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Birth of the Undead – Staying Alive 2 Birth of the Undead – Staying Alive 2 “What the hell are you doing here?” Lena practically growled when she saw the well-dressed uninvited guest walking into her office that late ... Saturday, 16 April 2022 12:26
Birth of the Undead – Being Undead 8 Birth of the Undead – Being Undead 8 Dressed in her traditional Arion exercise garb, Mandi had been putting in work at her makeshift gym for the past 30 minutes while she turned Lex’ ... Saturday, 05 March 2022 21:18
Birth of the Undead – Being Undead 5 Birth of the Undead – Being Undead 5 “Thank you for agreeing to see us, Mr Luthor.” Lois opened the conversation after both she and Clark sat down on the long couch in Lex’ lavishly ... Saturday, 29 January 2022 12:45
The Battle of the Gods The Battle of the Gods Art by TenchiZone and Megido72 Edited by Rhys86 For countless generations, the Known Universe had been ruled by the Empress. This was the truth, ... Saturday, 11 December 2021 20:27
No image Colombian Gamma Chronicles – Chapter 1 Colombian Gamma Chronicles Concept by Legfan71 Written by HikerAngel Chapter 1: Dulce’s Gambit Dulce extracted her index finger from between her ... Saturday, 06 February 2021 18:27
No image Thick as Thieves Thick as Thieves This one was a commission from JBMMLJE, based on his wonderful concept. :) ~ HikerAngel “So you find out I’m into girls, and you ... Friday, 11 September 2020 21:35
No image Superstarter, Part 7 (Alternate Ending) Superstarter, Part 7 (Alternate Ending) by HikerAngel with editing and ideas from a friend Because only one vote separated the option 1 and option 3 ... Saturday, 01 February 2020 14:48
No image Baby Doll – Part Six A few notes before we get started: Yes, parts one through five of this story do exist. I wrote them on commission about a year ago. For reasons of ... Tuesday, 11 November 2014 13:56
No image Supertone Supertone by SVillainess Mike awoke in the middle of night hearing the moaning from the woman who lives in the apartment above his own. It was the ... Thursday, 18 June 2015 15:17
No image Tales of An 'Mazing Girl: X of the Week Today we have a special treat: With us in studio – Amazing Girl! Brian declared. There were two problems with this, thought Sarah the fantastic ... Tuesday, 05 November 2013 22:57