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08 Apr 2017 10:06 #53567 by Woodclaw
The Story of the Danvers' Sisters was created by Woodclaw
This is well ... just and idea that I had bouncing in my skull for a long while.

In the early 2000 I started working on a mixed Marvel/DC setting, I ended up with several concepts and just two scenes that were anywhere close to a readable state (one was a confrontation between Nick Fury and Amanda Waller, the other a romatic moment between Queen Hippolyta and Steve Rogers during WW2).

One of those idea was to pair Carol Danvers (it's your choice if you want to call her Ms Marvel, Warbird or Captain Marvel) and Kara (as Supergirl) as adopted sisters. The base logic was to have Kara looking up to her big sister Carol as an example to what she wanted to be, whereas Carol after getting her powers need her little sister help to figure them out and get behind her initial split personality problem (in this setting Kryptonians are a genetic offspring of the Kree's gene-pool). Admitedly this idea presents a few problems: for example, Carol's father in the Marvel canon was an ex-military who pretty brutally trained her since she was a kid.

Still the funny bit I realized last year was that I was pretty much writing a more hard-assed version of the relationship between Kara and Alex in the TV show more than 10 years before it ever happened.

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08 Apr 2017 13:13 - 08 Apr 2017 13:17 #53568 by Monty
Replied by Monty on topic The Story of the Danvers' Sisters
In a way, it would have made a good prologue to have Alex teach Kara about her powers with Alex's knowledge of SM'S powers, having been a family confidante of Superman for all of Alex's life as SM trusted Jeremiah with his cousin's upbringing
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08 Apr 2017 17:03 #53570 by shadar
Replied by shadar on topic The Story of the Danvers' Sisters
Could make for an interesting story, with all kinds of possible directions. The trick is to sort out the parents. Jeremiah is apparently some kind of anti-alien hard ass, despite raising an alien daughter, or so the TV show suggests.

Carol's father was hard-core military. Their might be some way to blend that together into a believable character. Clearly this kind of amalgam of DC and Marvel is going to break the backstories in various ways, but that's the point.

Their mother will be interesting to portray. I always felt their could be more to her than suggested by comics or TV. I also don't remember anything about Carol's mother. There could be room to reveal some secrets there. I mean, raising two hyper-powerful superhuman daughters (adopted or otherwise) is not something any other mother has done. Like... ever.


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08 Apr 2017 18:05 #53571 by jumperprime
Replied by jumperprime on topic The Story of the Danvers' Sisters
Jeremiah seemed pretty nice before he spent a decade as a prisoner of Cadmus, he even helped Kara and Mon El escape, and it was implied that he was punished for that by getting cyborged up, which I suspect may have included a loyalty chip in his brain

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