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Okay, we are back again with another installment in the Spotlight series. 

It's almost christmas time at this point (or at least it should be when it’s getting published so: HAPPY CHRISTMAS!) so let us go ahead with a story that has nothing to do with Christmas!

This time:

Crimson High by DKC

First off, this story is long, at least for me that usually prefer stories around 2-7K words but when a story approaches 15-20K? Then I begin to get a bit intimidated…There is a lot to get through and there might be things I want to skib so I can get to the good parts quicker. That is my usual fear when finding a long story.

Despite all of the above, I find this story to be amazing, engaging and refreshing!


Hot. Black. Super-Woman.


Enough said.

… Okay, I might have a bit more to say about the story.

The title in itself is a nice detail that I find clever, when viewed in retrospect. Before I read the story, I thought that it had one meaning and by the middle/end I realized what it actually meant. You clever devil DKC…

The story is set in Smallville, around the time when Clark Kent is still mainly known as Superboy. As often happens with stories with this kind of setting, one of the women in Clark’s life gets superpowers so there aren’t any real surprises on that front besides how it’s done. 

The name of the story's protagonist is Naveen (the aforementioned, future, Hot Black Superwoman!). She is something of an outcast in the story being the only black student in her year and at the same time sporting a very mature body that she is trying to conceal from the people around her. 

Naveen isn’t our typical superheroine but I do genuinely like the idea of a black superwoman, and the idea of using one has been stuck on my mind for weeks!

The story has something of a “comic” feel to it which sometimes conflicts slightly with other elements of the story but it ain’t a major problem to me.

For the major part, I really like the story and how it is built up. With that being said, I do have some minor problems with it that I might need to address. 

Just to be clear; They aren’t deal breakers but they are things that should be addressed in some way.

We are told that Naveen is likely to be double as powerful as Superboy, and I feel the ending is abrupt/that something is missing.

The first one is kinda minor since Naveen does fight against another powerful opponent but we still lose the comparison to Superboy.

The second one is more major but it’s hard to explain it without spoiling the ending. Let's just say that there is a hanging thread that I feel could have acted as the next major thing in the story. Instead, the story skips years ahead to the end. 

Despite that, This story really is a nice read and I encourage people to give it a read if they haven’t already!

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