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It suddenly dawned on me that I never posted a "bio" of sorts, so to fill in the blanks. I'm Larafan/Lfan/ElF.....

40-ish male who was deeply affected I guess with the mid to late seventies influx of TV heroines such as Bionic Woman and Wonder Woman. Now follows a pulsating spiral that knifes in and out of fantasyland from time to time.

My mind is fairly cluttered with story concepts and fantasies, many of which I've put to pen and pixels in the form of stories, ideas, or pictures. Most notably, I created and ran Supergirls, Inc. for about 2-3 years, wrote the Awakening, and durrently maintain a repository of my colorings at .

Unfortunately, time constraints and real life keep me from being close to the spotlight these days and contributing more to this genre we all seem to love. Hopefully, things will relent soon but if I might make a plea to everyone, please don't let this site die! I've seen one too many sites of our ilk be overrun with complacency and apathy. There ain't many around and this is the best one!!

Author: Marknew. I'm in awe of his detailed imagination and storytelling gifts.

Heroine: Fatale, but if I had to go mainstream, probably Supergirl

Uber-Content: The Awakening. Yes, I'm biased but you remember that "fantasyland" part of my mind? Awakening was pretty much a mind dump of that (well, almost)

Artists: So many but I'd have to list Michael Bair, Nicola Scott, Al Rio, Michael Dooney, and Will Conrad amongst my favs

Comic Book: Changes with the creative teams....right now prob Dynamo 5


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