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Tuesday, 31 October 2023 11:29

Autumn Workshop Results Featured

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Happy Halloween Maniacs

The result of this "first exam" are in and I'm really surprised of how it turned out.

I rarely saw a workshop with such polarising results.

First place for what I can only call a victory by landslide, we have

The Power of the Pencil by Rjjt456 and WriterAngel

Second place goes to the excellent

Back to College by Robolord

Third goes to the short and to the point

Final Exams and New Beginnings by Phantomrenegade

Fourth place to a bit of a classic take with

In a Town Outside a City by Doug

Fifth is the opening of what would hopefully be a long story

The Almond Queen by Barrister Cabbage

Last, but not least, the super-short and cruel

Syncopa's Revenge by NeodymeChrome

See you all next workshop and keep writing.

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