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No image Irresistible, Chapter 6: New Clothes and New Friends A few days later, I got a phone call from Astrid. Ren's new clothes were ready for her to try on. I thanked Astrid and told her we'd be there later ... Saturday, 02 December 2023 21:50
No image Irresistible, Chapter 1: Final Exams and New Beginnings Finals: the least wonderful time of the school year. Having finals on the very last day of the semester? Even worse. Yet, here we were. Somehow, the ... Friday, 01 December 2023 11:12
Diosa – Chapter 7: Benefactor Diosa – Chapter 7: Benefactor Chapter Seven: “Benefactor” The last thing Ximena Vega could remember was being struck down by the Greek goddess known as Cytherea, who was formerly ... Thursday, 18 May 2023 22:15
Diosa – Chapter 4: Endearment, Part 2 Diosa – Chapter 4: Endearment, Part 2 Chapter Four: “Endearment” (Part 2) Ximena Vega found herself running throughout the night’s fog. Panicked. Blood was pumping through her veins at ... Monday, 08 May 2023 08:03
Diosa – Chapter 3: Endearment, Part 1 Diosa – Chapter 3: Endearment, Part 1 Chapter Three: “Endearment” (Part 1) A few minutes earlier... The woman that neither Priscilla nor Oya but both at the same time ran through the ... Monday, 08 May 2023 08:01
SG-Pop SG-Pop Proofread and edited by Delta7447 Art by PressingSomeButtons “...and we’re clear!” Super Goddess Ha-neul flashed an OK sign to her production team, ... Saturday, 25 March 2023 13:23
No image Thanksgiving Upgrade Just a short little bit of fun for the Thanksgiving holiday. I wanted to challenge myself to find a way to make the day sexy in some way. I hope you ... Saturday, 26 November 2022 20:51
No image Genesis of the Bih’Zah’Ro – Part 3 We are now creating super-soldiers as living weapons, the most powerful military in the universe! These highly destrucive enhanced men and women ... Sunday, 26 June 2022 00:00
No image A Very Small Favor A Very Small Favor by FURLOUGH Dr. Megan Byrne sat with a blank, languid expression, her hands resting atop her head, her chin planted on the edge ... Saturday, 11 June 2022 13:17
No image Ken and Kate Ken and Kate by FURLOUGH Monday, the 25th "…what did you say these were for?" "Heartburn, Ken. Anti-heartburn pills." "Don't people just get over ... Saturday, 11 June 2022 13:23