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Monday, 05 August 2019 13:49

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Hi all,

It's been several years since I've updated the core server software and sorted some of the site more annoying bugs but I've finally cleared some time to get the work done.

So on the site will be closed for the weekend starting the 17th august 2019 and will be reopened sometime late Sunday the 18th, this is to allow me the time to sot out and fix the bugs, to format the server, reinstall the OS, updated the OS, reinstall the web-server/email software and re-upload the web site and test everything out.  And if I have time I will try to get the certificate working so that the site will be accessed via https rather than HTTP.

I'll be keeping people updated on the progress of the update via the discord server.

I'll post to the Facebook group as well.

I hate to close the server down but this will allow me to fix one of the biggest bugs on the site namely story comments, I'm also going to upload a new story template that might find favour with people.

Again sorry for the closure.



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