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Woodclaw wrote:

brantley wrote: Any consensus here as to why people have lost interest in the AU and other original fiction as opposed to DC and Marvel stories in the movies and on TV? Even in the heyday of our fiction, there were some movies and TV shows, as well as the new incarnations of Marvel and DC heroes and hero groups.


I can only speak for myself, but my big problem with the AU in general is: where do I start?
While most stories are really good as stand alone pieces, the general feeling is that no matter which one you read there will always be some missing bits and pieces. It's like trying to start reading Asimov's novel from Second Foundation, but knowing that there are both the Robot and Empire series, but having no way to find those books.

There is also a second element, but this is more particular to some of the writers that contributed to the AU over the years. Sometimes the strict adherence to the original tropes, especially the portrayal of Arions and Vels seem often too one-sided.

I understand this issue given the enormous body of work - which in itself is a real credit to the quality and dedication of the authors.  But for some reason I never felt "lost" in the universe.  Perhaps it was because I was unaware of the other bodies of work out there or maybe I started early enough there was only one place to begin.  I discovered The Aurora Universe in 1997, around the same time I discovered DTV.  I remember the blonde and wonderfully muscular superwoman in the red and white costume at the home page of the site who I assumed was Aurora/Fairchild.  At the top of the page she was described as the erotic superhero and that's what you got.  My first story was "Adventures of Aurora" which was VERY well done IMO of describing the conflict btw Velorians and Arions and Aurora's place in the story. 

There was some violence as one would expect given we were in the middle of a war but I didn't find it too gruesome - although admittedly, the description of Kara's death was pretty shocking and graphic.  And men did die from the throws of Fairchild's passion.  What are you going to do?  She is a o woman of steel.  Maybe that is what the group is referring to here but I wasn't put off from it.

I did discover other stories, but after "Adventures of Aurora" I felt pretty comfortable with the arc and looked at the other works as spins-off which provided other places to play.  Maybe I was lucky in finding one of the first stories, maybe I was naive but I never felt lost or overwhelmed.    

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I look forward to more of "bull" betraying his oath, which is very on the nose right now.

And yeah, the last couple of posts neatly sum up my thoughts about the AU's history. It a shame, AU fiction was some of the first stuff I found when I first went looking for muscle women fiction. It wasn't (and still isn't) exactly to my tastes but its damn close.

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Not sure if I've shared this image before, but this comes from the 1990's ero of the AU.  Xara is the daughter of Kara in a story that was a blend of Kryptonian and Velorian lore. 

She is a bit of a free-spirit when it comes to her uniform. The colors and design are Kryptonian, but at least one of the details is definitely Velorian. 


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That was early awesome sauce for many fantasies of mine.  

Just checked my AU folder and it has 733 files in it.  163 MB.  Quite the large body of work.  

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