The Adventures of Mighty Woman!

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The Adventures of Mighty Woman! was created by mercblue22
Hello all,
For those who know me well, its been a looooong time since I wrote any stories. I've been caught up with my superheroine TFs groups, City of Heroes and other things, but tonight, I really felt inspired to start writing again. And what did I write, a nice little number based on one of my superheroines from COH, Mighty Woman! That's right, Lorraine Thomas, mousy housewife and mother of two, now has a new identity, Mighty Woman. This origin issue is very short, but I will be writing more issues in the near future if people like this. Also, I have included two pics I've snapped myself from City of Heroes, to give you all an idea of how Mighty Woman looks.

Hope you all enjoy,


The Adventures of Mighty Woman


1. Lorraine Thomas/Mighty Woman
2. George Thomas (Husband/Lawyer)
3. Amy Thomas (13-year-old daughter)
4. Gregory Thomas (15-year-old son)
5. Rachel Watson (Family Friend)

Issue #1-The Origin of Mighty Woman!

Hello, my name is Lorraine Thomas and I live with my family in wonderous Cedar City. It's such a quiet city during most days, and this is where I met my husband George. We both attended Lakeview University, which is a few miles outside Cedar City. Gosh, I still remember how George and I met! I was 18 and was reading as I walked to class, when I accidently bumped into this guy, knocking us both over. Embarrased, he smiled and helped me to my feet, retriving my books as we both seem to get caught in the moment. I guess its what some people call being hit by the "thunderbolt." After a few years of dating, we became engaged and after graduating college, we were married. It all happened so fast too, but love is strange like that, I guess.

After college, George got a good job working for a lawyer firm in Ceder City. So, we settled in Cedar City where another unexpected surprise occured. (sort of) I found out I was pregnant with our first child, who we named Gregory. He was child that needed constant attention which meant that I had to stay at home while George worked. I didn't mind being a housewife back then because Gregory kept me busy most of the time. Then, two years after having Gregory, a second child came into the family, Amy. Unlike Gregory, Amy was the quiet one and hardly gave me much trouble. Years passed and the kids got older and so did we. Before you know it, the kids were teenagers and the family didn't seem to need me as much anymore.

Now 36 and married to George for 14 years, I began to feel the light in our marriage slowly dim some. George was up to his neck in cases most of the time, that he rarely noticed me anymore. The same was true with Gregory and Amy as the only time they called on me was to iron their clothes or take them to their friend's house. I felt a apart of me was slipping away, that I was losing my family to father time. I had taken care of my family's needs for so many years, that now, I didn't have a life of my own. I tried burying my sadness in laundry and daytime soaps, but the reality was, my family didn't need me much anymore, and that hurt.

It was during this time that something happened to me, something out of a comicbook! Sitting alone in my living room folding laundry, a large woman suddenly appeared and hovered over me. Startled, I looked up at her in awe more then fright as she was wrapped in silk and gold. Calling herself Astra, Goddess of Might, she told me that I was chosen by the Hierarchy of Goddesses to accept their power and aid the citizens of Ceder City. Unsure what to say, I stared at this woman with an expression of confusion as I still wasn't sure any of this was real. But, all that changed when out of thin air, a vision appeared of George leaving the courthouse and a bandit of thugs driving by and open-firing on him. Horrified at what I just saw, I pleaded for Astra to save him, but she refused,

"Tis is your doing, for I cannot help thou. Call forth thy name Mighty Woman and thou shall be granted thee strength."

I didn't have time to waste on deciding whether all this was an hallucination or not, so, I dropped the laundry and stood up, my hands clenched into fists, and shouted as loud as I could, the name of...


Suddenly, a large belt appeared around my waist as the room was now engulfed in a bright light. Within seconds, a burst of unbelievable energy began entering my body as the power was overwhelming. I leaned over, eyes closed and clenching my fists, afraid at what was happening.


Having no clue that the power from the belt was feeding me with all of its strength and power, my body reacted and started to grow larger and muscular. Still with my eyes closed, I continued to take in all of this power, as I could feel muscles growing in places I'd never dream of. I then grabbed onto one of the arms of the stairs nearby for leverage as the sound of crumbling wood beneath my powerful grip echoed throughout the room. Suddenly, I heard the sound of fabric being ripped apart as my clothes began tearing from my body, piece by piece.

"riiiiiiiiiipppppppp ........ppppppppp.. .......ppp....ppppp ppppppppppppppppppp ppp..."

Unaware at how large I had now become. My once 5'3 body had been replaced by massive a 6'4 Amazonian bulk of muscle thanks to the belt. Also, my dark brown hair, that once frailed wildly during my transformation, was now golden blonde. As the light began to fade, a maroon-colored costume covered my naked muscular body and a mask, my identity. Looking over at the mirror nearby, I caught a quick glimpse of my new body and was in complete awe. Astra smiled at me as she revealed to me my new name,

"From this day forth, you shall be known to all as Mighty Woman, protector of innocence!"

Feeling super strong and almost invincible, I quickly remembered that my husband was in danger and only I could save him. Directing my arm to the nearest window, I leapt towards it as I exploded through glass at superspeed, as the world was about to meet Cedar City's newest protector, her name...MIGHTY WOMAN!!!

-Next Issue, Mighty Woman arrives at the bank and tests out her newfound powers on some bad guys!-

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