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The Cape Hope police department has many dedicated officers and other employees. There is also a sheriff department with around 400 or more employees. The city is under the authority of the Police Commissioner appointed by the city council, and a police chief. There are 24 substations and a headquarters next to city hall.

Bill Brander - Police Commissioner

Bill Brander is a rising star in the Cape Hope political scene - and has been for several years. After being an operative attorney for a congressman and working in homeland security, Brander has worked for the last several years in various elements of city affairs. Last year he become. at 56, Police Commissioner (which is a civilian position - more of an overseer then day-to-day manager).

His job has come in a time with an increased presence of superheroes. And he has no problem with that. For those who want to befriend the police, he is all on board with giving them assistance - from forensics to SWAT units, if needed. He is prepared to look at them with an open mind. Some, including the operational head Ledbetter bristled at this. They have never really seen eye to eye.

As well it should be, because Brander is massively corrupt. He has gotten millions in bribes from just about everyone. But he is subtle about it. He doesn't take briefcases full of money - his underlings don't say his name when they do the dirty deeds . He's good at...adjusting things. There's less of a police presence now. He kills investigations. He's lately devoloped plans for getting criminals out, either on early release - or through break outs. One would think that would work agianst his love of superheroes - but he tends to see them as just an element of his plans to work in. Street criminals, Super villains - they're not his customers. For those who do- Technicalities, occasional lapses in prison security (which being rush orders cost more), it was a more workable plan then you might think.

The superheroes are just cops in silly costumes. And cops, as far as he was concerned, are stupid. He thought himself too clever for them to ever catch on to what he was up to.

Francis 'Cleveland' Ledbetter - Police Chief

A strong-willed man who, as we launch anyway, has little belief in the metahuman response task force, but has been ordered to set it up by Mayor Hollins. He's a take-no-shit, you-know-where-to-find-me-on-Sunday protector of the city, out of his depth with a looming crisis. He's fifty-three, African-American, and a family man. A defining physical feature is his moustache, which earned him the nickname Cleveland. His closest colleagues call him Cleaver, a twist on his nickname they feel better sums up the man.

Det. Anna Gonza

Anna Gonza was born in Kazakstan, just before the fall of communism. She immigrated to America, thanks to help from her uncle Viktor who spearheaded the process. He was a big shot in the emerging Russian community and had once met with President Reagan - a kind of hero to many for his stuanch anti-communism, and now he could be with his family. However, five years later when she was ten years old Viktor was shot in a random street crime. This instilled in her the desire to go after criminals and fight them where they bred. She tuned her mind and body to the work, studying martial arts, keeping herself in top physical condition, and studying criminology.

Of course, instead of putting on a mask and cape after college, she joined the police force.

She worked several divisions - arson, major theft, a stint at homicide - however, most recently she has been put on the special operation investigating the new supers in the city.

She's slowly figuring out how to handle it all. It's tricky. Real life isn't as glamorous as police work - she has to see amateurs enter a world thats not always easy - albeit amateurs that can toss trucks around. Fighting for the sake of fighting them, arresting them for some sense of peace, as foolish.

She wants to help them if they let her - and her connections in the police can be a big help - they may not have batcomputers or swat teams - but she does (okay, she had a police mainframe, not a batcomputer). Cops were not supposed to be glamorous - they just do the job and Hope Cape hope is better for it.

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