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No image Forbidden Thoughts Forbidden Thoughts By grayface23 Author's Note: First off I once again want to thank Dru. Not only did he edit this for me (just not this part where ... Saturday, 30 January 2021 19:37
No image Colleague I’m in love. I have to be honest. I just can’t take my eyes off her. I’ve always liked her, but after I noticed her at the Cosplay event two months ... Saturday, 05 December 2020 21:04
Feminium Feminium July 28, 2073 We are three days away from D-Day. The experiment has been a complete success, their capabilities are beyond anything I could have ... Saturday, 11 December 2021 23:55
No image Playing the Roll – Part 2 Playing the Roll PART 2: GAMING Author’s Note: A huge thanks to Rjjt, Thero, Njae, Woodclaw, and Larafan, for their many contributions to this from ... Sunday, 15 November 2020 00:09
No image Thick as Thieves Thick as Thieves This one was a commission from JBMMLJE, based on his wonderful concept. :) ~ HikerAngel “So you find out I’m into girls, and you ... Friday, 11 September 2020 21:35
No image All That Jazz All That Jazz This one was for Rjjt. ;) ~ HikerAngel Part 1: Job Opening "Good to see you again, Carson." Cassidy swept away a coil of rich ... Saturday, 05 September 2020 22:34
No image In a Class of Her Own – Part 1 In a Class of Her Own Thank you to Thero, who provided the idea behind – and a significant amount of editing for – this story. :) If you’ve read ... Saturday, 22 August 2020 16:09
No image Little Sister Little Sister Author’s Note: Last December, Luchodemeyer gave me an idea for a story called The Sister. I wrote two endings to the story: one ... Saturday, 08 August 2020 11:54
Akane's Lady Justice Akane's Lady Justice Based on the manga Shonen Jump's Lady Justice by Ken Ogino Art by Erickiwi Ameri Kenzaki gazed at the trillions of stars around her. The ... Saturday, 11 December 2021 23:53
No image Last of The Fallen, Chapter 15 Last of the Fallen Family Kara quirked her eyebrow at him. Alec smiled back. "Just like that?" she asked. He nodded. "Why not? I've nothing to ... Saturday, 20 June 2020 17:58