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No image Kiraling – Part 34 (Chapter 279-287) ­ Chapter 279 Xara aced her Winter Quarter finals, as usual. Since coming back from Xanadu, she had decided to take a more relaxed workload. That ... Saturday, 11 May 2024 14:52
No image Kiraling – Part 32 (Chapter 264-271) ­Chapter 264 Well, Deb did cause some friction. But it wasn’t between me and Xara. It was between Xara and her mother, and a little bit between Xara ... Saturday, 21 October 2023 18:02
Diosa – Chapter 7: Benefactor Diosa – Chapter 7: Benefactor Chapter Seven: “Benefactor” The last thing Ximena Vega could remember was being struck down by the Greek goddess known as Cytherea, who was formerly ... Thursday, 18 May 2023 22:15
No image Misery's End – Chapter 8 Misery’s End Written by Wizalex with Max and 10K The world is a dangerous place for young love. When Mary develops superpowers on her 18th birthday, ... Saturday, 18 March 2023 12:15
No image Amongst the Pigeons With thanks to HikerAngel for editing and ideas. The Betan’s on her family household staff did their best to avoid the ever present threat of death ... Saturday, 28 January 2023 13:40
Honk, Honk Honk, Honk Art by FRK-Studio It would be a fair statement to say that up until half a year into the past, the circus was a dying form of entertainment. Only a ... Saturday, 12 November 2022 09:00
No image A Very Small Favor A Very Small Favor by FURLOUGH Dr. Megan Byrne sat with a blank, languid expression, her hands resting atop her head, her chin planted on the edge ... Saturday, 11 June 2022 13:17
No image Ken and Kate Ken and Kate by FURLOUGH Monday, the 25th "…what did you say these were for?" "Heartburn, Ken. Anti-heartburn pills." "Don't people just get over ... Saturday, 11 June 2022 13:23
Polishing a Diamond Polishing a Diamond Art by DBP Proofread by Delta7447 The room was suddenly engulfed in an alien, dark shade of purple as the portal finally opened. Shawna’s small and ... Saturday, 19 February 2022 12:17
No image Synergy 3 Synergy 3 Commissioned by Koopa16 Written by Hiker Angel Edited by Au Goose TEN YEARS EARLIER… Laura snapped her fingers, summoning her helper as ... Thursday, 08 July 2021 10:38