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Tuesday, 03 February 2015 14:27

2015 Winter Workshop Entries Now Posted

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UPDATE 2/6/15 The poll for voting for favorite story is now up and available for registered users.  Click HERE to vote.

This week, we had the deadline to the 2015 Winter Writing Workshop, and are pleased to present the four entries to everyone.  The theme of the contest was trying to write a story based off the artwork submissions from the previous Graphical Workshop, "I Wish I Was Kryptonian" which basically was imbuing a non-powered female character from animation or comics with the powers of Supergirl or Superman.

We had some very nice entries this time around which should make excellent additions to our library.  Please help me congratulate all the participants on their entries:

Lara Croft And The Torch of Rao Geekseven
Tink, Tink, Boom! -- Part 1 Larafan
One Cold Night in Gotham... Castor
Ultra-Punzel Argonaut

We'll be posting a poll in the next few days for everyone to vote on their favorites, but in the meantime, please check them all out and leave comments at the end of the story if you liked them!




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