Maxima's Daughter

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One of the more interesting alternate Superman stories from a couple of decades ago dealt with how Superman dealt with his grief after Lois Lane died while trying to bear his child.

He briefly took up with Maxima, who lusted for his genes to strengthen her own bloodline. Superman eventually rejected her because she and her people were tyrants, but not before they had a very hot time together back on Almerac.

To extend the story, I'm assuming that she got what she wished, a daughter who was half Kryptonian and half Almeracan, which makes her more powerful than either her parents. Here's an image (NSFW) that captures her as she returns to Earth. Of course, she winds up in exactly the wrong kind of bar for the right kind of reasons.

With her mother's fiery red hair and green eyes and her father's raw physical power, she quickly finds that the roughest and rawest men of Earth are to her liking. And presumably vice-versa.

Warning: Spoiler!

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