Supergirl master and trainee!

30 Jun 2010 05:34 #19602 by Gliblord
Supergirl master and trainee! was created by Gliblord
My fantasy:

A secretly super, extremely hot professor at an all girls college realizes the potential in one of her plucky young pupils to unlock her own super potential and surpass even her, and so the teacher reveals her true power like she'd wanted for so long, and they make headway to becoming a truly fearsome super couple! And as they fall madly in love with each other, their respective powers (and bliss!) can only intensify from there on out.

Maybe the teacher is really hundreds of years old, but ever since she worked out the secret to super-transformation her aging decelerated so much she doesn't look a day past 27--every year that goes by is like a second to her. The same soon holds true for the student once she passes the first stage of her training. She becomes ten times stronger, than a hundred, so on until she matches her teacher's thousandfold might. And then they start to expand into a secret supergirl community--a loving sorority of nigh invincible hotties--inducting new pupils into their wing at every chance. Eventually, by brainstorming and training together, the sorority breaks the original supergirl's upper limit and each girl attains millionfold strength. Coming out in the open and overthrowing the existing global order to establish a new reign of just ultragirls (who of course come to enjoy extensive male and female harems) is now a possibility after just five years since the inception of the first super couple!

And that is my foremost supergirl fantasy. :P

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03 Jul 2010 11:43 #19651 by Woodclaw
Replied by Woodclaw on topic Re: Supergirl master and trainee!
That's a quite impressive idea and with an incredible potential for development.

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04 Jul 2010 23:20 #19666 by colt13
Replied by colt13 on topic Re: Supergirl master and trainee!
Interesting. Like a hybrid of a Superheroine and a Vampire.

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