Dutch Sprinter Dafne Schippers

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Dutch Sprinter Dafne Schippers was created by slim36
A promising Olympic sprinter

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During a match I get everything out of my body what's inside, and preferably more. After an all-around race I collapsed totally in. I can only lie motionless on the ground and wait until disappearance of the pain. I see nothing more, nothing does it still. We call it among athletes sometimes called "the battlefield", all those wrecked bodies on the track.

After Rio she should be ready for the Transformatrix program
Twitter pages shows the army of Dafne

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18 Jul 2016 15:31 #49203 by shadar
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All that fast-twitch muscle and speeded-up nervous system, elite sprinters occupy an amazing corner of human physiology.

If we had the science to transform a human into someone who could move much faster than human and project great power, it would be easiest to start with a sprinter, who already knows how to do both those things.

The one sprinter I've known (way back in college days) couldn't sit still, had to always move, like she was made of tight, vibrating strings inside or something, and she did everything very, very fast. Everything. Ridiculously hard muscles and tendons but no endurance. Reaction times were uncanny. You could throw a ball at her from a few feet away without warning and she'd catch it. She could capture flies in mid-flight with her hand without hurting them. Freaky but impressive. A good foundation for building a superhuman, but way too intense for the slow-twitch likes of me.


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