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25 Nov 2014 19:04 #39129 by fats
Jurassic World was created by fats
Ok, i'm going to say this, if the trailer is anything like the movie is going to be, then it's going to be utter shit

watch and tell me what you think.


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25 Nov 2014 19:55 #39130 by castor
Replied by castor on topic Jurassic World
To tie this in to the genre- The stuff here often straddles the line from from "Action Adventure" to "Horror",rarely going in between to "Thriller". Sometimes the supergirls are heroines trying to save the world. Sometimes there trying to destroy it(or ocasionally not on this site so much its the peril to them)-how we are suposed to react it is the cue. In the cosmic sence its not always that diffrent in what happens. its presentation.

Was watching the movie and my first thought was-"This trailer plays like a horror movie".

Jurassic Park(the original movie) part of its brilliance was it plays like an adventure movie. The book was very much a thriller-those dinsours came at you and they didn't stop in the book-but in the movie its a little more sedate, a little more stoping for Wonder. There was tremendious peril to the main characters-but it felt sormontable, a grand adventure even as they screamed and ran. Cause well there dinsours and Dinos are cool. John Williams the composer actually wrote the famous ending where the T-Rex kills the raptors-cause well "the T-Rex is the hero" and hes right. I will say that the ending of it is one of my top 5 climaxes of all time.

But this--

yeah we get the typical minute of dino action(with some pretty good effects though i have read some already that it looks bad. I'll go with pretty good). I like the idea that its a mature theme park, and some of the ride ideas-look pretty well convienced, kind of fun like an amusment park should. It has a Jaws 3 feel to it, which is something.

But then we get the evil dino we never see. We get the Jurassic Park theme as a minor key. Its all played fairly omminious, and for fear- the dialouge between Bryce Dallas Howard. and Chris Pratt is done very in "my god terms"-it all to establish this "thing" is the monster. Not the dinos in general. Not the Raptors(who in the nice touch at the end are kind of ambigiously helping the hero). Its all moody and scary.

But not really an adventure.

Lost World was not a good movie. Jutassic Park 3 I'll say is better-but its also very much jurassic park as a Horror movie. Though you can see the Spielburg touches (like the scene when they talk about swimming)-its all about establishing the big terrible new monster, which is big and scary-but just big and scary. There is little awe in the movie, or sense of grandeur-after the first act its just a chase- and not a very fun fun. its got moments, but yeah.

And becuse the Dinsorour is just a CGI animal-its not much of a villain. Just something attacking and all powerful.

I can like a good horror movie. But i do think i prefer adventures to it-there not all that different really to a degree-but yeah. This looks better then either Lost world or JP3. It has my curiosity- not going to say utter shit, but i am not sure abot it all.


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25 Nov 2014 20:30 #39131 by jdrock24
Replied by jdrock24 on topic Jurassic World
I think I'll wait for DVD to watch it, if even then. Doesn't look like something I have to see in the theaters.

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26 Nov 2014 02:40 #39133 by shadar
Replied by shadar on topic Jurassic World
I'm sure it will be a perfectly wonderful movie to watch when you are really, really stoned. Otherwise. Not so much.

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