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hi all,

I'm going to close this thread as I've now gotten a good idea as to the main issues with the site and it will help me make the changes needed to take this site to its next stage.

There are three main issues that need to be addressed, these are:-
  • The over-reliance on Supergirl and the powers contained within the show, we need to look at the whole other gaunt of powers and see how we can integrate them into the site, without losing the "core" of what the site is all about
  • Privately people have expressed concerns about the lack of stories and the lack of new writers, I need to see how we can get some of the inactive members to write, I have ideas about that and will bring them forward soon
  • Navigation of the site needs to be improved, some people don't know about some of the lesser features, e.g the tracker, the web links, I need to look at the menu and the overall site navigation
Two other issues that I have personally id'ed and that is the front page news item, I'm going to get that addressed, maybe get someone to become the official blogger of the site, I know who I want but I'm not sure he's available.  The other issue is the site skin, it's good but still not perfect, it's something that will look in to over the coming months.

I would like to thanks all those who have pm'ed me and replied to this thread your contribution is invaluable.


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