New Nickelodeon TV Show: Knight Squad

03 Apr 2018 12:18 #59068 by JAG81
Hey all,
While watching random TV a commercial aired for this show and one or two clips caught my eye. Its a new show that is only a few episodes in (so easy to catch up) but its called Knight Squad. It focuses on Phoenix Squad, a group of kids at a magic school for knights in training. One of the characters is Prudence (played by Lexi DiBenedetto) She is a quarter-giant but still has the strength of a giant. Some of the episodes are available at dailymotion but its been hard to find decent quality but are probably on demand as well. While I'm not linking the dailymotion stuff, for just an intro there is a video introducing Phoenix Squad.

You can skip to 0:58 to see Prudence crush a rock.

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