Lynda Carter in 2017 Wonder Woman movie?

18 Mar 2016 14:26 #46834 by jdrock24
Sadly no.

Although they did offer her the role of Hippolyta, they just couldn't work out schedules. This according to Lynda herself:

A couple of choice quotes:

MP: I read some stories/rumors about the new Wonder Woman movie. Is it true that you have been snubbed?

LC: That is not true. I had some nice conversations with Patty Jenkins (director) and we couldn’t get my schedule and their schedule to meet up. It didn’t work out, but I wish them well. Understandably they want a platform that is uniquely their own. I believe it’s a homage to the original in regards to the heart of the character. That is what matters.

MP: You created something iconic and look how long it has taken them to do a new movie on Wonder Woman!

LC: Exactly, as long as the heart is there, that’s all I care about! That is really what is important. It isn’t about special powers. It’s about the essence of what it is to be a strong, independent, and powerful self, with kindness, heart, goodness and all that. That’s what’s Wonder Woman is all about!

MP: Fans are upset and want to see you on the big screen. You could play an evil character. . .

LC: Maybe next time around something like that could happen, or maybe not – I just don’t know. People should just relax and let it be what it is. Give the new Wonder Woman a chance. It’s not going to hurt my feelings. My stuff stands on its own.

More graciousness from Lynda:

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Wouldn't it be nice if everyone was as gracious as Lynda when it came to giving other actresses a chance at the role of Wonder Woman?

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18 Mar 2016 16:49 #46835 by kikass2014
Replied by kikass2014 on topic Lynda Carter in 2017 Wonder Woman movie?
Yup. Lynda Carter is a legend in my eyes.

Pity it didn't work out with her schedule, but like she says, maybe next time :)



P.S. That photo (in relation to another topic) is what Wonder Woman looks, and will always look, like in my mind :) Best of luck to Gal.
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18 Mar 2016 16:50 #46836 by Markiehoe
Replied by Markiehoe on topic Lynda Carter in 2017 Wonder Woman movie?
Lynda Carter is such a class act.
She has supported every actress or project connected with Wonder Woman.

She also hopes that they keep the Heart in the character.

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