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No image You Are Lucky There are lots of words to describe mirth. Laughing, giggling, chuckling, even smiling. Alice guffawed. It was a noise slightly unbecoming of the ... Monday, 22 April 2019 23:36
Super Sheena Super Sheena Super Sheena by Shadar February, 2018 Vic Casey studied the older professorial-looking man who was working his way stiffly down the stairway of the ... Friday, 02 March 2018 11:27
No image In-Tune – Part 1 In-Tune by Furlough Author's note: This story is something of a refurbishment of a shorter tale I started doing for a few years ago, back ... Sunday, 20 November 2016 15:27
No image Power Hungry Relentlessly, the rain poured from the sky above onto the terrified young woman. The clock on her wrist would have confirmed that despite the pitch ... Thursday, 15 September 2016 17:22
No image One Hero: Made to Order The young woman stood silently with her fists clenched as she stared up at the massive door. And she was not happy. It had been a long day for ... Sunday, 10 January 2016 11:51
No image Come ride with me. I love rollercoasters. I really do. My home amusement park, “Magic Lake”, has some extreme world class coasters, but my personal favorite is an old ... Thursday, 31 October 2013 16:32
No image Baker's Dozen – Chapter 05 BAKER’S DOZEN By Argonaut CHAPTER 5 “Please,” Bobby gasped. “Cindy – Megan – you’re hurting me. Ms. Bartlett – please – let go …” It was no use. The ... Friday, 14 August 2015 22:07
No image Baker's Dozen – Chapter 04 BAKER'S DOZEN By Argonaut CHAPTER 4 Reaching into his gym locker, Bobby took his trousers from the hook and slid his hand inside the pocket. He ... Friday, 14 August 2015 22:07
No image Supanji Supanji Chapter 1 – Introductions and dysfunctions 1. Charlie felt as though he was lost as his car slowly bounced along a rough gravel road as the ... Monday, 04 May 2015 22:24
No image Baker's Dozen – Chapter 01-03 BAKER’S DOZEN by Argonaut CHAPTER 1 Bobby Baker reached out from under the blanket and slapped the “off” button on his alarm clock. Blinking ... Friday, 14 August 2015 22:07