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Wednesday, 18 March 2020 18:54

Admin Story Spotlight Theatre #2

After LaraFan got the ball rolling, I found myself wondering which story to choose. Over the years I’ve read way too many stories to remember than all, some were really good, others awfully bad (and I can tell you very few of the bad one got a pass from yours truly).
Anyway, I didn’t know which one to recommend, so I turned to my favorite list and picked from there. Of course, not all the recommendations of the Woodclaw’s Warehouse of Wonders will come from there, but for now, allow me to introduce:

Super Secret Agent by JKIJ

Out of all the underappreciated stories on this site, I believe that this particular piece really deserves a special place. JKIJ really has a gift for writing some light and effective narrative, with plenty of humorous moments that actually enhance the plot, instead of bogging it down or feeling tacked on. What makes Super Secret Agent really stand out is how he was able to seamlessly blend our favorite genre into a Bond-flick without twisting things out of shape.

Let’s be honest, there are so many beautiful women in the Bond franchise that any writer would be hard-pressed not to just pick one's favorite, give her superpowers and let her run amok, making fun of agent 00-Ultimate-Male-Power-Fantasy all the way. Instead, JKIJ worked his magic the other way around, using this particular supergirl to justify one of the franchise’s most unbelievable elements: James Bond’s luck. As the old saying goes behind any successful man there’s a great woman… well, behind Bond there’s a woman so much greater than him in every possible way that she could (and she has) make or destroy him easily… without him even noticing.

This last bit might turn some people off, but hear me out: It. Just. Makes. The. Story. Better!


Because, when you finally see this girl going all-out you know that the shit has really hit the fan. Also, knowing that 007 is oblivious to all of this it makes the entire story even sweeter, because you can absolutely picture that big reveal moment (teased at the end), which would really make or break him.

Unfortunately, JKIJ hasn’t been around for a long while. He last visited the site in 2013 and I have no idea what happened to him after that. I would have loved to see a sequel to Super Secret Agent that would tackle Mark Twain’s personal variation of the old saying: “Behind every successful man, there is a woman… And behind every unsuccessful man, there are two.”

(also bonus point to JKIJ for using Judi Dench as M)

Monday, 03 October 2016 21:15

Short Workshop, Halloween 2016

Just a very quick reminder to you all, the new short workshop is on and here are the specifics for this new seasonal themed event.

  • Theme: A Ubergirl First Halloween
  • Deadline: October 30th, 2016
  • Prize: The right to choose the theme of the next Short Workshop

As usual the story can take the theme in any direction you like, is the main character transformed during Halloween? Is she from another planet/dimension/whatever and arrived just in time to experience the fear? it's all up to you.

Keep in mind that this workshop voting will last only a week, so get ready and go nuts.

Saturday, 20 August 2016 23:01

Spring 2016 Workshop Winner

So, we can put another workshop under our belts. I don't know how to properly express how happy I am with the result. The participant gifted us with six incredibly different stories -- ranging from the cute and funny to the creep-ish -- from a single suggestion. For me, this is what a workshop is about: stimulating creativity.
Now down to business. The voting was a neck-to-neck race and, until the last minute between the first and fourth story there were barely ten votes; while the second, third and fourth were separated by just one vote.
The final scoring, from the bottom to the top is:
5. Shall Escape My Sight by Castor
4. Touch and Go by TheDoc9
3. Supergirl and Superwoman by Ace191
2. A tie between Guardian by Geekseven and 15 Minutes of Fame by AuGoose
1. Crimson High by DKC
Congratulations to DKC for winning another workshop in a row and to all the other, in particular, TheDoc9 who delivered a stellar debut piece.
Thursday, 12 May 2016 18:21

Spring 2016 Workshop, Take 2

Okay. I admit. We screw up, there's no point in denying it and no workaround. What we can do is learn from this experience and push on.

So we are at it again: same workshop, new theme and here are the rule:

  • Deadline: midnight July 31st 2016 midnight August 3rd 2016
  • Length: no limit (but please wrote at least 2000 words)
  • Theme: "Power Transfer with a Catch"

Wait a second. I can hear you asking: “Power transfer I understand, but what do you mean by 'a catch'?”

Simple enough, instead of straight power transfer story this time you have to come up with some kind of catch, a detrimental element that somehow gets in the way of the main character. Maybe her powers are limited by time and the transfer will expire after 24 hours, or the transfer only works we she's close to the original owner of the power. Perhaps she might need some kind of fuel to keep her going (sex, blood, depleted uranium, junk food … you name it).

Let your imagination challenge itself and figure out what your catch is going to be.

All good?

What do you say? “Does the catch need to be permanent?”

It's your story guys, that's for you to decide.

If there are any more question the thread on the forum is the place to go.



I was forgetting the prize is, as usual, the right to choose the theme of the next workshop and associated bragging rights.


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