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Lost in the announcements of Marvel and DC movies....well we are not just getting A captian Marvel and A wonder woman movie my count two new team movies as well.

Suicide Squad- One of my favorite comics of all time actually.

Inhumans- Well its not really a team....but it can function as one.

Both as team books do tend have female characters. You could argue in fact that the protaginist of SucideSquad is a woman(amanda "The Wall Waller). Though yeah i would argue the actual protagonist is Deadshot.

So the questions what whould you like to see from these movies in terms of characters?

One of the features of the Suicide Squad is its...flexable membership. The idea of the team is its a group of DC villians who are brought together by the goverment in exchange for the promise of pardons, to go...on morally flexable missions. its a fun kind of intresting stories...that frequently results in one or more members dying. I am going to suspect where going to see that.

So its had a lot of members-more then 50 according to wikipedia-i am going to guess where going to see 5-8 of them be the core team. I am going to guess its going to be Walller, Deadshot, Bronze Tiger, Captian Boomerang,and Count Vertigo plus one or two more. If you where to tell me they are Posion Ivy and Harley Quinn i would belive you-i am suprised they haven't done anything live action with Harley Quinn and shes kind of a natural for this spot. As i have said before shes easily DCS most popular comic Character of either gender the last twenty years.She is of course not really a classic Girlpower character...but well. Waller can function as that way.

Regrading the inhumans... we are probably going to get a Medusa character, who is also if not really a classic girl power character does have an interesting power in her prehensile hair. I don't have a lot to say beyond it but maybe some other fans may chime in on this.

But yeah. Suicide squad really gets me jazzed. Its a good comic somewhere between a war and a superhero comic, with a lot of interesting well detailed characters-and fundamentally a good basis for a movie story(which is almost certainly going to be they develop a conscious)
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