by this Rapture! We are destined to ensure our species’ birth!”

Their objective now was clear. They had a lot of sex ahead of them – too much for any other species, but a welcome challenge for gals.

Sex in the Rapture was beyond gal understanding, but their sex-optimized bodies allowed them to quickly adapt and enjoy the experience unhindered. The Rapture existed outside the space-time continuum, thereby untethering them from time and space. They could have fucked for minutes or millennia. Of course, given their literally infinite lust, mere subjective minutes were hardly adequate to satisfy them.

They created several wells of gal power across the multiverse, so other sufficiently advanced civilizations could be uplifted and enjoy the omnipotence of galhood. The closest one to Earth would be misidentified as a galaxy named Andromeda by human astronomers.

The unmitigated orgasmic power unleashed by their rampant fucking accidentally managed to leak out from the Rapture and into normal space-time. It managed to hit Earth in 2018 CE, resulting in the female population becoming distinctly more youthful and completely invulnerable – the early hallmarks of gal power.

Womankind became universally promiscuous and subconsciously favoring gal fashion. They grew independent of mankind and swiftly advanced beyond them, both in terms of technology and supernatural powers. Their limited powers allowed them to perceive the truth of the Andromeda Galaxy, so they developed a space program and departed in a starship capable of running circles around the speed of light.

They reached the distant ‘galaxy’ in weeks. Once there, they found the offer of far greater power and immediately took it. At the time, no action was taken on the gals’ part, as they assumed a species capable of reaching the ‘galaxy’ would be civilized and use that enormous power responsibly and altruistically.

Of course, that wasn’t the case. The women of Earth became corrupted by their premature ascension, resulting in the bastardized term gyaru and unthinkable destruction on mankind and the planet alike… all because of Cindi and Euna’s experiment.

“We have made a significant error, but not an irreversible one.”

Saturday, July 30, 2033.

The 3.4 billion passengers and crew of the Gyaru Space Vehicle Shibuya were all certain their powers originated from their destination: the Andromeda Galaxy. They were only 10 kiloparsecs away when…

“Picking up anomalous readings directly ahead.”

“Reading power fluctuations in key systems. All decks concur – not a sensor malfunction. Life support does not appear to be affected, at least for the time being.”

“I have a visual on the anomaly.”

“Let’s see it.”

An immense mass of energy radiated from the center of the galaxy, enveloping the vessel and immobilizing it.

“Our momentum has been forcibly halted. Minor shearing damage sustained. Engines do not respond.”

“Main power is offline! Reserves and auxiliary are draining rapidly!”

“Sensors can’t make sense of it! We don’t have enough power for detailed scans!”

“What about life support?”

“Reading stable, but internal sensors just failed, so that may easily change.”

A powerful, booming voice echoed in the minds of every gyaru on board.

“Calm yourselves, my children. We mean you no harm.”

“Who are you?! What are you?! Why are you stopping our vessel?! For that matter, how?!”

“Suffice it to say we know what you will do with this vast power, so we are here to stop you.”

“Wh-what do you mean?”

“We will show you.”

Every gyaru’s mind was filled with increasingly horrifying images.

They evolved to incredible heights while leaving the men to stagnate. Upon returning to Earth as gods, they will treat the remaining men as toys to be played with and abused. Death will become commonly desired, though the ascended gyaru will often prevent successful suicide attempts just to revel in their despair. It all will culminate in a feigned peace treaty followed by the planet’s complete destruction and species’ extinction. Then they will head off into space to find a new planet to conquer. The process will repeat indefinitely, like an omnipotent cancer on all existence.

Every gyaru aboard the Shibuya was in tears, horrified at how close they were to becoming irredeemable monsters.

“We believe you understand now.”

Emotions flared throughout the ship – literally, in fact. Some gyaru felt so remorseful of crimes they hadn’t even committed yet that they didn’t want their powers, feeling they didn’t deserve them. Others wanted to use their powers to prevent the horrific end they saw. It was unanimous that everyone just wanted to go home.

Monday, August 22, 2033.

The gyaru of Earth arrived back to their home planet, universally remorseful and tearfully apologetic to their male loved ones, who were more confused than anything else but appreciative nonetheless and glad that normalcy was returning to the world.

Well, normal to a point. Poyo sent the gal population to Earth to nurture and guide humanity until they’re ready for omnipotence. That news was initially disheartening to the former gyaru who enjoyed their powers, but they immediately perked up upon learning that the gals were confident that humanity would become ready in their lifetime.

The timeline had been altered from its original state, as opposed to being completely overwritten. Peter still met Katie in his bathtub, Laura still restored Mike’s youth and became his girlfriend, Taro still has three exceptionally lusty gal friends, Soichiro still fell in love with Chigami at first sight. Friends and lovers still met and cherished, assistance given, cherished memories kept real

The only real changes centered around the members of Poyo. In the Rapture, their powers were truly infinite, surpassing even gal understanding. They were gods compared to a race of gods.

“I think we should stay here. Not for how amazing it feels, not for the absolute power it entails – well, not just those – but for all the good we can do with this power.”

“It’s incredible what a simple nudge in the right direction can do for a person, a society.”

“I agree wholeheartedly. When I was fucking Sakura right after becoming a gal, everything froze for a time and I was visited by super-powerful, non-corporeal gals. They didn’t mention their names, but I can tell now that they are us. They – we – weren’t thrilled by the idea of gyarus being allowed to become as powerful as a gal. With that in mind, I think we should strive to be better. Our power is infinite – surely our compassion can be too.”

“I certainly wasn’t expecting to spend the rest of my life as a god of gods… but surprisingly enough, I think I like it better this way.”

“We did good, didn’t we? Through an unrelated experiment, we inadvertently caused the problem we were sent to Earth to correct, then we found an opportunity to prevent it at the source and took it. An apocalyptic dystopia retroactively becomes egalitarian and thriving, just like that. Not bad for our first day, huh?”

“Perhaps, but I think we’ll outdo ourselves many times over. By then, this will seem like a lazy day off.”

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