End of the Problems

09 Aug 2014 16:32 #37674 by fats
End of the Problems was created by fats
hi all,

After 36 hours of non stop error checking and fixing I can now say that the site and server are free of major and middle order errors, there still might be a few small niggly errors but it's nothing that will affect the site.

I've had to put in the time after the server went down due to the email server overloading the system, I was using iredmail and it caused all the problems, so I’ve gone back to a dovecot/postfix set-up witch runs better but take more to get it set-up, if you have ever had to set postfix/dovecot with My-SQL you will know what I mean.

I will not need to reinstall the server like I did this week, there will be times when the server will need to be rebooted for new updates but when that happens the site will be unavailable for 2 mins max, not 2 hours or 2 days, most server reboots will take 10 seconds.

I know the outages has been annoying, I know that people feel that they have had a worse service since we have moved (I have the emails to prove that), but I must emphasise that we have moved from the a fully supported set-up to a set-up that we have full control over so there is going to be problems.

We are a month old on the new server and the has more features active and is still faster than the old one so with all that has gone on we are still in a better position that where we where.

So I hope people will forgive me for the problems we have had so we can move on and make the place better.

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09 Aug 2014 17:10 #37675 by oogber
Replied by oogber on topic End of the Problems
Thanks fats.

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09 Aug 2014 19:03 #37678 by lfan
Replied by lfan on topic End of the Problems
I hope people understand and appreciate the work and effort required to move a site like SWM. It is not simply a bunch of HTML pages that just get moved over and repointed. While it's not technically daunting, there are a number of moving parts to it and these things rarely get moved with some hiccups.

Combine that with the fact that we made several backend config changes, as Fats alluded to, so that we could be firmly in control of the site hosting and not be so dependant on Interserver's tech support like we were with HostGator.

I will echo fats' sentiments in that I think -- despite the recent blips -- are in a much better state than two months ago. With most of these problems behind us, we can also concentrate on delivering more content and features to the site in the future!

Fats did the lionshare (read: all) of the technical work so I wanted to thank him publicly as wee for all the time and effort in getting to this point.


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09 Aug 2014 21:01 #37681 by mikeyfreedom
Replied by mikeyfreedom on topic End of the Problems
Heck of a job guys to get a thing this big migrated , with relatively little errors. Great job!

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09 Aug 2014 21:04 #37682 by The Highlander
Replied by The Highlander on topic End of the Problems
Thanks for all your hard work, I don't know anything about programming /websites but I'm glad someone does.

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