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Hello all,
Yup, I'm back again with another amazing superheroine from the Phillipines! This time, her name is Krystala, and seeing all the episodes, she's another teenager who finds a magical crystal and calls forth its power to become the supergirl known as Krystala. :) I noticed someone posted they didn't like the series much because she doesn't have super strength, but, I really enjoyed it! If you like superheroines/villains flying, using superpowers secret IDs and fighting for world supremecy, they you'll like Krystala. In fact, for only $4.95 you can obtain a license and view ALL 70+ eps of Krystala at your computer, thanks to the very genious ABS-CBN. -television station in the Phillipines that hosted the show- Here are links for Krystala and the website where you can find all the eps in case you want to view them., :)


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