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I'm sure this group has been brought up before here (I may even have mentioned them in the past) but I'm not finding a previous thread so I'll start a new one.

As the name suggests. it's about girls beating up other girls. Sometimes men. In the last few months (and especially in the last few weeks) they seem to be moving toward some super feats in addition to the regular (if heightened) fisticuffs. There's a series about a "super strength formula", they've introduced some superheroines, and there's even some fanciful stuff like aliens repairing (and improving) a broken body. And even the "regular" stuff has some hot, tough girls.

Even if you've seen them before, you might be interested in checking out the more recent super stuff. The effects aren't great (basically on par with New Goddess Cinema) but it's always nice to see our genre represented in any form.

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