Heroineburgh Custom #11: "Vendetta in: Woman of Steel" written by DeviantArt's Brad328!

02 Nov 2023 03:47 - 02 Nov 2023 03:52 #77440 by shevek
Custom #11: "Vendetta in: Woman of Steel" is available now, written and ordered by the well-known DeviantArt legend Brad328, creator of "Mindy Marvel" (who was in a series of videos from Project Superwoman). I'm sure many of you are familiar with him.

This was one of the most fun shoots we've ever done. Our new actress Diana (who will be playing Vendetta going forward in Heroineburgh Season 3) looks amazing in it.


Here's the story: Law student Veronica Benedetti (aka Vendetta) comes home from a long day at school to her new apartment, only to confront a dangerous thief trying to steal a thumb drive with all of her information on the city's organized crime. With a gun in her face, she's at a disadvantage and unable to access her costume and weapons as Vendetta.

However, the thief unwittingly exposes her to a meteorite which causes wishes to be granted for the pure-of-heart, turning Veronica's perilous situation at gunpoint into an intense and powerful superheroine transformation adventure!

Some of the elements:

Gorgeous curvaceous Latina actress with astounding dramatic skills
Wish fulfillment
Removing glasses and hair clip
Muscle growth sequence
Clothes tearing apart
Superman-style shirt rip
Costume transformation
Leotard with miniskirt and hot red tights
Bullets bouncing off chest
Female on male combat
Feats of super strength
Invulnerability including abs of steel
Flexing and showing off powers
Blowing a flirty kiss to the viewer

This video came about as a result of requests on the Superheroine-TF Reddit for producers to create superheroine transformation videos.
We stepped up to the plate, thanks to Brad328, and released one before anyone else did.

Here's what Brad328 said upon receiving the completed video:

"It's phenomenal, truly the best custom I've ordered. And it's thanks to you and your team.

Ben was great as the thief; you did a fantastic job shooting it and I liked the music used. I appreciate all of your hard work and thanks to Mike for the editing (and that was fast!). wow...

She nailed it, absolutely nailed it. I love how she played Superia, strong and confident but also with humor. She seemed truly happy to play the role (other customs I've ordered, some of the models/actresses just went through the motions) and that means a lot. And I attribute a lot of that to the script you crafted around my idea. But also her natural skill and charisma which she is able to project onto the screen. She's truly super."

Available for download now at  .

And please note: we are having some problems with customers who have VPNs receiving the download link email (the 2nd email).
If you don't receive our download link within a couple hours, don't fret: just contact us via our contact form on the website and we'll send it to you as soon as we read your email!

If you have an idea for a custom involving one of our original characters (we also have many alternative costumes, including some standard superheroine ones like the one you see in this custom), let's begin the discussion on the contact form on our website.

Thanks the generous and creative Brad328 (he's already planning a sequel!) and all of our loyal fans!

Now, here are some stills from Custom 11!

Nerdy law student Veronica Benedetti (aka Vendetta) gets held up in her own apartment by a masked thief!


The thief steals a thumb drive and a glowing meteorite, but he unwittingly exposes Veronica to the rays of a powerful meteorite which grants wish fulfillment. Veronica begins to shiver and shake with ecstasy as her wish starts to manifest!


Veronica moans with pleasure as the muscles begin to expand all over her body. Here you see her bulging biceps start to emerge, but if you want to see about ten other shots of her civilian clothes ripping apart as her costume appears underneath, it's time to get the video!


Veronica can't take the incredible surge of power anymore, and sighs with satisfaction as she rips her shirt apart to reveal the new logo underneath!


Muscular gorgeous body, tight colorful costume, beautiful face and hair: Veronica's ultimate wish has come true.
She is now Superia! And she can't be stopped by the bullets fired from the thief's gun!


Superia performs a whole superpowered montage: super speed, arm wrestling, belly punching, bone crunching, and knocking the thief out with one little finger. You'll have to get the video to check out all of those features, but here she is stepping on the thief's arm to retrieve the stolen thumb drive.


Confident and powerful in her victory, Superia pauses to admire her new super-strong body, which makes her mightier than any of the other superheroines in the Steel City! (at least in this non-canon tale)


Cast photo from the post-credits with Ben and Diana, who both did an incredible job. A sequel will be coming soon, featuring a favorite Heroineburgh villainess going up against Superia.


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09 Nov 2023 23:10 #77488 by SuperLéo
Ordered and not any regrets, super custom.
Diana is doing an awesome job as Superia, hope that a second episode will be producing.

In my opinion the + :
Diana roleplays awesome +++, also a good job for the bad guy.
Both costumes are cool, get Kryptonian/supergirl type costume is a good choice
Diana shape looks good (potentially better if a bit more fit, but fully subjective)
Belly punches are well played ++
Scenario is good
Sound effect
TF is good
Veronica enjoying her costume (even saying she will stay as this..) is supercool

The - :
The costume is good, black boots why not, but miniskirt is too short and too small.
Gunshot effect can be improved
Superspeed effect can be improved
Superia hit by the 1st steel tube with no effect and grab + bend the 2sd can be more interesting than grabbing both by hand.
The studio looks super cheap, too small, one POV, empty (but justified at the beginning...)
Fake connections (Verocina wear costume from the beginning, Skirt during TF, Cape when seated)
No traveling or camera move, potentially recorded with only one camera
Too short (Superia is 50%, but to introduce the character that's OK)

Anyway, fully satisfied about my purchase.
BTY let me know in PM how expensive custom are a Heroine Burgh.
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10 Nov 2023 00:16 #77489 by spunk639
Not as good as I thought, the actress, just doesn't have that Supergirl level appeal.

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16 Nov 2023 16:56 #77534 by shevek

Anyway, fully satisfied about my purchase.
BTY let me know in PM how expensive custom are a Heroine Burgh.

Hi SuperLeo-
Thanks for taking the time to do your great review. I sent you a PM to "SuperLeo" (without the accent - the PM wouldn't accept the accent mark) so let me know if you got it. If not, I can send you an email instead. - Shevek for Heroineburgh

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16 Nov 2023 17:06 - 16 Nov 2023 17:07 #77535 by shevek

Not as good as I thought, the actress, just doesn't have that Supergirl level appeal.

Brad328 didn't think so, as you can see from his approval, and the fact that he already ordered a second custom (to be filmed in Dec and released by Jan). But different people have different tastes, and that's totally fine. The idea of a custom is that it's created for a single customer, and if other people enjoy the tastes of that customer, that's great as well.

I selected Diana for the part based on her excellent acting skills, as well as for her dense musculature which allows her to look great ripping her clothing, and her biceps and tight abs, which helps her to flex and pose powerfully in a tight costume.

We weren't looking to copy a "Supergirl appeal" a la Slater or Benoist, but rather create a separate fantasy character called "Superia" which the Italian-American character Veronica Benedetti (who usually is the heroine Vendetta) imagines herself to be. Dark hair, Mediterranean looks, bulky build are all on purpose for Superia.

Thanks so much for supporting Heroineburgh!
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