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So I'm at this strip club with my buddies one night. We sit there bullshitting for a while we get some lapdances, come back to the table and bullshit some more. It was a slow night so alot of the dancers were comming and talking to us. So then this girl comes up, blonde, slender wearing a blue bikini, pulls up a chair and casually sits down at our table. One of my buddies say hi so she says hi back. But I could tell just by the tone of her voice that she was trouble. So she gets into the small talk and someone asks her where the good clubs are. She says she doesnt go clubbing or to bars cause shes always getting in fights. Now I'm looking at this girl thinking, "how the hell does this pretty little girl get into bar fights." BTW her complexion was perfect, probably cause of the lighting and make up, but it didnt look like shes been beaten up or anything and the way she carried herself looked to me like she could hold her own. So she continues talking and some time passes and Im getting kinda roused up so I get a dance with her. I had to make a stop by the ATM so shes talking to one of her collegues and Im getting my cash and I hear her refer to me as her "victim." Now I defenatly aint a small guy and Im a soldier. I can't imagine how I'm going to be this little girl's victim, but its kinda turning me on. So we get back there and she tells me to empty my pockets, remove my belt and my jacket. So I do and just when I put my stuff down she shoves me into the couch with her petite hand. I was a little shocked from that and right after she effortlessly pulls my legs out so I sit at the edge of the couch. theres even more shock and surprise that she was able to do that so effortlessly. Then she gets straight to work. I'll let you all use your imagination as to what happened within the next few minutes but all I can say is parts of my neck and chest just scabbed over and I felt like I had a lump in my throat for days, kinda made it hard to swallow. That was an amazing lapdance but now I know to be carefull when strippers refer to you as their victims hahaha.

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