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17 Mar 2020 15:47 #67190 by MisterK
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If you're cooped up and need a superhero to get you through, Ms. Infinity  is here. Now through Saturday, Ms. Infinity: Where Infinity Begins is free! 

Bonnie Boring has a big secret.

Twenty-four years old with no direction in life, she spends her days as a cashier at The Big Box in Queens with her best friend, Lisa Lin. But there is more to her than meets the eye. She and her mother are really super-powered alien refugees from a distant planet. For years, her mother has made her hide her powers, insisting that they live as ordinary humans.

But now, America is falling under the influence of the tyrannical billionaire Johnny Gunn. As freedoms begin to slip away, Bonnie decides it’s time to act. After painstakingly getting her mother’s blessing, she creates a new alter-ego as the superhero Ms. Infinity. Her first appearance, saving a school bus from a deadly accident, causes a stir all over New York. Yet as soon as she appears on the scene, she is verbally attacked by Gunn, and her identity pursued by a reporter. Meanwhile, her double life creates tension with Lisa.

Gunn ruthlessly spreads his influence over all of America, and will soon take shocking measures to become its sole ruler. Only Ms. Infinity can stop him, but he is also determined to destroy her. And he might just have the weapons to do it.

Presenting a youthful update on classic superheroes, Where Infinity Begins mixes science fiction with humor and social satire, and a female lead with power, sass, and personality.

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17 Mar 2020 19:04 #67191 by Dumano1r
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Johnny Gunn reminds me of someone, I just can't think who... Lol! 
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