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Hello all,
I didn't see anything posted involving one of my FAV heroines of all time, the mighty 'Darna!' For those who don't know about her, Darna is a legendary superheroine from the Phillipines who is the symbol of that country's greatness. -kind of like Wonder Woman is here- In fact, she looks a little like Wonder Woman but her creator Mars Revelo modeled her moreso after Superman then WW. -Darna is almost as old as Wonder Woman as she was created back in 1950s and has enjoyed 50 years of stardom, from movies, comics, tv shows and even a current tv series!- My friend who lives in the Phillipines tells me the country is a femisitic society and thrives on female powerment and therefore, Darna tons of superheroine shows rule surpreme!-

But, back to Darna, the story goes:

Darna is a young girl who finds a magical rock that gives her the power to transform into the mighty 'Darna!' when her name is shouted. The current tv series -done brilliantly by the beautiful Angel Locsin- takes place as Narda is a teenager turned superheroine. :) I own the first 50 episodes of Darna the tv series as well as several Darna movies, and I might say that Darna as as beautiful, sexy and powerful as she appears...period. In fact, I'm picking Darna over my long time favorite superheroine /Lynda Carter/Wonder Woman because Darna does her own movie stunts and has super strength as well as martial arts. :D

If anyone would like to see Darna, please send me an e-mail and I'll tell you how you can get the series. (e-mail is:

I have also included 4 GREAT Darna websites that detail the superheroine's bio, pics, and even short video clips from her current TV series. Please enjoy these all because 'Darna!' has arrived!


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