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Ultra Lucille – Chapter 2

Written by pwnmawn :: [Thursday, 08 September 2022 03:16] Last updated by :: [Tuesday, 04 October 2022 11:34]

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Chapter 2

Lois and Clark hugged each other as the truck soared through the sky. A couple minutes later they were at the sisters’ hideout at a cabin in the forest. They heard the truck creaking and turning back to its normal position indicating that they had landed. Nelle unbuckled and went outside.

“Look at my clothes, they are ruined! And my heels fell in mid-air!” Lucille tried angrily to brush off the dirt that stained her pink jacket.

“Lucille, you flew carrying an armored truck, that is amazing! You can buy plenty of clothes with our two-hundred million dollars!” Nelle said excitedly, approaching to hug her sister. Annoyed, Lucille didn’t return the hug and instead gently pushed Nelle away with one hand.

“I want to be rich AND the most powerful woman in the world! Can’t you see I’ll lose my powers?” Lucille said while staring at her super body. Still angry, she changed her attention to a big tree nearby and twin beams of heat came from her eyes bursting it to pieces. Nelle cowered to the devastating radiation that was now destroying a second tree. Calming herself with the demonstration of power of her pupils, Lucille took a deep breath stopped the deadly rays with a cocky smile. She turned downwards to see her sister still cowering.

“You are going to help me keep them, you understand?”

Nelle stared at the devastated woods with amazement and fear.

“I… yes sure Lucille" Lucille smiled with an evil grin as she experienced her super vision and hearing. It was a thrilling experience.

"They had a plan to take back those powers and we almost fell for their trap back there.” Nelle said with her attention on the truck.

“I don’t think so. His plan was so stupid! How could he think a reflection of sunlight could do anything to me? To these powers? One has to be a total idiot to think that could ever work! Maybe losing them made him become an idiot! Hah!”

“Still, they are transferable, and we have to be careful. We also don’t know if what they said is true and they are flowing from him to you.” Nelle said while staring at her sister with scientific curiosity.

“I guess you could be right… we can’t take the risk. I’m not losing my new powers! I really want to break them apart though!” Lucille stared at her hands as she flexed them, she was fascinated by how her manicured hands had just pierced through steel.

“I proved that she is Lois Lane, that’s for sure, so could he be Clark Kent? Can you imagine? We could've had Superman tied up in this cabin, without it ever crossing our minds!” Nelle said.

“Oh, that would be something! Let’s find out” Lucille, not wanting to get her feet dirtier, elevated off the ground and floated to the back of the truck. She then pierced her fingers into the doors, grabbed them and ripped them both throwing them a couple hundred meters away. Superman and Lois saw terrified how the super criminal floated and landed in front of them with an evil smile on her face.

“I’m sorry, I hope I'm not interrupting” Lucille said in a mocking tone. Lois and Clark stared at her in silence.

“Now… we know you are Lois Lane,” said Lucille, staring at Ultrawoman. She then stared at Superman “Does that make you Clark Kent?”

“We know you are Lucille … and we can make an arrangement,” replied Clark “You let us go and nobody has to know…”

“Ultra Lucille.” She interrupted him. “You’d do well to call me like that from now on.” Lucille’s eyes glowed a menacing red as she looked at Lois, making the reporter cower in fear. “And how about this arrangement: you tell me if you are Clark Kent or I burn her to a crisp really slowly”

Superman stood up and stepped between them.

“Wait! You can’t kill her! You got the powers from her, remember? If you kill her, you’ll destroy the link between us!”

Lucille frowned as her eyes returned to their usual aspect.

“I can’t believe this… ugh!” Lucille angrily punched the truck with her right fist, making a huge dent as she turned around. “Nelle! There has to be a way to get rid of these two and not lose my powers!”

“I… I can’t know for sure if he’s telling the truth or not. He could be right.” Nelle replied.

“Not only that…” Clark said, disconcerting both sisters. “As Lois said before, they will slowly fade away off you and eventually I’ll get them back”

Lucille fast as lightning grabbed Superman by the neck and lifted him in the air. She could feel his soft vulnerable throat struggling against her stronger than steel fingers.

“Tell me how to stop it! Or else I’ll kill you both right now and at least I’ll be a very normal and very rich woman!”

“Agh… I’ll tell you!… but I need your word, you'll let us go!” Superman tried to open her grip but it was too strong for him.

Lucille thought about his proposal while the former Man of Steel dangled his legs in the air.

“You need a better way to get things off people Lucille, they can’t speak when you hold them like that!”

Lucille released him, making him choke as he gasped for air.

“Nelle, dear. You are my sister, and I love you, but you talk to me like that again, and I’ll break your legs, you understand?”

Nelle looked at Lucille in shock and remained silent. The super villainess turned to Superman who was still on the ground and placed her right foot on his chest.

“You were saying?” she hummed.

“I need your word that you’ll let us go once we do it! We won’t be a threat to you.”

“What about I don’t break every bone in your body in this instant! I can see them all you know? Thanks to my x-ray vision!” Lucille walked towards Lois, grabbing her right leg with both hands, making her dangle in the air upside down. Lois let out a horrified scream. “Let’s start with this one!”

“Okay! Okay!” Clark yelled. “Green kryptonite! You just need green kryptonite, and you’ll get to keep them!”

“Just that? And where do I get it?” Lucille flexed her wrists gesturing strength on Lois’ leg. Clark held up his hands trying to calm her down as he knew she could break a femur like it was a twig.

“There’s a rock being exhibited in the science museum!” Superman confessed in panic.

“And what do I do with it?” Lucille, with one hand, waved Lois making her scream even louder.

“Just hold it and it will break the power connection! Please… let her go!”

“Not until you confirm to me that you are Clark Kent!” Lucille was losing her patience.

“Yes… yes, I'm Clark Kent.” Defeated, Clark stood up with his hands raised trying to calm her. “Please Lucille think about this, those powers can be very dangerous to the world in the wrong hands. I never harmed anyone with them, you have to do the same.”

Lucille dropped Lois and, now calmer, got close to Clark. “I'll do whatever I want” She whispered. She then held him by his chin and gave him a long kiss. Lois couldn't do anything but stare at the scene completely powerless.

Lucille parted her lips, releasing Clark. He angrily spat on the ground, but said nothing. Lucille stared at Clark’s groin with her x-ray vision, but she saw no signs of arousal. On the other hand, she was. After all, a couple of hours ago, he used to be the most powerful and desired man on the planet. After stripping him of the title of most powerful, she felt disappointed that her kiss didn’t have any effect on him. In the past it was easier for her to get her way with men, but she knew age was taking that away from her.

“You should behave, Clark Kent. Maybe I'll keep you as a pet. You'll see I'm not as bad as you think as long as you keep me happy.”

Clark was furious with Lucille and embarrassed with Lois, but didn't move a muscle. He just stared at the villainess as she turned, licking her lips and giving a cocky smile to Lois. She then floated out of the truck and went to her sister.

“What was that?” Nelle asked, not quite understanding what had just happened.

“Just having some fun.” Lucille grinned, getting closer to her. ”What do you know about green kryptonite?” she whispered, barely floating above the ground.

“Nothing. I’ll do some research,” Nelle replied, keeping her voice down.

“That will take too long! What if I lose my powers before that?! I’ll get that kryptonite and finish this now!”

“But we know nothing about it. What if it takes away your powers? Or hurts you? We need to be careful!”

“Nothing can stop me Nelle, I'm invincible. I’ll take out anyone that gets in my way”

“Lucille, think! If you go into a museum and kill everyone, you’ll be on the news everywhere, and they’ll know who we are! We’ll never get to spend our money anywhere!”

“Umph! So what do I do Nelle? I can’t stay here doing nothing!”

“Well, you could pick it up without getting any attention. You were very good with disguises on Halloween, remember? The only thing you excelled at school?”

Lucille frowned with an evil smile. “Careful, Nelle, remember who you are talking with now.”

“I am just saying it should be a piece of cake for you now that you have those powers, that’s all.”

“I guess I could give it a try. In the meanwhile you do your research on kryptonite. I don’t want to lose my powers.”

“I know, I know. I need you to keep them too. You’ll be my bodyguard so you’ll need them to protect me.”

Lucille gave her sister a silly smile. “In your dreams, angel. In your dreams.”

Lucille turned and faced inside the vehicle.

“You two! Out of that truck and in the cabin...! Move!”

Superman and Lois got out and went inside followed by Lucille, who hovered above the ground with her left leg slightly flexed leading them to the cabin’s basement.

“You two, sit over there. Nelle, watch them while I return,” Lucille pointed at a corner. Lois and Clark did as told. Nelle pointed the gun at the couple.

“Where are you going Luci…” But before Nelle could finish her question Lucille vanished, exiting through the stairs.

“You know that giving her my powers was really stupid right?” Clark asked Nelle.

“Shut up!” Nelle replied.

“She’s too lightheaded and temperamental! She could start a war against the world if she wanted! You have to reverse this or we’ll all pay. You know I’m right!” Clark insisted.

“She’d never harm me; she’s my sister!”

“You are smart. Think about it because…” Suddenly in a blur lucille appeared in front of them carrying a couple of metal bars in one hand and thick chains in the other.

“Because what, Clark? You think I’ll kill you the first chance I get? If you keep behaving like that I will!” Clark stared at her in silenced panic. ”I’m loving my super hearing too, I get to know when people whisper that I’m dumb or try to convince my dear sister of something idiotic like betraying me!” Lucille’s eyes glowed red.

“Lucille! Don't kill him yet!” Nelle yelled.

Clark thought for a moment he’d die in that instant, but Lucille closed her eyes, taking a deep breath and calming herself.

“Where did you get that?” Nelle asked.

“In the construction site of that new hotel they are building, remember?” Lucille replied as she bent the metal bars as easily as if they were made of play-doh.

“That’s almost a kilometer away!... That’s… amazing!”

With great ease and speed Lucille folded the bars around Superman’s and Ultra Woman's wrists and ankles. Finally she nailed two bars through the wooden floor and the rock ground with more strength than any hydraulic hammer, dragged both her victims to the grounded bars and folded the chains around the restraints on their wrists.

“There! That should keep you from wandering around.”

Superman and Lois tried to force their bindings but they were too tight and strong.

“You can’t keep us here forever!” Cried Lois.

“Not forever, darling. Just as long as I make sure these powers stay with me... permanently. After that, I’ll think of a suitable end for you.”

“Why are you going to kill us? We haven’t done anything to you!”

“And soon… you never will” Lucille replied, smiling as she floated upstairs followed by her sister. As they got to the kitchen she knew something was on Nelle’s mind.

“What’s wrong?” Lucille asked as she floated, crossed her legs in the air and joined her sister on the table landing gracefully on the chair in front of her.

“I don’t like them down there while you are away!” Nelle whispered. “What if they free themselves?”

Lucille rolled her eyes and sighed, grabbing her temples “Why everything has to be a problem with you?” She took a deep breath. ”Look, they won’t go anywhere with those chains and even if they break out, what can they do to us?”

“Easy for you to say” Nelle replied as she walked to the bookshelf and searched for one of her tomes on geochemistry. She also picked up a metal briefcase and handed it to Lucille.

“Here, try to find a way to put the green kryptonite in this case, and make sure you don’t touch it!” Lucille picked the case with her index and thumb staring at Nelle in disgust.

“This ugly thing?” Asked Lucille.

Nelle looked at her sister with a frustrated look.

“Okay! I get it! I won’t touch it!” Lucille stood up holding the case with her left hand and straightening her damaged dress with the other. She stared at herself and gave a disgusted look.

“But first things first, I need a disguise.”

Lucille grabbed her purse and hovered to the armored truck. She picked up a couple of bill stacks with a grin on her face and put them in her purse.

“Being a millionaire… and with the powers of superman. Who would have thought this Newtrich girl would become so much.”

Slowly, she hovered above ground and picked up speed in the direction of her favorite shopping mall. This day had been Lucille’s best day in life, and it was just starting.

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My friend, the first 2 chapters you wrote are really great, people are dying of curiosity for the third part. I can't wait to read it soon.
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Dude, you have really creative ideas, I can't wait for the third part. when is the third part?
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Chapters 3 and 4 are complete. I'm improving them to a point I really like.
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Good new
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Great news!
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Good work! There could be a similar take produced with Smallville's "Wrath" where let's face it, young Clark would have no chance of taking Lana's newly electrified powers away from her, and Lex and his father would get a proper super-smashing by...
Good work! There could be a similar take produced with Smallville's "Wrath" where let's face it, young Clark would have no chance of taking Lana's newly electrified powers away from her, and Lex and his father would get a proper super-smashing by Lana!
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Wow! Ultra Lucille is really mean, a true villainess! Looking forwards for more!
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