Summer 2013 Topic Suggestion Thread

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pansardum wrote:

geekseven wrote: After long and careful consideration, I have selected the following topic:

A recreational activity with a supergirl.

Damn, I really got mixed feelings about this.
I think it's a good theme, it was after all I that suggested it. :P
But my problem is that I suggested it for the last short workshop too, with a pretty clear idea what I would write if it was choosen then. As you know that wasn't the case and a few weeks I ago I couldn't keep myself from start writing on that idea. Expanding it quite a bit from a 1k story. Question now is if I should cut most of the set up or find a new activity. Or what do you guys say, raise the wordlimit to 5k? :whistle: :silly:

Going over 1k is doable. Going up to 5k: not in a million years as far as I'm concerned. :angry:

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