Avril Lavigne

23 Mar 2005 20:30 #524 by shamus0013
Avril Lavigne was created by shamus0013
I'm probably gonna catch some flack for this, but I think Avril Lavigne would make an awesome ubergirl. She's tiny and flat-chested, but she's absolutely knockout-beautiful in the face (IMHO). Maybe I'll write a story or something.

BTW, in case an of you are interested, I've got some stories under the author Jman at DtV. They're in the Misc. Stories sections. The girls aren't quite uber-category, but maybe you'll dig 'em anyway.


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23 Mar 2005 23:59 #526 by shadar
Replied by shadar on topic Re: Avril Lavigne
I'd briefly considered using Avril as the model for my evolving Hana, Valkyrie story, and had prepared these picts to go along with that story. These are some of the best Avril picts on the Net, to which I futher cleaned up, enhanced, etc.:

In these images, she's ready and raring to go as a superheroine. She just needs a story.

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25 Mar 2005 10:43 #538 by agentd
Replied by agentd on topic Re: Avril Lavigne
Hell yeah!

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23 Apr 2014 12:06 #36257 by Newshound
Replied by Newshound on topic Re: Avril Lavigne

shadar wrote: She just needs a story.

Here is a short story I wrote about Avril being stronger than she looks. A lot stronger.

Attachment avril_lavigne_008.jpg not found

A friend and I were at a club listening to a band when from out of nowhere this tiny girl came up and slammed her fist into my stomach, sending me down on one knee. My friend came to my side to help me up when she grabbed him by the shirt collar and his belt. I watched as she wheeled around and flung him into a drywall with such force that he busted through it completely and landed in a heap. Before I could get to my feet, she bent over and grabbed the back of my shirt collar and lifted me to my feet. She then started slamming my head against the drywall repeatedly until she finally punched a hole in the wall with my head.

By then two bouncers arrived to see what the commotion was. These two burly guys grabbed her from behind but, she was still strong enough to fling me though the hole made by my friend. I landed on top of him and just lay there in a daze. She then went to town on the two bouncers, knocking one unconcious and throwing the other one over the bar. By the time the police and the ambulance arrived, she was long gone.

We never did find out why she decided to beat us up. We didn't even know her and weren't making any trouble. All we could figure was that she was a mean bitch and just felt like kicking someone's ass. We think that she just used me and my friend to create a commotion and that her real targets were the bouncers. We just suffered cuts and bruises because the drywall had a lot of give to it. The bouncers and an off duty police officer who tried to help them all suffered broken bones and concussions. Here is a picture of her released by the police taken in the bar shortly before she kicked our asses. If you see her, give her a wide berth.

Attachment avril-lavigne-spunk.jpg not found

As a sidenote, I read that two police officers were severely beaten later that night after stopping an "unidentified suspect or suspects" about a half mile away from the club. I heard a rumor that the officers were found handcuffed naked to the bumper of their patrol car with their own handcuffs. I wouldn't be surprised if the police weren't releasing the identity of the "suspect or suspects" in order to avoid the embarrassment of having to admit that two of their finest had the crap beaten out of them by a five foot tall girl.

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