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Hi everyone. I just noticed this forum so I thought I'd introduce myself. MY 'name' is Doctor Robo and I have been a big fan of comic books (especially superheroines) for years. Since my teens I have taken an active interest in the way that women are portrayed in comics, and how the writers and artists attempt to strike a balance between a character's sexuality and her place as a heroine and role model. Some characters lean one way more than the other, and some like She-Hulk even break the fourth wall and confront this conflict.

That being said, on the most basic level I enjoy looking at these characters for their sexuality and femininity. I enjoy the fact that most of them are imagined as the 'ideal woman', at least physically. In my free time I write comics for a website which explore the more erotic side of the comic book universe, boiling down villainous plots to their most carnal desires. I know that not everyone who is a member here would appreciate my sort of storytelling, but anyone who is interested is encouraged to contact me and we can discuss things further. In order to maintain decorum here, that's all I'll say publicly unless asked to further elaborate.

Thanks for allowing me to join and making me feel welcome. I hope to be able to contribute to this fine site in the near future.

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