Super Baton Twirling

06 Nov 2008 22:27 #14047 by Captain Marbles
Super Baton Twirling was created by Captain Marbles
Imagine a fit young woman gets up on stage and does a typical baton twirling routine—with just one little difference—instead of a baton, she's using a massive thousand pound barbell left over from a powerlifting competition. The strongest competitors could barely lift it an inch off the floor, but she's casually twirling it with just her fingers and tossing it around like it's practically weightless. She twirls it faster and faster until air friction heat makes the ends glow, creating a pyrotechnic display that dazzles the audience, and, as a finale, she tosses her "baton" high in the air with a super spin, and the whirling, glowing, white hot "baton" explodes, throwing off white hot bits of vaporized steel in a "fireworks display" that can be seen for miles!

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