Life imitates art... or is it the other way around

22 Jan 2016 05:11 - 22 Jan 2016 05:16 #46153 by shadar
Here's a little mind trip...

1) Recall Margie Robbie's Harley Quinn character in the Suicide preview. Load that image into the 'ol forebrain.

2) Then consider Kara's role as Cat's assistant, black glasses and all. Let that one float around a bit.

3) Now, look at this picture of the movie star Margot Robbie and her harried and sometimes confused personal assistant, hauling her luggage and carrying her hanging clothing and purse and God's knows what else.
Harley Quinn becomes Cat Grant, kind of. Or looked at another way, where's Harley in this pict. Movie magic.

But talk about a mind warp.

Warning: Spoiler!

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