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I fantasized that I got a job as an extra in a film.

I was portraying an enemy soldier in a scene where we were supposed to attack a tourist beach only to have the tables turned on us by a sun bathing beach goer. In one shot, I was supposed to charge towards her and then she rips the rifle from my grasp and then grabs me by my shirt collar and lifts me in the air. The sun bather looked just like actress Jessica Lowndes

On the first take, I charge towards her as she puts her hands on her hips. As I get within arm's length she rips the rifle from my grasp and lifts me high into the air, only to have the director yell, "CUT!" It seems that director is a nit-picky type and wasn't happy with something in the shot. The actress looks at him inquisitively while still holding me effortlessly in the air with one arm. The director comes forward and discusses the scene with the actress as, all the while she continues to absentmindedly hold me above her head.

It's not until the director goes back to his seat that she realizes that she is still holding me in the air. She looks up at me and blushes slightly. "Oops! I forgot you were there!", she said as she lowered me to the ground. "I'm sorry! I really don't know my own strength!" I assured her it was OK as we shared a laugh.

This went on for some twenty or thirty takes. The director continually yelled cut, always finding something to complain about, all the while, the actress continued to lift me in the air. What amazed me was that she didn't seem to be getting tired, lifting me each time as easily as if I were a stuffed pillow. We even shared a few jokes at the director's expense when he was out of earshot. She seemed to have a really sweet disposition.

I, on the other hand, was beginning to tire from running in the sand with a heavy rifle and army boots. In one take, while running at full speed, I tripped just as I approached her. As I went down, my shoulder struck her right in the stomach, as if I was trying to make a football tackle. Despite my weighing over 200 pounds, I didn't even budge her. It felt like running into a padded goal post. Soft yet unyielding. I looked up to find her still standing flat-footed with her hands on her hips and giggling like a schoolgirl. As the director went ballistic, she bent over, grabbed my collar and lifted me back onto my feet and then helped dust the sand off me. We shared another laugh as the director continued to rant in the background.

During the lunch break, I got a chance to talk to her. I marveled at how strong she was and asked her if she worked out. She told me she attended UCLA and practices with their football team. Or more accurately, against the football team. She told me that the coaches just give her the ball and tell her to run up and down the field as the players try to stop her. "There isn't much stopping!", she laughed. "Mostly I just run around until they get worn out and the coach finally blows the whistle. But, I enjoy the work out and get to work on my tan at the same time!" she giggled.

I was surprised that despite her tremendous strength, she was still a girly-girl.
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