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07 Mar 2014 18:18 - 25 Nov 2014 00:05 #35706 by Agent00Soul
Canadian-Chinese fetish model Siren Thorn has made a short where she unexpectedly transforms for the first time into a female version of the The Flash thanks to some magic bracelets. She's done a lot of growth/giantess transformations and knows the genre.

Asian girl becomes Flash Girl! (HD WMV)
I am just your average, young Asian girl... I picked up some bracelets from a strange little shop nearby. I'm so silly for paying money for something like "magical" bracelets; what a gimmick! But the lady at the shop says that when I touch the two bracelets together...

Oh my god! What's happening?! I convulse, shake, and moan, and there's tingling all through my body and head. My clothes disappear and I am buck-naked. But my body has changed! My breasts are at least a D cup now... I was just a little A cup before! My quads are strong and powerful. My biceps are firm. What am I becoming? I get turned on by my new body and start touching myself.

Then I start shaking again. A Flash Girl outfit appears on my body, complete with gloves, boots, and a mask! I am no longer Siren, ordinary Asian girl... I feel so much strength running through my veins. I feel like I can run like the wind! My reflexes are lightning-fast. I get so turned on by my newfound power that I touch myself again and climax. My job here is done... I hear some trouble in the neighboring state... this is a job for Flash Girl! And I dash away!

Price: $9.99 USD
Length: 9 minutes
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