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Just fished The Point, a novel by John Dixon in which Scarlett Winter is a posthuman superheroine who defeats a group of posthuman terrorists. Alas, I can't recommend it.

Posthumans, in Dixon's scenario, are mutants with paranormal powers like mind control, control of energy, levitation, etc. It turns out they are children of people exposed to poison gas in Iraq during the Gulf War. Scarlett has grown up really screwed up, without any education or career prospects.. But when she accidentally unleashes her powers and foils a terrorist attack, she is recruited for a secret program to train her and others like her to control their powers and use them against the terrorists. But this program is based in a secret cavern system under West Point, and the participants are treated as cadets and have to follow all the rules of the Academy. I found this silly, and it undercuts the one serious aspect of the novel: that the architects of the anti-terrorist program actually created the terrorists – who were trained to be agents of the government, but went rogue. Scarlett is an appealing character, who overcomes her troubled past and matures during the course of the story (She also finds love, but with a man who has turned against the program after learning the truth about it.). Only that isn;t enough to save the novel.
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