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Honk, Honk Honk, Honk Art by FRK-Studio It would be a fair statement to say that up until half a year into the past, the circus was a dying form of entertainment. Only a ... Saturday, 12 November 2022 09:00
Living by The Code Living by The Code Art by Manob0028 and Eminahimesama Proofread and edited by Delta7447 and Yearends Hermes Pégaso McEnroe had been one of the biggest real estate ... Saturday, 08 October 2022 20:24
Age of Mackenzie Age of Mackenzie United Nations Security Council Chamber New York – Present time. Joseph J. Philip – as he was known while not wearing the suit of his alter ego – ... Saturday, 24 September 2022 10:08
No image Ultra Lucille – Chapter 2 Previous Chapter Chapter 2 Lois and Clark hugged each other as the truck soared through the sky. A couple minutes later they were at the sisters’ ... Tuesday, 04 October 2022 11:34
No image Genesis of the Bih’Zah’Ro – Part 3 We are now creating super-soldiers as living weapons, the most powerful military in the universe! These highly destrucive enhanced men and women ... Sunday, 26 June 2022 00:00
No image Genesis of the Bih’Zah’Ro – Part 2 Part 2 of the analysis, by the enemies of the Velorian Protectors, about how the superwomens’ flight, eye beams, and other amazing powers are Super ... Saturday, 18 June 2022 12:10
No image Empire Zukenov Invades! Part 6 of 6, the conclusion! Part 6 – And now the conclusion of the naughty space opera, first in a new series of stories set in the Aurora Universe! After the unusually ... Saturday, 11 June 2022 13:21
No image A Very Small Favor A Very Small Favor by FURLOUGH Dr. Megan Byrne sat with a blank, languid expression, her hands resting atop her head, her chin planted on the edge ... Saturday, 11 June 2022 13:17
Birth of the Undead – Staying Alive 6 Birth of the Undead – Staying Alive 6 A flurry of phone calls went about between different parties during the course of the week. Within different parts of Gotham “I heard that he almost ... Saturday, 28 May 2022 09:06
No image Empire Zukenov Invades! Part 5 of 6 ­Part 5 – Continuation of the naughty space opera in the Aurora Universe! Winning Announcement The pictures of the winning contest entries, and the ... Saturday, 28 May 2022 10:23