Peril Propaganda

04 Sep 2007 13:49 #10165 by brantley
Peril Propaganda was created by brantley
Read it and weep:


This guy (Or is it a guy? R.J. Carter could be male or female, but I suspect he's maked) seems totally oblivious to the non-peril sites like ours or -- more to his point, the Steele Sisters, Random FX's Project Superwoman, Sexy Superheroines (and its nude photo spin-off, Ultra Sexy Heroines) or, most recently, Michael Theis' Heavenly Heroines. Is there some reason that only the peril sites seem to show up on Google searches? Are we that tiny a minority that adores superherroines rather than holding them in contempt? I remember not long ago coming across a feminist critique of this sort of thing; Ed Howdershelt tried to post to her blog about how our attitude is totally different, but just had his comment deleted. Maybe it would be the same with Carter. Should we try anyway?

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