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28 Feb 2011 22:38 #21782 by lfan
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Well, some good news regarding the WW Pilot is that it appears that the script has been rewritten in some form, to the point of adding two new characters. One is a next door neighbor/potential love interest (eck!) and the other is no other than Artemis, another fellow Amazon. Both of these parts went out to casting call recently.

The rewrite assuption is based on the fact that the original script had neither of these characters. In addition, the only 'mention' of Paradise Island or the Amazons in the original draft was supposedly a brief flashback, but now it looks like they are taking to time to do a casting call for the part (recurring character?). In any case, the sudden inclusion of some Amazon heritage would lead one to believe that TPTB or the director has stepped in to try and rein in this train wreck and make it truer to its mythology in some capacity since it appeared Mr Kelly has never read a WW comic before.

While I'm not inclined to think it we be chock full of Ally McWonder moments, at least I'm hoping they are taking the 'superhero' side and her background more to heart.

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